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28-09-2016 12:18 pm

Today, more and more people want to try their luck with lottery – a form of gambling that most countries in the world allow working within laws. However, the opportunity of winning lottery is very slim. Have you ever wondered that how to boost your chances of winning the lottery or if other players have some secret methods that can improve your winning chances? Read this article to get more knowledge about 7 tips to boost your chances of winning 4D Malaysia. 

As you know, winning numbers in 4D lottery Malaysia are drawn randomly. Therefore, in fact it is not easy to guess exactly winning numbers. But there are methods and tips to improve your winning chances. And here are 7 tips for you.

1. Buying more tickets 

It’s a simple rule of probability. If you have a lot of money, there is no better than buying more tickets because it means you have more chance of winning the lottery. For those who don’t have a lot of money, you can divide your money into small parts and buy more lottery tickets instead of one. 

2. Joining a lottery association 

There are a lot of advantages you can find in a 4D lottery association. Not only you can meet experienced players and learn from them, but you can also pooling your money with other lottery players to buy more tickets or buy them with bigger amount of money which means a better chance of winning.

3. Choosing numbers that total value are between 104 and 176

From what I know, winning lottery numbers often fall in range which adds up all numbers between 104 and 176. Lottery experts say that this range is right for 70% of all lottery jackpots. 

4. Don’t pick numbers from the same number group 

In generally, your 4D lottery ticket will have 4 digits and you should choose all of your numbers from different number group. Example, you can select your 4D lottery numbers from both of low half and high half like 1331. Your chance of winning will be higher if you do follow this tip. 

5. Don’t pick consecutive numbers

Although 4D results are drawn randomly, but winning numbers are not often consecutive numbers. Choose numbers that in first half and last half. A combination of these numbers may be a lucky lottery number. 

6. Play less popular lotteries

As I have mentioned above, more and more people nowadays are opting for online lottery, especially in Malaysia and Singapore. That means there are more competition and decrease your chance of winning. Thus, play less popular lotteries such as 5D lottery or 6D games that have fewer players to win more and more. 

7. Buying lottery tickets that correspond to special days

Do you believe in Feng shui? In connecting to Feng Shui, every day of month has certain meaning. People often choose numbers from 1 to 31 to correspond with the day of the month to increase their chance of winning lottery Malaysia. That means if you select higher numbers than 31, your probability of getting winning lottery numbers is lower. 

Above are 7 tips to boost your odds and your winning chances in 4D Malaysia. Doing follow these tips above and become lottery winners!


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16-01-2017 01:30 am

Thanks for your advice.

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good tips

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