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4D Prediction For February 2016

Reminder: Please settle and pay your debt first before playing lottery. Pay early to prevent loan interest. Save as much money into your private retirement scheme, because 75% people is not ready for their retirement nowdays and the kwsp, epf and cpf money will finish in just 5 years. Credit cards like visa and mastercard are easy to get, think carefully before you spend money and buy something with it. Do not play any online gambling or going to casino, because it is very addictive and hard to manage budget. Clairvoyant and tarot psychic reading can help to increase chances of winning the lottery sometimes, but please be careful.


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01-02-2016 10:25 pm

Good to see 370 / 163 got in there..

dont seee BRO RICH yet..Missing again?..

glad to see Bro 2wteh..miss ur posting....


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01-02-2016 10:25 pm

Good to see 370 / 163 got in there..

dont seee BRO RICH yet..Missing again?..

glad to see Bro 2wteh..miss ur posting....

(Kekeke Master)

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01-02-2016 10:56 pm

Hi Zamywamy

My kaki also Sifu g128's kaki.  Few came in, active for a while and few just be quiet.  Sifu is not happy with it and already stop bring in more unless some special gift or talent in that person.  Door already closed.  For those in there, if continue to be quiet will soon be kicked out also.  Therefore, if you want to be in the group, it will take times as Sifu still observing.  Never knows who will be next.

Learn here, or e mail me. That is all i can do, but do not ask for the golden eggs, you have to work out yourself.  When you put up your numbers, some will comments and will based on your work to give pointers to improve.  Better learn how to fish rather been given the fish.  Remember to build your own boat, if not the Captain of the board will sink it anytime... KEKEKE sound so familiar..



Msg #24

01-02-2016 11:06 pm

Deep kelaut..


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02-02-2016 01:29 am

Hi zamywamy

It is not easy to find good 4d predictions numbers for SGPool online these days for free. Firstly, the SGPool operator is a super kiasu one and has many counter-measures to prevent ppl like us who are specialists in 4d analysis. Nowadays, not any Tom, Dick or Harry with insufficient 4d skill or experiences can hope to beat the SGPool easily. Only a very few handful SG 4d predictionists left are still able to beat the system. It takes a certain breed of 4d analysts for SGPool to be able to produce consistent & constant results to stay in the game. The rest (those who may be flaming bright momentarily due to a lucky stretch) will sooner or later be "extinguished" or snuffed out by the trickeries of the SGP operators.

Secondly, sad to say, it seems that in SG whoever are good in their predictions, seem to invite nothing but jealousy from others who see themseves as "masters" of the game too. This negative attention, after a while, will drive those who are truly good in their predictions to go underground to stop bothering to wanna share their predictions online for free anymore.

Anyway, bro, I am in a high mood today (kena the Group2 in today's Toto draw), so will let go some 4D tips for SG counters here, as a CNY gift.

For the first few draws of Feb, for SG counter, look out for 3Ds 158, 368 & 478. Their probability chance of appearing is EXTREMELY good !

3DTPs (thats 3ds with high potentials for hitting T3 prizes) for the month of Feb will be : 267 & 346. Follow these 2 3Ds in Feb, using whatever 3d skill that you may have to determine their chances of appearances for the preceeding draws, and I assure you that you will be richly rewarded by them.

G'luck mate !~


Msg #26

02-02-2016 01:38 am

Hi master Dragon.

Want ur opinion for my nos tomorrow on mag counter.

406x  x: 2 3

I think 3D 406 good to play for Feb 16.


Msg #27

02-02-2016 03:46 am

Hi guys,

First, I must mention that I love to see your predictions. TQ Bro Yenzo & Bro Zeph5251 for sharing your potential 3D. Thus i would love to share mine.. 

MAG : 468

DMC : 621

TOT  : 211


I am always happy to hear from you regarding your comments and suggestions and always appreciated.


Msg #28

02-02-2016 04:34 am

Reference to my MSG #25 -

" 3DTPs (thats 3ds with high potentials for hitting T3 prizes) for the month of Feb will be : 267 & 346...."

Correction to the above message. Typo error. Should read as 267 & 347......Not 346.


Msg #29

02-02-2016 08:04 am

Morning Tuesday and all Sifu and members!! We got a something good information from Sifu Lucas,Sifu Dragon n Sifu g128 lately.. Tqvm all!! And Tq also to Celebrity who play 4D Bro BradPitt hihi.. Just kidding bro.. This forum look happening lately!! Good to see all of us sharing a good information and tips for every draw..

p/s:Don't forget to take some Ah Huat Coffee this morning Sifu Dragon n Sifu g128 kekeke

Buddy RICH88.. Come on buddy.. Still shopping for coming CNY?? Kekeke


Msg #30

02-02-2016 08:07 am

Additional for MAG : 631 & 651


I am always happy to hear from you regarding your comments and suggestions and always appreciated.


Msg #31

02-02-2016 08:23 am

Tqvm Bro BradPitt!! Goodluck to you too:)

(Pandora Master)

Msg #32

02-02-2016 08:51 am

Good morning everyone

Good morning mate Lucas

Is good to hear that you are a frequent visitor to HQ, hahaha... I am following behind you bro.  Recent consecutively strikes top3, especially the 3D 567, last 1st 7934.  As I always say, more to come...   Oh, Sifu Best4 is well and cheerful as ever. 

Thanks for the SG's tips, I have not done any homework for sg cos busy with family preparation for the CNY. Good Luck mate !


Msg #33

02-02-2016 09:08 am

Wow!! Glad to see pur Sifu drop the comment here!! Thanks for both of u to drop the comment n tips here Sifu.. Prove it that both of u caring for our member!! Tqvm!! Let's do the homework!! :)

Mr Luck

Msg #34

02-02-2016 09:40 am

Good morning

Yes, is certainly good to hear from good Sifus, will make this forum more and more lively.  This is a good sign and good auras also.

Sifus, pls do drop by more often as we constantly require your pinters.



Msg #35

02-02-2016 09:51 am

Hi Bro Dragon. Thank you for your advice and guidance. Really appreciate it. Care to pass me your email address for me to mail you?


Msg #36

02-02-2016 09:54 am

Hi Bro Lu as. Congrats on the Grp 2 prize. 60 plus k in the bag. Awesome!

Thanks for your kinr advice and also pointers for the  top 3d for.February.Very kind of you to share. I am sure many people will benefit from your sharing as well. Hope to hear comments from you when i post my.potential.numbers!:)


Msg #37

02-02-2016 11:00 am

Feel excited for today draw:D 


Msg #38

02-02-2016 11:29 am



@ Sifu Lucas, congrats on ur big winings, good to hear that, feel so excited when c the winning tikets.

@ bros, have been busy on my work recently...hope u guys huat huat huat and get big angbao!! 

Good luck...anyway sifu lucas tips 267 would be top3 for tml draw, if not wrong. Lets huat ah.


Msg #39

02-02-2016 11:53 am

There u go!! Hi Buddy RICH88.. Miss u!!! Hahahaha.. Huat Huat Ah Huat Coffee!!

(Kekeke Master)

Msg #40

02-02-2016 12:21 pm

See !! When big cat open it's mouth.... ROAR !!


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