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20-02-2011 02:01 pm

Based on some request, I will post some filter or tips when you play 3D or pick 3. Look at the group or combination below.

combinations / group :
1) 0-2-4
2) 0-3-8
3) 1-5-7
4) 1-6-7
5) 1-7-9
6) 2-3-8
7) 3-4-8
8) 5-6-9

From my experience, more likely 2 of 3 number from every group above will drawn together. Check it yourself. Happy winning!
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20-02-2011 02:43 pm

Hi Cupin,

I really gotta ask but I really can't understand what you have written up there... haha

Maybe I'm not well versed in 3D - but I would sure like to know what it means by 2 Digit in 3D or pick 3. A little extra knowledge would come in handy for me :)

I've tried reading the posts on some members about 2 digit - but I still can't grasp what you guys were trying to say.

I think when it comes to 3D, I'm really dumb-dumb huh... :)
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20-02-2011 03:08 pm

Hi jazz1011,

Sorry if my posting hard to understand. If you check 3D result in Damacai or any 3D lottery, mostly 2 of 3 digit from any group I post above will be drawn together. It really help to determine and predict next drawn number.
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20-02-2011 04:48 pm

Hi Cupin,

Thanks for your explanation.

I think I got what you mean now. I shall try to go & check out the draw results. And hopefully by using your combination table above, I'll be able to determine what the next draw number will be.
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20-02-2011 10:05 pm

hai all....oooohh ic a big help thank cupin
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