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(Cai Master)
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29-07-2015 07:49 pm

Hi guys...
For draw 497/15 we have very short time to look on all TCS but I ve tried to cai as possible as I can...and managed to finish them about 6 .19 pm...not so late for members to buy at the counter or BM.
I just review the results....members should have win 1st prize today..but I don't know if anybody does.

Here are the result reviews for draw 497/15 Wednesday.

Msg#658 by mop
tc 2869
Predicted...8359---out 8935 1st

Msg#662 by mop
tc 2849
Predicted 3859---out 8935 1st
Predicted 3849---out 4893 cons

Msg#662 by mop
Tc 8472
Predicted 1479---out 9471 sp

Msg#668 by gtk
Tc 8187
Predicted 1087---out 0718 con

Msg#671 by netsuke
Tc 1949
Predicted 1749---out 9471 sp

Overall...we missed 2nd and 3rd by 1 digit. So do with others...we lose by 1 digit for special and conso.
I still not satisfied even though we managed to hit 1st but the cai results no so good.

However congrats to those who strikes and those who didn't ..just be patient...your lucky day will come.

See you on Friday or Saturday for draw 498/15 for the month of August...we leave this carpet on 1st of August .
New carpet for August will be opened soon.
So tq for your contributions and sorry to all members who does not gain anything in this draw.
Try again on Saturday.

(Cai Master)
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29-07-2015 08:03 pm

System 39 for Saturday draw 498/15

Chart A----Shadow 1----Result 1




Numbers marked with stars (***) are expected to hit podiums for the next draw.
This system specifically for M6 but you can play at other counter if you like.
Box are suggested for all numbers.
(Fish Master)
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30-07-2015 01:45 am

Hi all..

The new topic is opened now under title;

Magnum 4D Prediction August 2015

Early opening is due to 01/08/2015 will be held on Saturday (same as draw date).. so the tcs may be will be posted in the forum a day b4 August.. don't want to mix the draw month ^-^

I will copy n paste ur System 39 chart in August 2015 as well for members to view..

Tqvm to all of u here who are always supporting our topic.

So.. here.. juz to say..
Magnum 4D Prediction July 2015 is CLOSED.

Thank you.
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