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02-11-2015 03:56 pm

Me too Bro 2wteh!!:).. Let's try Magnum Jackpot:D.. Tqvm Sifu g128.. Appriciate that!! Let's start the experiment Bro 2wteh:D

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02-11-2015 04:18 pm

this is my new method prediction for 3/11/2015 magnum special draw:

1.------>>> 3d: 291, 290, 293

             try to match 1d: 6 or 9

2.------>>> 3d: 359, 358, 351

try to match 1d: 3 or 5

3.-------->>> 3d: 450, 459, 457

try to match 1d: 3 or 5

4.------->>> 3d: 591, 594, 593

try to match 1d: 6 or 5

hehehe... all about 3d is take from missing 2d....

Good luck and Cheers!!!

HUat ah!!!

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02-11-2015 04:22 pm

Nice Bro 2wteh!! :D

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02-11-2015 06:12 pm

Good evening!

@Bro Dragon Thanks for the latest pandora! I was reading back on the previous posts, so funny your conversation between u and General Luc! So funny! hahaha! Wish that the forum was as lively as back then.. missed all the action when Sifu Luc was around. Sigh..

@Sifu g128 Thanks Sifu for the latest pandora! And good to see you again!

@Sis Drakey you can drop me an email at acespirit [at] yahoo [dot] com. Will definitely keep in touch with you! :)

Good luck to all! :)

(Kekeke Master)
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02-11-2015 07:13 pm

Hi bro acespirit

Ya, those were the fun days.... now everyone more on the ball trying to laugh all our ways to all local banks the next day when the results are out.

Also, think back when most members in here are playing lottery space shooting...keke...lots of the codes or phases are created and still using among some old guys around as to avoid being targeted br BB.

Talking about skills, most of the guys like No-tomorrow now the happy bro wealthy..always aiming his favour three stogges.... few guys already on their own reaching for the golden pot at the end of the rainbows and most of them could hit podium 3D...just a bit more before striking 4D...haha.  Master Sifu Best 4 is resting.. still giving some wonderful numbers when he is free.

As usual, like sis alcyd, sis kale, sis wena still playing 4D much achievement then before.  Well, sifu g128 still digging, deeper and depper... the latest Pandoras what u all seens are history to him.... he is now on 5E DNA...which more on digits to digits transformations. Serems his aim of achieving previous 1st to next 1st direct is getting more interesting then before.  I hv seen some of his work...be frank, do not understand it at all...only the front portion....

But the most important, keep the positive arua around and circulates.  It will help to balance those poor in luck with the lucky ones. That is one main reason that we are very particular on whom are in the group with the correct mind sets.  Whether the members are good in learning are not longer important becos everyone understand even a very simple word or phase can lead then to pocket something at tbe end of the day... that's the spirits we are having now..

Hope can build the same in this forum...

Kekeke...good luck everyone

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02-11-2015 08:42 pm

Good evening to all sifu, bro and sis. Any sportoto pandora from sifu for tomorrow special draw. 

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02-11-2015 08:59 pm

Hi Bro Dragon.

Yup, actually i was around back then, however i was not active, and did not really fully focus on all the teachings from all the sifus. Only of lately, im doing my best to learn as much. It was only when i was reading back, then i realized that you were around back then too.. Did not recognize you from your new nick..  also back then you did not have your signature kekeke! :) :) :)

But it's really good to see you around here today bro. Now most of the previous guys have all left. But it's good to hear that most of them are making good money now. Sadly i did not fully focused myself in all the teaching back then, and was not active. (Was having some relationship issues back then. will not discuss about that as it will be off topic. Hahaha! ) That's why today, i want to do my best to learn and i try to be as active as possible. Hopefully i'm not too late.

Thanks for being around here bro, to help out all the newbies including myself. Though i was around since back then, but was not active so i'm also considered a newbie too.  But i'll be around now, to help make the forum more lively. Hopefully can learn and use all your high tech weapons that you were using back then and now to shoot down UFOs! Hahaha! Take care bro!

Good luck to all!

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02-11-2015 09:01 pm

Good evening to all..

Tomorrow everyone HUAT HUAT!!!

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02-11-2015 09:20 pm

hi guys im new here, need some help...first of all tqvm 4 all da sifu here i learned a lot frm dem, sori guys my english grammar nt so gud, my question is wer to get d accurate 3d base no,in my research its looks like da machine pick da random matching m/k/t 3d base no 4 every draw 2 manipulation 1 or 2 digits. dats y no method work consistently 2 predicts 4 da next draw. its  important 2 find atleast 3-5 d accurate m/k/t base no 2 play 4 da whole month, n stay vid it.in my opinion is we try 2 matching da 3d base no vid da 3dtp leader hits frm last draw result,n hunt down da no 4 at least 3-6 draws like sifu lucas mention b4, im i rite.i think dis is da best strategies to trap da no n easy 2 pick winner rather den jumpin around 4 every draw, but wer to get d accurate 3d base no is kekekekeke, need some tips frm da sifu n all da ppl here,ok guys gotta go but pls forgive me 4 my bad english grammar... im tryin my best kekeke c u all

(Kekeke Master)
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02-11-2015 11:02 pm

@acespirit, I was th Capt Hope in the old cupin... Kekeke

Kekeke... no problem popeye4d

You need to eat more spanish to train your eyes to spot good movement of the numbers.

As for the 3D database, you may have to work out your own.

Sorry, i have not idea on MKT, you have to try.

Good luck... KEKEKE

Msg #51
02-11-2015 11:41 pm

hi drakey....firstly i am very sorry that i am unable to join the forum last month and most probaly this months ... i have some issue settle before i can start my prediction... even myself always change my method and try to find to prefect it...most important dont give 

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02-11-2015 11:42 pm


Msg #53
03-11-2015 12:18 am

@Bro acespirit, will keep in touch!

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03-11-2015 12:23 am

@Bro tech, thank you for your message!....Please do not say sorry! You are most kind enough to teach me.

As I'd mentioned before, I am very lousy and need to learn a lot from you and everyone....sifus, masters, bros & sis.

I hope that you will find the best solution/method to have the most accurate prediction soon.


Fa Cai! Fa Cai!

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03-11-2015 11:48 am

hi Good morning everyone!

Here is my prediction for today's magnum:

7453, 1485, 1902, 1402, 1905,

9702, 9405, 1788, 7883, 9745, 

9425, 7485, 6485, 4825, 1082,

7853, 4085, 8253, 0253, 1347.

Good luck and Cheers!

HUat ah!!

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03-11-2015 12:54 pm

will digit 9 be the first digit in podium?


Huat ah!

Msg #57
03-11-2015 12:58 pm

Hi everyone!! Bro 2wteh.. I like your 7853:)..

This is my prediction




This is only predictions number & bet with your own risk:)

Msg #58
03-11-2015 12:58 pm

arrg....4d2d yesterday night until now still show website is offline....

arrg...i can't do my work...

Msg #59
03-11-2015 01:11 pm

keep up the good work :)..

Msg #60
03-11-2015 01:31 pm

Good afternoon!

@Bro 2wteh, 4D2D should be up and running soon, don't worry.. otherwise u may have to go to Magnum official website to get your 3Ds, which is quite a headache, i know. But better than nothing.

Good luck to all!

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