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28-03-2011 02:23 pm

Are you one of recent smart 4D Players to take advantage of the hard work that beat luck?

If you were, now is the time to LEARN and change your luck. I'm the person who not trusted in luck because I'm the one who create my own luck. It seems that a lot of lottery players who are impatient and caught up in the excitement of winning with my lottery strategy DO NOT TAKE THE TIME TO LEARN HOW TO USE THE SYSTEM CORRECTLY!

To be a SMART 4D Player, as it is with any investment proposition (lottery, stocks, bonds, real estate, sports betting) one NEEDS TO LEARN AND KNOW HOW THE 4D SYSTEM WORKS.....there are no shortcuts. The investment player NEEDS TO PRACTICE THE SYSTEM in order TO KNOW WHAT TO LOOK FOR.
For me and what I have seen and learned, successful investors/gamblers share the same characteristics....
* They are highly educated.
* They share a knowledge of mathematics.
* They used this skill as a tool to analyze their content.
* They are hard working and highly dedicated.
* They never gave up on their pursuits.
* They all succeeded in the long run.
* They shared their hard work and knowledge with others.

Success didn't come overnight, but after years of studying, practicing, and hard work.

For you to succeed, you need to incorporate some of these characteristics into your life, and you can't give up.
Remember all the hard work and thousands of hours of research on the 4D lottery has already been done by me. I am sharing the knowledge gained in those years of research. I EXPLAIN ALL THE STRATEGIES AND GIVE YOU MANY EXAMPLES TO LEARN THE SYSTEM.

To be successful it is your job, to be determined and make a commitment to learn how to use the System CORRECTLY.

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28-03-2011 02:45 pm

Thumbs Up Cupin for your effort on educating us specially Us Punters on how to Play This Game Responsibly.We always appreciate your hard work and effort in showing us the right way to play this game.

Anyway fellow Punters we need to do our part too to make a Winning.

Thanks Cupin for your knowledge.
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28-03-2011 03:23 pm

ok..got my pen and paper ready already! :D
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28-03-2011 04:41 pm

Hi Cupin,

I think a good point that you have stated in your post is that many people don't take the effort & time to learn the 4D system correctly. But I can't deny that as humans, we tend to give up too easily. I used to be one of them. We all want fast money without much effort. The fact is, it's just not that simple when it comes to lottery.

When I hear people coming up to tell me that they can win at every draw (whether it's big or small prizes, whether they're playing i-Box or straight) - I find it totally ridiculous.

In fact, I personally believe that the system & tool which you have put up here is actually quite easy to use. All it takes is some effort and determination. And putting in some effort to check out the pattern of the previous draw numbers is something that all should do. That's the basic-of-the-most-basic rule that every punter must adhere to when it comes to playing lottery.

Do that, and with the help of the System - and you can actually see the changes taking place.
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28-03-2011 11:01 pm

Hi LottoGeek, thanks man. I has many friend who are success in their industry. They are not afraid to share anything with me. Then suddenly I'm thinking that, "Is this the reason why they are so successfull?" by share their knowledge.

@coles, you make me laugh. hahahaha

Hi jazz1011,
yeah not everyone are willing to sit in front of computer for hours study and learn how to win.
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30-03-2012 08:24 pm

pls advice my DOB 15/12/1955 AND MY LUCKY NUMBERS
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02-12-2012 02:36 pm

Hi cupin..

I want need your help..
What your prediction number?
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