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26-04-2011 01:37 pm

Hi Jazz and fellow members .Since Cupin been away for a long time because of his tight schedule and we members are waiting for his return, i have a suggestion why don't member's who have some knowledge on 4D or 3D share your methods of prediction?

Thank You

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26-04-2011 08:59 pm

Its is so hard to predict a 4d number T_T so hard to kena
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26-04-2011 09:31 pm

how i wish i could say yes and assist.
unfortunately, i'm equally blur in the gaming predictions. i'm ashamed to say, i can't even understand what Cupin is sharing!

i've not been buying for the past few draws not for lack of trying but due time constraints.

i hope you, jazz and others are on the winning streak..cheers.
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26-04-2011 10:24 pm

is Cupin ok? how come so long never hear from him...
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26-04-2011 11:41 pm

Hi everyone,

It's good to see the forum alive again, and I must say thanks to LottoGeek for putting back some spark into it.

And thank you too, Coles for coming back & still giving us your support. I really appreciate it.

I really wish I know what is happening to Cupin - but I'm as blur as you guys. I can only hope that he is busy with his work, and that nothing has happened to him. However, we still see him putting up his predictions once in a while - so I guess that proves that he's still around :)

I haven't been using the 3D storyboard for now because firstly, I still do not understand & haven't got the hang on how to use it. And because of this, I haven't been playing the 3D for quite a while now.

For these past few weeks, honestly speaking, I have been playing 4D, 6D and even 5D - just to have a change of air. Of course, I do try the occasional Magnum jackpot & Toto jackpot. However, I do take caution not to get too involved in it.

This is not to say I don't believe in Cupin's prediction anymore - but lets be honest, it's hard to play when the Master himself is not around to guide us, right ;)

Frankly speaking, it's ok to be blur. In fact, we are all still blur as to how to go about using the system - especially the 3D board. The 4D prediction tool on the other hand, is a much simpler & straight-forward tool to use.

Nowadays, I only buy on Saturdays. Just like you, I face time constraints too, especially due to my job. Not buying on every draw actually "forces" me to save my hard earned money.

I used to think that playing 3D would offer better chances. Whilst that might be true to some extent but on the whole... gambling is still gambling. Like what many people say, "Winning the 4D is already hard enough, what makes you think you can win the 6D or jackpot more easily" - is indeed very true.

But all-in-all, as we're all part of this great big family in Cupin's forum, I do hope that we could stick together for as long as we can. From the bottom of my heart, I'm happy to have made great friends here :)
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27-04-2011 12:12 am

Hi guys.. Im new here... been using cupin method today. No luck on cupin prediction number but that ticket i bought, give me another number that earned me a consolation. Ill think i will post the picture of it. and whats about the 3d number? i mean the 3d storyboard? where can i see it?
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27-04-2011 12:17 am

lol.. forgot.. i also won JP category 5. lol
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27-04-2011 11:41 am

Welcome ryanguy74,

Glad to have you onboard with us.

Congrats on your double win. Although they're consolation prizes, but a win is still a win.

To view the 3D storyboard, go to the 3D Number category in the forum. Then start reading the threads from the topic "3D lottery - My ATM machine" until "3D hot number 6-4-2011". There are plenty of information given by Cupin on how to go about using the storyboard.

But I have to honestly say, many of our members here are still quite blur as to how to use the 3D storyboard, so if you can figure out how to use it effectively - then we'd greatly appreciate it if you could share with us your ways on using it.

In the meantime, do check out also the other threads and topics in this forum.

Have fun, bro :)
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27-04-2011 03:46 pm

Hi Members,

I'm posting based on trial basis.Try it on paper 1st as always as advised by Cupin.I get some hits last week but on paper still on trial.

Hot Number for 27-04-2011 3D draw
1 3 7
2 4 8

Good Luck and do look back at old storyboard!

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27-04-2011 04:23 pm

im betting on 0567 and 6453 permutation base on cupin method + 3d story board + forecast chart on magnum. base on this month on my not-so-good calculation, its gonna b S2 - D1 or S3 on top 5, 1-3 prizes and a few starter. S mean single number n D mean double. For example 1234 as ABCD as 1123 is AABC. So 1234 is a single number without any double. So top 3 we will see single number draw. By the way, i would to share my reading on other forum, the number 6453, for the past 2 years it hit 2nd Prize 3645 25/04/2010 and 3rd Prize 6345 29/04/2009. So by any luck, it would appear in top 5 today or the next saturday.. Crossing finger..
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27-04-2011 11:27 pm

3459.. gosh.. if its 3456 then i won jp prize 4 and Mbox and direct. haish.. the draw before, one of my jp ticket is 8481 and 7061 it comes 8281 and 6061... should have done better job..
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27-04-2011 11:29 pm

anyway.. i won ambox for 1967 and 4909 which is i got from forecast chart and cupin free 4d predictions tool.. i figured that the winning ticket had some sort of nice stairs.. do you feel the same?
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30-04-2011 08:30 pm

Cupin prediction number hit 1st prize magnum!!.. 4715 to 1547!!!.. anyone get it?
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30-04-2011 09:49 pm

yup...i got it....tq
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01-05-2011 11:33 am

Hi Jazz and members,

Congrats to guys who won with Cupin prediction number.
Jazz the last I read from the forum I get to know u hv Cupin email? Any news about Cupin his been away quite a long time?

Thank you
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01-05-2011 08:22 pm

Hi LottoGeek,

I think you might have mistaken. I don't have Cupin's email. As much as I would like to have his email so that I could get in touch with him and inform our members on the latest update - but unfortunately, I don't. The forum's the only place I can get in touch with him, and just like all of us here - I hope he comes back soon.

However, I realized that he still updates the prediction listing for most of the draw days, so that proves that he's still around. And that's good news - at least :)
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02-05-2011 10:41 am

hi Jazz, I realised the dates as self-updating, but the numbers are also updated too? could be in an automated thing.

nonetheless, i hope cupin is healthy and okay... an absence so long is just weird...
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02-05-2011 12:14 pm

Hi Sushi,

The dates are indeed self-updating, but the numbers are updated between 3.30pm - 4.30pm on every draw day. The obvious proof is that the numbers change during a new draw day. Of course, there were some days where the numbers were not updated at all (probably he was too busy to update them).

I don't disagree that the updating of numbers could be done in an automated manner too, but somehow I believe they are done manually by Cupin himself because the time of upload varies everytime.

I hope that Cupin is ok too. His last absence wasn't this long, and he came back to tell us that he went on vacation. But this time, I'm beginning to worry as well. All I can do is try to keep the forum going. I'm not the administrator, and neither am I the moderator - but just someone who helps keep things alive and well in here.

Thanks for your concern & inputs.
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03-05-2011 08:26 pm

Hi Jazz and Sushi,

I think Cupin is going to hill side to learn kung fu on how to strike 4D straight instead of i-perm/ibox/mbox then come back and share with us....:)
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Msg #20
03-05-2011 11:22 pm

Hi Mahsing,

I would have to agree with you on this... haha

But perhaps he's learning not only to strike 4D straight but hitting both the Toto & Magnum jackpots as well :)
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