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Msg #21
17-10-2016 09:11 am

3400 Hits 3rd Prize in Magnum on Saturday. Huat arr. 

Good Luck everybody .

Msg #22
18-10-2016 03:21 am

Morning sifu.

Pls accept my appology. When I mentioned 0 and 9 the other day, I was greatly wrong. I used to check numbers history at my4ds com. Since it's new face uplift, it's search engine had gone haywire. Every 4D that have 0 in it will show 0 hits when 0 is the starting no. I should have check more b4 I opened my mouth. Really embarassing. Anyway, hats off to your sets of numbers. Lots and lots of hits. 2 podium hits. 9606 and 3400. Any chance for a new sets of numbers? 

Msg #23
27-10-2016 08:18 am

3569 Sha Special pick Forecast hits a Direct hit and System hit 3569 Starter prize in Magnum. Huat la. 

Msg #24
27-10-2016 08:18 am

Apology accepted bro tykosam.

Msg #25
08-03-2017 03:48 pm

Hi Sha (superhero),

please continue with this site your are having. YOUR nx11 DRAWS IS VERY INTERESTING.  Once again please continue, many will find helpful. Thank you.

Msg #26
05-09-2017 04:16 pm

Hi Guys. How's life?  

Msg #27
05-03-2018 08:09 pm

8777 magnum

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