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Magnum 4D prediction March 2018

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27-03-2018 11:03 pm

Hi there mikewolf. Thanks for dropping by. I hope you can give some example to these item :

1. What is trend/pattern

2. What is number path

So many of us wanted to start making our own way of prediction but don't know where/how to start. Maybe with your help in explaining the 2 items above, a lot of readers can begin to understand and can slowly start their own prediction method.



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27-03-2018 11:10 pm

Simplified 3D chart for Wednesday, 28/3


3  6

8  7


4  3

5  6


4  0

1  9

Good luck!!

(Pandora Master)

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28-03-2018 02:43 pm

Good afternoon...

@Mikewolf....yap, no matter what maths formulae, trends or path, if you look at just a few draws, you are looking at small period trend and tends applicable for ABCD format.... If you are looking at AABC format, which now SGPools seems to be producing it for the past months, the period of the trend, or path will be in very much bigger period involving years....

No matter which method, a good players should have it own tracking and monitoring records, based on their computed methods... from there, certain pattern can be easily observed and more likely can predict good 4D numbers....

Good luck and cheers


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28-03-2018 10:29 pm

Good evening to all my fellow punters.

I don't know if any of my 3D tips are useful or there is no one at all using them since the forum is so quiet. It's better for me to stop. 

At the beginning, I tought that we could discuss tips and then together we reap the benefits from that discussion. Perhaps everyone had already has their own working method and I'm too slow to realized that. For this, I'm truly sorry.

With that, I'll stop posting my tips. Those tips are just for 3D and not full 4D and yes, they are not too useful. There are plenty of work to do to turn those 3D to full 4D. Sorry.

Best of luck everyone...


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29-03-2018 04:51 pm

Take time (maybe) your life time to find the correct pattern correct trend.

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31-03-2018 03:32 am

Sat 31/03

mkt what about 1938

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