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4D Predictions for the Month of May 2016

Reminder: Please settle and pay your debt first before playing and buying your lottery ticket. Pay early to prevent loan interest. Save as much money into your private retirement scheme, because 75% people is not ready for their retirement nowdays and the kwsp, epf and cpf money will finish in just 5 years. Credit cards like visa and mastercard are easy to get, think carefully before you spend money and buy something with it. Do not play any online gambling or going to casino, because it is very addictive and hard to manage your budget. Clairvoyant and tarot psychic reading can help to increase chances of winning the lottery sometimes, but please be careful with scammer.

(Kekeke Master)

Msg #1

02-05-2016 05:04 pm

Good afternoon.

The new month, new methods and new ideas... also, new STRIKES numbers for 4D, Jackpot... kekeke

Also, for those interested in more intensive learning, can contact me or Sifu g128/giugno128... so far, what I know the M6 groups are doing well.... So, Can we all do the same here ??


Good luck all


Msg #2

02-05-2016 08:09 pm

What is M6 bro?

(Kekeke Master)

Msg #3

02-05-2016 09:54 pm

M6 = Magnum

Roger Grey

Msg #4

02-05-2016 10:15 pm

bro KEKEKE MASTER, What's predicton sgp for wednesday?

(Kekeke Master)

Msg #5

03-05-2016 08:37 am

KEKEKE bro Roger

If you have a good feel on certain number, do check it out using 4d2u or myfreepost to see whether the number is good for coming draw.  Then you play small for 3 draws.  So simple.  No need to predict as all predictions still need to do go thru this process before decision making. This is the most simplest way to play.

Good Luck


(Kekeke Master)

Msg #6

03-05-2016 08:41 am

For SG, there are few good 3D to look into....

109x - 103x - 127x

Gsood Luck


Roger Grey

Msg #7

03-05-2016 11:24 am

KEKEKE Thank's bro

I think that you method can help me.

Thank you KEKEKE

Grey Roger


Msg #8

03-05-2016 01:04 pm

Hi.. Good Afternoon everyone:D.. All the best all member for today Special draw m6 today:D.. Huat Huat!!


Msg #9

03-05-2016 05:43 pm

good luck to all here

this Wed is Big Sweep Draw, so not easy.

can try and go with digit 2/9


Msg #10

04-05-2016 08:18 am

Good morning all members!! For today draw for m6 today and this is my Potential 3D :




Goodluck and work hard n play smart:D

Roger Grey

Msg #11

04-05-2016 09:49 am

Good Morning all friend.

My 2D Number




Good luck 

Gery Roger


Msg #12

04-05-2016 11:28 am

another option guys,

juz try ur luck, 

cut or eliminates one digit

9260  sp  2d 90

3874  sp  2d 74

6504  sp  2d 04

0846  sp  2d 04

4406  conso  2d 04

0604  conso  2d 04

8714  conso  2d 74

thats all,  dun forget calculates ur percent 4d numbers or trackin back at least 1 or 3 months... good luck bro???? hehee...... 


Msg #13

04-05-2016 03:40 pm

oppsss... one 4d number left

0922   conso   2d  90

hehee good luck... 


Msg #14

04-05-2016 05:11 pm

another 4d set left aiyoo

9101  special  2d  90

haha good luck all bro n sis... mr jackpot comin tonite haha.. 

(Kekeke Master)

Msg #15

04-05-2016 08:42 pm

Congrats to all winners

As Sifu g128 said more to come... KEKEKE


Msg #16

05-05-2016 07:57 am

Review on my Potential 3D msg#10

154-1543 (Special)
       -5421 (Consolation)
254-5421 (Consolation)
       -2452 (Special)
       -5426 (Special)
       -5472 (Consolation)
673-4736 (Special)

Congrate to all winners!! Huat huat!!

(Kekeke Master)

Msg #17

05-05-2016 09:12 am

Congrats bro Yenzo...
Are you using Sifu's 36 sets 3D?


(Kekeke Master)

Msg #18

05-05-2016 09:13 am



Msg #19

05-05-2016 01:41 pm

Sifu Dragon.. This 3D i just got by repeat digit for past 5 draw.. Then combine with powerful 1D hihihi.. Only for testing.. Sifu 36 set is just to shoot pod prizes cat sifu.. Now just try do some experiment from what Sifu g teach n now? YES!! It's work!!

Thanks to u Sifu Dragon n Sifu g!! and?? More will come soon like Sifu g said:D


Msg #20

06-05-2016 09:20 am

Good Morning All member in this forum.. Let's catch something tomorrow!! Huat Huat!!

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