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Msg #441
27-10-2015 04:25 pm

ya..... bro Dragon, you are right.

the question "Where & How to capture 3DTP accurately?" i'm still finding the solution.

keep finding....ing...

Cheers and HUat ah!!

Msg #442
27-10-2015 04:32 pm

i think 44 maybe in this draw, match with 44 can try:

44+   below 2d  

 05, 06, 12, 25, 26,

37, 58, 78, 89

and 2d still did'n come out with AA 2d is 79, 47, 36, 03.


Msg #443
27-10-2015 04:34 pm

and bro Dragon, i still need you and sifu g128 help.


Msg #444
27-10-2015 04:40 pm



Good luck and cheers....

Msg #445
27-10-2015 04:48 pm

Good evening!

@Sis Drakey hi! i did not know u were a 'Sis" not bro, kept calling u bro.. sorry.  hehehe! no, i dont play SGP pools, mainly malaysia counters. But i'm still thankful that Bro Dragon takes time out to help forum members here. Thanks for cheering us for everyone! and good luck to u too, hope u will strike big soon!

@Bro 2wteh Thanks for your Magnum predictions too bro. Usually, i dont play Magnum, only once in awhile.. but likewise, it is cool that u help members out too. I strongly believe in the 3DTP chart. So eventually u will have a breakthrough bro..

To be honest, im also in the process in creating the 3DTP chart. I intend to help out forum members here too, but until my chart is complete, and prediction is quite accurate, Im keeping a low profile. :) So far the past few draws i won a little from the 3DTP chart. Nothing solid yet.

It will take awhile before my chart is complete but nevertheless, thanks to Sifu Lucas, Sifu g128 and Bro Dragon for all the knowledge! Hopefully in time, i will also be as good in prediction.

Good luck to all! :)

Msg #446
27-10-2015 04:55 pm

@Bro Rich88 Thanks for the SGP Prediction bro!

Msg #447
27-10-2015 05:05 pm

* Bro ACES, you are welcome !

* Sis Drakey, Good luck !

Msg #448
27-10-2015 05:50 pm


5276 - 5273

Good luck and cheers....

Msg #449
27-10-2015 07:01 pm

hi bro Rich88, long time no see...

HUat ah!!

Msg #450
27-10-2015 08:12 pm

wow congrats bro acespirit!

Msg #451
27-10-2015 08:21 pm

wow ...bro zte, your 3d 623 hits 2#price!!!

Congrats to you!!!

HUat ah!!

Msg #452
27-10-2015 08:24 pm

review my msg444#

2874---------->>>8724 special price

no podium.

anyway congrats to the winners!!!


HUat ah!!!

Msg #453
27-10-2015 08:33 pm

review msg 445#:

sorry digit 3 is in this special draw, but i still believe may be digit 3 will out  from podium. its stand too long already.

digit 4 is not in first position, sorry.

will 55XX in podium wednesday and saturday? i think its posible.

Msg #454
27-10-2015 08:35 pm

review msg464#

sorry. 2d 44 not in this draw.

this one can forget it.

Msg #455
27-10-2015 09:40 pm

Good evening!

@Bro 2wteh Don't need to apologize that the numbers u predicted did not come out today, it happens.. wait till your 3DTP chart is complete. Once completed, you won't have to apologize anymore. Instead everyone will say thank u instead! Including yourself.. Hahaha! :)

@Sis Drakey Typo error in msg 467, i meant thanks for always cheering up everyone! :)

Congrats to all whom tonight and good luck tomorrow! :)

Msg #456
27-10-2015 11:45 pm


My apologies for the late reply! I tried to login to cupin.net from my mobile phone earlier but cannot access.....!!!

My congratulations to those who strike this evening..... (^-^)

@Bro Rich88- Thank you for your well wishes and 4D for tomorrow's SGP draw...Sure hope to strike... And Good Luck to you too! 

@Bro acespirit - It is ok! My buddy called me brother and I called him sister...so, chin cai lah!...hehehee! And congrats to you for your 3DTP predictions and hitting the pod...

@Bro Dragon - Noted on the chance to meet Sifu g128 and yourself at SGP HQ! I have not step inside there before as I have never strike amount that big to collect my cheque from there...puff...puff..puff...Definitely hope that I have the opportunity.....kekekeke (copycat again!) ^^

@Bro 2wteh - Though your nos didn't strike this evening, don't give up...there is always a better tomorrow.....Cheer on!!......(^-^) With Sifu g128, Bro Dragon, Bro Rich88, Bro acespirit, Bro Yenzo, Bro zte and Sifu Lucas advice, you will surely succeed....

Finally, hope everyone: 興興! 旺旺! N 發發發!!! and win the top 3 prizes 發啊!

As I gotta wake up at 5am tomorrow morning, so Good Night!

发财! 发财!


Msg #457
27-10-2015 11:48 pm

Typo error - *advises -.-

Msg #458
28-10-2015 07:57 am

Morning everyone.. My prediction miss 1 number for 2nd prize on magnum counter last nite:(

2360 but 2362:,)

Hope today everyone will catch sumthing!!

Huat cai!!

Msg #459
28-10-2015 11:09 am


5276 - 5273 > 5329 (3rd prize) miss 1D

Good luck and cheers....

Msg #460
28-10-2015 11:15 am

2wteh..as usual missed 1D..only 3D hit..hehe..will try again..

Yenzo and bro RICH88..aiya..almost managed to catch the arapaima..hahaha..

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