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01-05-2017 09:06 pm

Hi guyz.


Have u try looking for 2D or 3D even 4D from past nos rank? Thats been my way of searching D's for next game. Notice how 4D's is arrange on next draw using last draw nos rank. From my previous guide on nos rank i've said the 1 - 5 nos rank is Hot nos and the 6 - 10 rank is Cold nos. Now you have 2 groups nos from 10 nos rank. If you arrange 4D from past nos rank, you would notice the combination of hot & cold nos in 4D's. 


From my observation, with 2 groups of Hot & Cold nos theres 5 combination of 4D's. That is 4Hot, 3Hot1Cold, 2Hot2Cold, 3Cold1Hot and 4Cold. If you put combination of 4D in kind of group every draw you will get some trend on Gap from this group. In my spread i call it as chgrp. Before i can make this chgrp trend spread i need some sort of data that convert nos rank to cold & hot nos, therefore chtable emerge in my spread.


Notice from nos rank table in my coldno tab, theres missing 1D podium table at scroll right the table. What happen if you use chtable data for that missing 1D on podium? What information the table try to tell us? From my interpretation, its actually the missing rank position from podium. So its rank position not the numbers . You will need to convert that data back as a numbers. Now, you get 1D missing podium and 1D from missing rank position. If you combine all the nos from this missing 1D, 2D podium is sure there. Sometimes also 3D and 4D can be form from this missing 1D from both table.


Back to chgrp table trend, you will see trend from this 5 categories form. This sure give us reduce nos to play if we know what group Cold&Hot nos (chgrp trend) will play. Using 2D from above method or any method you have, we can search which chgrp trend will contain the podium nos. Your 2D would be categorized as 2H, 1H1C or 2C using coldno tab. Examples : if ur 2D is 2H possible chgrp trend would be 4H, 3H1C & 2H2C. 


However, numbers in 4D also can be categorized into different set. That would be 4D system, Odd & Even nos and Big & Small nos. Consider each of this category as a set, but the numbers 0 - 9 is the universal set which mean those set is a subset of the universal set of numbers. What im trying to explain in 2H2C chgrp trend there is a numbers with different 4D system, combination of Odd & Even number and combination of Big & Small number. 








This is how the numbers in system will have in specific chgrp trend. Next guide i'll explain on choetable and choegrp tab. This the trend in of cold and hot nos in subset of odd and even nos..

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02-05-2017 12:08 pm

Asusah send your method 

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02-05-2017 06:32 pm

Bro Bulleye,

Where to send?


After make a post yesterday. It juz triggered me what other group set could be used to overlap with my group set. I try overlapping it with 4D Sum method. Nice trend i got there. A lot more nos can be reduce at minimum 1 nos only to bet depending on your deduction on Gap trend it produce. Its a wow for me. Will tell u guyz what findings i see here. 

Here i share 1 nice trend to be use as guideline. For group 2H2C in subset KLMN only 4D Sum 14 16 18 20 22 & 24 will play. 4D sum 18 & 20 is the active group with only 5 Gap sleeping at max and min at 3 Gap it will come alive again with long run of hit from 2 - 7 Gap. Its All Prize only.

Back to work. More to be discovered..

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02-05-2017 08:32 pm

Hi guyz..

Got 7083 today on Toto conso & starter from this new kind table. Though only ibox play but its already good result. 7+0+8+3 =18 as i said 4D Sum of 18 & 20 is very active group for subset KLMN on 2H2C group.

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06-05-2017 08:34 am

Thank You For Sharing

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06-05-2017 10:57 am

Asusah, you are great. Waiting for your outcome.

(Pandora Master)
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07-05-2017 08:54 am

Good morning

Good work Asusah

Good Luck everyone

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07-05-2017 02:53 pm

Good Work, Keep Sharing


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19-05-2017 01:08 am

Hi guyz, 

Have u all familiar with chgrp trend? chgrp trend actually can be use as Direct 1D position for numbers in the matrix. Consider 3C1H group which contain subsets CCCH, CCHC, CHCC & HCCC. The H : hot numbers is in specific position. I'll leave this to you all to see it. However, the 3C1H subsets matrix have the same nos which is 625 system numbers and only H nos is arrange in different position. With 625 nos matrix, 3C1H set may have 3-4 hit in 1 draw for all prize, but with different direct position of H nos. 

Here the loophole of this method, whether your pick  4D nos is drawn but the H position maybe different from your target subset group. I've experienced lot of this event when playing direct 4D. Another loophole of my spread is, when I derive my nos from 1D, 2D and 3D, i juz cant get the right subset groups coz i dont know which subset my D's will play at. I've conclude to fully utilize my spread boxes play is a must and for direct play can try arrange your 4D as your target subsets. 

625 nos 4D system in each sets is juz too many. That way im creating choetable to look what trend will it produce in distinct of odd and even number.

Understanding the choetable is a must how it was construct. From 10 numbers play i reduce it into 4 numbers play which is K, L, M & N. 

K - Hot Even nos

L - Hot Odd nos

M - Cold Even nos

N - Cold Odd nos

From the coldno tab, the last draw rank is used to make a group of KLMN. Examples,

We get last draw nos rank as:


39816 74205  ; thus KLMN group is


8 3 4 7 

6 9 2 5

   1 0

Look, 625 nos 4D system have been reduce. KLMN have specific combination of numbers. You can see from choetable KLMN will have this kind combination of arrangement; 1441, 4114, 3223, 2332 or 0550. What clue from this combination is telling us. I leave it to you coz i dont see a way to use this clue. 

Lets move to choegrp, its a group trend for odd & even subsets in cold & hot group. There are 35 subsets in odd & even combination. Its a collection of gap trend juz like chgrp but with more reduce nos. Lastly, the sheet1 in my spread actually a new subset to overlap the choegrp trend. In all prize odd&even nos as a subset in chgrp the gap trend is more predictable than the choegrp. Using this, i can pinpoint  specific group in choegrp which have overlap with sheet1 trend. 

Take sheet1 trend thats look promising to appear on next draw. Examples: in Set of 3C1H - 3O1E have the highest chance from ur deduction. Then look at choegrp, in Set 3C1H what KLMN is the 3O1E.That would be NNML or NNNK. Now only 2 group sets of KLMN to analysis. 

I think its conclude the guide how to use my spreadsheet. If you guyz have other information on how to use my spread effectively, pls share here so all can be benefited.

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19-05-2017 06:50 pm


2D Pod MKT

05 01 51

62 69 29

Best of luck.. 

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21-05-2017 01:02 am


2D Pod MKT

18 19 89

73 74 34

Best of luck

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22-05-2017 10:46 am

Hi Asusah how to get a copy of your spreadsheet sheet? Can you send your email?

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22-05-2017 10:57 am

Hi Asusah Pls send to mckeon56 at g m a il d o t c o m. Truncated as the server doesn't allow email addresses?

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22-05-2017 10:58 am

Thanks in advance.

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22-05-2017 02:46 pm

gd evng msta.here some tc by me






















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23-05-2017 09:54 pm


2D Pod MKT

82 81 21

04 05 45

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23-05-2017 10:02 pm

From my 2D Pod MKT on 24/5/17. Power D for MKT Podium is 8. You can try make a 3D from combination using only my 2D Pod MKT that contain nos 8 as Power D.


820x 824x 825x

810x 814x 815x

Best of luck guyz

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23-05-2017 10:05 pm

Mcleon i've send you the spreadsheet.

Bro capan, so sorry i dont do tc. I dont know how to read tc. You can post ur tc on magnum prediction topics. Sifu deng is master of tc coding.

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23-05-2017 10:28 pm

Bro Asusah. Thanks. Looking at it feverishly. 

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25-05-2017 10:41 pm


2D Pod MKT

60 69 90

12 18 28

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