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4D Prediction For February 2016

Reminder: Please settle and pay your debt first before playing lottery. Pay early to prevent loan interest. Save as much money into your private retirement scheme, because 75% people is not ready for their retirement nowdays and the kwsp, epf and cpf money will finish in just 5 years. Credit cards like visa and mastercard are easy to get, think carefully before you spend money and buy something with it. Do not play any online gambling or going to casino, because it is very addictive and hard to manage budget. Clairvoyant and tarot psychic reading can help to increase chances of winning the lottery sometimes, but please be careful.


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05-02-2016 10:32 am



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05-02-2016 11:11 am

Sifu Dragon

Would like to ask your opinion for 2289 in magnum counter on tomorrow draw .


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05-02-2016 12:08 pm

" Good morning Sifu Lucas

Saw a topic "3DTP 478 hit 2nd Prize today!" by Luc at forum Axxxxxxix.  Is that you Sifu Lucas?  Is so, how to join the group?


Wow....that LotteryReporter sure is EVERYWHERE !!

Even in a closed-door privileged forum, he is there too. Hey, mate, who really are you ? Whats your other nick ? How do you get to know of me, in the first place ? Are you one of my ex-follower ? If you are, then you will have my email. Drop me a message there first ok, to show respect for all the things that I had taught all my ex-students before, if nothing else.

That forum is not accessible to just anyone. It was been dead quiet for a long long time already till recently I had just went back online there again to give some 4d tips, out of boredom in playing solo in my hermit cave.

So far the numbers I had given there had hit a few T3s and some of the old members had started coming back again. In that "secured" forum, at times I even gave out actual 4d numbers, but now since that it may be reported openly everywhere, I think I have to re-consider and be more cautious.

Sorry, as I am playing in the hundreds of dollars for each of my hot numbers, I cannot afford to have my predicted 4d numbers posted in the open forums, for fear of unwanted attentions from Big Brother. Giving out only 3ds once in a while, I am still quite comfortable with it but when it comes to my actual 4d number, thats a bit risky for my own interest.

When all those 3 CNY "gifts" that I had promised in MSG#25 had materialized, I may be heading back up the 'mountain' and meditate (playing solo) again in my cave. Out of the 3, one of them (3d 478) had already appeared. 2 more to go. Watch out for the remaining 2, ppl. Especially the one beginning with "3". It had entered into its 3DTP long-gap range already and its 'riped' for podium prize harvesting. As a matter of fact, going by another method ("3d analyzing thru its 2d" Method'), this 3d had an EXTREMELY HIGH chance for appearing in tmr Sat draw (6/2).

Take note & good luck, folk !~


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05-02-2016 01:10 pm

@LotteryReporter - 

Ok mate. Saw your reply on the other side.

You really have a nose for reporting and are able to dig out so many things. Even knew who were my ex-students here and is also able to find out that the so-called "4DMaster of Singapore" was one of my ex too. Creepy, man ! LOL !

Anyway, them folks online should be grateful to have someone like you, gathering all the infos for them. You are doing a great job, bro ! Pay attention to the last paragragh of my previous posting in MSG#83 and hope that you are able to get some real solid CNY hongbaos from SGPool for your effort.


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05-02-2016 05:04 pm

Wow... Anyway goodluck Sifu g & Sifu Dragon!!! Both of U help our member in this forum already.. Ladyluck will help both of u for the next draw Sifu!!


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05-02-2016 11:17 pm


(Kekeke Master)

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06-02-2016 12:52 pm

Good afternoon

Bro firefly,  very tough number 2289 for magnum. you can try since been sleeping for so many months.



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06-02-2016 05:37 pm

Wow! So this is where all the sifus are!


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06-02-2016 08:23 pm

Sifu Dragon 

Thanks for replies 

Sifu Lucas

3D - 347 out 2nd prizes 3477 in SGPOOLS , I chosen 368 to bet and it's was my first times ever bet SGPOOLS .   


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06-02-2016 08:45 pm

478 came out as starter 0784.


Msg #91

06-02-2016 08:52 pm

No more 567X also, 4 times in a row only.


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06-02-2016 10:43 pm

Ref to my MSG#25 -

" 3DTPs (thats 3ds with high potentials for hitting T3 prizes) for the month of Feb will be : 267 & 346. Follow these 2 3Ds in Feb, using whatever 3d skill that you may have to determine their chances of appearances for the preceeding draws, and I assure you that you will be richly rewarded by them..."

Ref my MSG#28 -

" Correction to the above message. Typo error. Should read as 267 & 347......Not 346..."


Alrite ! Another predicted 3DTP hit podium today ! - 347 (2nd Prize 3477). Hope some folks here had benefitted from the promised CNY "gifts" given.

I'd broken my own previous record for consecutive of 3 T3 hits in a row today . With today's 2nd prize bagger of 3477, this is my 4th podium hit in a consecutive row of 4 draws.

30/1  -  1st Prize (0064)

31/1  -  2nd Prize (0789)

3/2   -   2nd Prize (4874)

6/2   -   2nd Prize (3477)

Consistency is the success in this game & its an indication that the method used in the current time-frame is the correct one, and not just a flash-in-the-pan.

Watch out for the few "gifts" left that I had promised which has yet to be delivered. Delivery by SGP will be dued soon in the coming draws.

Below is my msg in another closed-door forum abt today's draw :-


Hi Nick,

Stay with 368. 

This one is a 3DTP thats due for T3 prizes within the next few 3DTP Gap timeframe....meaning to say that it may pop up in podium group anytime in the near term soon.

For the next draw on Sat (6/2), 4d numbers thats exceptionally good for this series are : xxxx, xxxx, xxxx, xxxx & xxxx.

3 more sets of 3ds that also have very good chance of appearing on Sat draw are : 168, 267 & 347. If you hv further budget, these 3 3ds will be good to follow for Sat. draw.

G'dluck !~


Congrats to those here and at the other side who had won some SGP CNY hongbaos money from the 3ds/4ds that were given.

[IMG]http://i66.tinypic.com/24v8fpl.jpg[/IMG]    -   1st Prize 3477

[IMG]http://i67.tinypic.com/112byhy.jpg[/IMG]  -   Starter 8761 & Conso 8619

[IMG]http://i67.tinypic.com/3009x6o.jpg[/IMG]  -   Conso 5816


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06-02-2016 10:48 pm

@firefly -

Stay with it, bro. Its probability chance of appearing in tmr draw is VERY GOOD !

Could be another Big hongbao from SGP, if Lady Luck permits and make that as my 5th consecutive Podium hit.

(Kekeke Master)

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06-02-2016 11:18 pm

Congrats to Sifu Lucas

Right on the spot Sifu Lucas, we are all ready for Sun's draw.  All fully geared up and suited up.



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07-02-2016 12:11 am

Sifu Lucas , 

I got it , tomorrow i will stick it . Thank 


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07-02-2016 02:06 am

Sifu Lucas,

please your the 3DTPs for sport toto , mangnum or  Damacai as some of us don't play SGP



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07-02-2016 06:15 am

@ LotteryReporter

Saw someone commented (negatively) on your report about my winnings on the other forum. Lol......that's the sort of ppl you can expect in a forum like that who are just plain jealous when someone can hit the T3s on a consistent basis. It's exactly becoz of ppl like him that I had never wanted to go back to that place anymore to share anything at all.

Still remember back then when I first started showing pics of my winnings with few hundred bets on them, someone there was so jealous that he even went to the length of claiming that the tixs were fake ones ! Pathetic.....LMAO !! That only show that these ignoramuses have never come across a big-time player before who is good in doing what he does.

Now, here comes another sour-grape, who instead of using the pics as motivation that 4d prediction is indeed possible (which is the intention of the pics in the first place), started babbling without first using his brain that "...he only show the ticket he win. But you don't know how many combinations he bought...."

Firstly, once I had zoomed in to a potential 3D which have a very good chance, of course I will buy a few combinations (abt 3 - 5 sets) from that 3d series to increase my winning odds. So, what's wrong with that, may I ask ? That is quite a common practice and strategy for most 4d analysts, is it not ?

The thing this clueless chap fails to realize and appreciate is in the accuracy of the 3D prediction itself. If your 3d prediction is not up to standard, no matter how many combinations (even if you buy all from 0 - 9), will also be useless. It will only burn a BIG HOLE in the pocket, that's all. Comprehende, brutherrr ?

Secondly, if you think that just by buying many combinations on a 3d that you can achieved results like that, then I challenge you to come out with a few 3Ds and you can even cover ALL their possible 10 combinations for each series, and see whether you can achieve the same consistent hits in consecutive draws in a row. You don't even have to hit T3s (like me). Just any group prizes will do - in a straight row of 3 or 4 draws.

I can assure you that soon you will go bankrupt if you play like that if your own predictions skill sucks. Lol !

So, either put your money where your big mouth is or use that thing between your ears (commonly known as a "brain") before you shoot off from the mouth and shot yourself in the foot, k ? ;)

It never fails to amaze and amuse me that there are so many green-eyed loose-mouth canons on the other side. The loss is theirs. Sad indeed.

I think is time to go underground again.


Msg #98

07-02-2016 06:16 am


Sorry, mate. I only play SGP. Not other counters.


Msg #99

07-02-2016 08:02 am

Bro Luc,

Don't disppear again, you have contributed significantly in this forum, as well as the other forum in Singapore.

I have follow you and really acknowledged and learn a lots from your approach and analysis of TP 3d.

Those that are jealous and probably loss from this game, has make so much complaints that are basically groundless.

Stay with us.

Let's continue making monies from SP which somebody else misses.

Happy CNY.  Cheers and Huat Ah !

(Pandora Master)

Msg #100

07-02-2016 08:26 am

Good morning everyone, and mate Lucas

Hahahaha... same scenarios again in the other side, as years again when we were "Chit Chatting" over the other side and later given the "RED CARDS" and also same few incidents happened after I formed my own forum. 

Well, is certain a joy to see you coming out of your cave... knowing you are good and well... nevertheless, still swining that striking arms and the winning runs.  When I saw your posts, in my heart just say.... "That's my good old happy mate!!".

Have to go now, so many things to do today preparing for the CNY.

Good health and good luck (it doesn't seems to me for your constant strikes..., but still sure need for other areas...haha)

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