» » Where have all the Sifus gone?

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16-02-2018 06:01 pm

Where have all the Sifus gone?

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17-02-2018 12:22 pm

maybe all sifu not interested in playing lottery anymore

(Pandora Master)
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18-02-2018 04:27 pm

Happy chinese new year everyone...

Having CNY holidays...

(Pandora Master)
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18-02-2018 04:38 pm

Still playing lottery but giving hints or predictions are lesser due to some reasons...

one of the reason is LUCK... giving hints or predictions are giving own LUCK away and in order to re–planish one luck, it must be re-cycle back to the person who gives.   if not, luck will become lesser and it may effect the giver in all kinds of areas incl health.   That is happening to some of my old sifu friends..

That is also why, i am keep a small group that are willingly to recycle luck within...

Hope everyone understand, the power of universe...one may have luck and the source may be from oneself or someone, it can be free...



(Pandora Master)
Msg #5
18-02-2018 04:40 pm

ps...luck may seems free...to someone, but actally taken or giving away from another person

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23-02-2018 10:31 pm

kind of sad because this forum used to be lively.But i think that predicting number is some sort like a hobby you know.Btw i came accross with this forum in 2010.its been 8 years already.things have changed.music getting sucks and sucker.dang i sounded like my parent already.hahaha.one thing for sure lets hope for one thing.Pakatan will win this GE14....

Msg #7
24-02-2018 11:15 am

SG trying 4466,  0235 Huat ah!,,,

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19-07-2018 01:12 pm

Wow. It's so quiet here. Hmmmm. Anyway I am Sgpools Player. Anybody else here?

(Cai Master)
Msg #9
02-10-2018 03:20 pm

Hi everyone...i think i have left this forum almost a year or more. Sorry for not participate in this forum. Its due to my health conditions and time is not with me.Now forum is so quiet. Hmm...i really dont have time to cai in this forum now..i need to spend more time to see my children grow up and focusing on their educational matters. So to all other sifus..if you can help our friends caiying..please do it. To all friends i hope you guys will gain some strikes and win big one day.


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