» » Quick pick or computer generated 4D number. Ignore them!

(a geek)
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17-11-2010 12:48 am

When we go to buy 4D ticket, We always seen quick pick ticket hanging in the counter. The 4D operator will always convince us to buy the ticket. The number on this ticket are always generated by random using computer. I normally take some times to check all the ticket that hanging around the counter and compare them with mine. If the number that I predict has been seen in any of the ticket, I will ignore the number and change it with others. I'm not simply throw my money and depends on lucks. There is no LUCK when playing 4D and lottery.

Why to ignore? The reason is simple. If I'm the owner of the 4D shop, do I want people easily take my money?
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21-11-2010 11:03 pm

greeting sir, can you teach me how to predict magnum and sport toto sir..im a newby, just realize that luck doesnt cout when playing with these number, only brain will prevail.im motivated by your word man.cool huh. youre my man cupin man. thanks.
(a geek)
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15-01-2011 10:57 am

Hi Hunter,

To predict winning number on magnum and sportstoto is same like other 4D game. Use my free prediction tools and be patience :). I'm also consider newbie here. If I'm a master, for sure I'm a milionaire already. As a millionaire, no need to waste my time to build this website and gathering some information. hehehe, just a joke!
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06-02-2016 05:29 pm

I get what you mean but a look at sg 4D or toto result might prove otherwise.

Sometimes there are people winning with just quick pick(computer generated) but faces of the winners are never shown.

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