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Msg #481
18-08-2014 12:51 pm

Hi Best4sifu,

Maybe i miss this nmb now, doesn't mean is the end of the world. I believe what is yours is yours. Btw i always miss nmbs. We can't take everything into our hand, its God's will. I also don't believe in feng shui totally but sometimes its really happen. I only tell out my stories n experience to share. Don't take it too hard. Life still carry on without feng shui n luck.

Maybe i m not talent enough to understand 4d analysis . But in life i always have very positive thinking. Alway remember what is yours is yours. Nothing to get angry abt what other's have but you don't have.

Goodluck 1002
(Master Sifu)
Msg #482
18-08-2014 01:29 pm

Hi no2morrow,
I think you misunderstood me....since when did I say that it's the end of the world for you when you missed the numbers...neither did I mock you for not knowing or understanding 4D analysis...
I am really confused why you feel so offended???
Anyway peace be with you
Msg #483
18-08-2014 01:42 pm

good luck
Msg #484
19-08-2014 03:36 am

Yes . We need Peace.......

Goodluck 1002
Msg #485
19-08-2014 11:48 am


I pick 532. Is it the good selection?
Msg #486
19-08-2014 12:00 pm

Sorry hilfiharis
Cannot help you not knowing which counter.
Msg #487
19-08-2014 12:09 pm

So sorry.. Is singapore pool. I pick 532.. Is it a good selection?
Msg #488
19-08-2014 12:17 pm

For Magnum Players
8434 - due (non podium)
3366 - Within 5 draws (podium)
3166 -Due Draw #334/14 onwards...
8719 - Due

Good Luck
Msg #489
19-08-2014 12:20 pm

HI hilfiharis

SGPools 532 is slightly overdue ... is a good 3D number...
The question is what is the 4th digit you are looking....
Pls take note of the last draw top3 digits...

Good luck
Msg #490
19-08-2014 01:39 pm


My 4th digit im looking for is 1, 4, 0
Msg #491
19-08-2014 02:04 pm

Hi all
Strong digits for mkt tommorrow

All the best
Msg #492
19-08-2014 02:23 pm

Hi hilfiharis

I do not want to spoil the soup talking about 4th digit for 532.
I would suggest you look into the past post where one or two
methods in looking into 1D for the potential 3D or you do a 4D number search....look at their trends and you will understand which 1D you should concentrate on.

Good Luck
Msg #493
19-08-2014 04:53 pm

Loggin off for the day..

Best of luck to ALL
Msg #494
20-08-2014 04:27 am

Good afternoon

For SGPools Players

(a) Expecting top3 to have double digits..
(b)Would not expecting 2D 89 as now this 2D is very HOT in the market.
(c) Expecting one of top3 to have 2D 01

Good Luck All
Msg #495
20-08-2014 04:36 am

For SGPools players

also expecting consecutive digits for TOP 3....
Msg #496
20-08-2014 04:54 am

Signing off the whole Wed..
Msg #497
20-08-2014 05:46 am

Hello All,

Just sharing this 3D for (magnum)

-x can be 2/3/5
-x can be at any digit position

Good Luck!:)
Msg #498
20-08-2014 06:50 am

my predicate today... for toto

Good Luck ^^
Msg #499
20-08-2014 08:30 am

lucky one today will be 7474,8668 for Magnum
Msg #500
20-08-2014 08:37 am

Hello everyone,

My prediction for today's draw:

XX49 or XX94

The complete 4 digit will be 2149 or 7249 at Damacai.

Hopefully, will hit podium today.
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