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16-10-2015 03:10 am

Thanks, acespirit!

There's always a better tomorrow too!

Huat Cai! Huat Cai!

(Kekeke Master)
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16-10-2015 08:03 am

Good morning everyone ..


Msg #303
16-10-2015 09:43 am

Good morning everyone..seems like i have missed a lot..for the past few days i don't have a chance to log in into this forum..busy with work..

Anyways, congrats to all sifu and member who managed to catch the winning tickets..

Msg #304
16-10-2015 10:20 am

Let's try to grab something from Damacai for tomorrow.. Rich88.. Need ur prediction for damacai for tomorrow now hihi.. U too kekeke master.. Hihi

Msg #305
16-10-2015 01:05 pm

Good day to all Sifus, Masters, Bros & Sis!

Hi Sifu Lucas, may I ask if you could give us your super power 3D prediction for coming SGPools draw?

Sure hope to catch a good one...hehehe!

Thank you in advance! 

@Master Dragon, let's see the 墨水 really convert to cash for everyone!

Finally, I wish everyone this coming weekend: 兴兴旺旺! & 发财! 发财!

Huat Cai! Huat Cai!

Msg #306
16-10-2015 02:25 pm

halo guys, im new here and i want to share my prediction here







just pick 1 number from each column. example=column A=2, column B=8, column C=1, column D=0, 2810.

its can be use for 7 counters. Good Luck!!

(Kekeke Master)
Msg #307
16-10-2015 02:51 pm


Thank you bro reflex on sharing the 5x4 matrix... surely your chart will hit most ABCD, AABC & AABB numbers for all 4D games regardless of which counter may be.  

Have you aware of the Porker 3D video posted recently...saying using porker cards can also show 3DTP for next draw...

Good luck..


Msg #308
16-10-2015 04:43 pm

hi Good evening everyone!

ya i agree with bro Dragon about the 5x4 matrix...

Good luck!

HUat ah!

Msg #309
16-10-2015 05:38 pm

sifu g128 , sifu rich88 & sifu dragon 

may i know 1619 chance for bet on toto counter 

Msg #310
16-10-2015 06:50 pm


its sarcarm if u know what i mean..

i can write it like that then every draw i will sure hit, after that ill get title sifu -_-"

let say u give like this:



it will become:





of course sometimes it hits 4d and sometimes it hits 3d. dont take me wrongly coz i just point the fact.

also whats the point showing us your won ticket after the result already out? is this something that u called 'helping' others?

(Kekeke Master)
Msg #311
16-10-2015 06:51 pm

Hi Firefly

By looking at the following table,


As you are see, 1619 seems to be at the least hits for the year 2015.  Also, did not see any similar 3D components, i.e. 191-161-196 appeared in the last draw. May be you can try small bet around 20th Oct.  If you are monitoring this 4D number, do keep track of the relevant 3Ds 191-161-196 as any of these could be a sign of 1619 appearing next.

Good luck

(Kekeke Master)
Msg #312
16-10-2015 06:58 pm


Good try bro relfex, title Sifu the title given by the own of this forum, cupin.  We are only aiming to collect $$ from the BB. You still can get the title, by posting as much as you can, sharing your work if you wanted to.  A free site this is, the others will follows if they are happy.  For most of us, we already gained what we are aiming for, still collecting the $$, as title to me or my teacher, or my group does not matter at all.

Don't claimed that your are newbie.... we already checked out your IP, you are from AB which currently not actively recently and having problem yourself....

Kekekeke... Good try as teacher would say..

(Kekeke Master)
Msg #313
16-10-2015 07:33 pm


Since bro reflex bought up an issue that whether our postings or hints do help fellow members here, we sincerely request members who do gained somethings from us to voice out.   If the situation is not positive then we all will helping those from e mails or within ourselves.  No more obvious hints will be given.  Our aim is to win also at the time trying to avoid BB crashing down on us by twisting...

Kekeke... is all up to the members here !

Sifu g128 will not step into the picture as he is too busy with creating multiple podiums direct hits formulars for SGpools now...


Msg #314
16-10-2015 08:22 pm

i stand with you, bro Dragon!

i learn a lot from sifu g128, sifu Lucas, bro Dragon and bro Rich88!

and they  prove it to us! 

do you think the world have the easy money?


You must do your homework and backtest first!

is not a simple and cincai way, bro reflex!

(Kekeke Master)
Msg #315
16-10-2015 09:58 pm

Thank you for your support bro 2wteh

Msg #316
16-10-2015 10:08 pm

Hey bro reflex relax, what's is all about? If u feel not comfortable then just shut ur mouth up. This is free forum, all the Sifu here is giving their tips and hint, this is their hard effort u know. They can be choose not to share their tips here, but they don't, this is called kindness without selfish. They even post the tickets here is sharing their joyness. Like every bros here also do their own prediction on any counter, and free for everyone. But one thing for sure is have to do homework, there is no free lunch. Every Sifu here is teaching and guiding for the newbies. 

Msg #317
17-10-2015 12:02 am

Seems like the jealousy of some ppl from the AB forum, when seeing ppl winning and posting their winning tixs, has spread into this forum now.

This is what I dislike the most. It creates NOTHING but bad aura all around, which is something that every punters should avoid and siam at all cost. Bring bad luck but nothing else. I am outta here now before you can even say the word "suay lan lai liao".........* Woooossshhhh !!!! *

( Yea, put every double digits from 00 - 99 into 5 rows & running consecutive 1Ds (fm 0 -9) in 3 vertical columns, and when someone's numbers happen to fall into this ridiculous matrix, then can claim as "helping others" ah ? LMAO !!!

Do you know how many possible 3Ds/4Ds can be covered by that 4 x 5 box, with ALL the digits ranging fm 0 -9 already inside it ?! Mai pian gin nai la. LOL.

Put your $$$ where your mouth is and come out with just a few sets of 3Ds (4-5 of them and NOT in hundreds k), if you can. And when you can strike on them, then you are MOST WELCOME to post your winning tixs too and we can even thanks you for "helping others"...haha).

Msg #318
17-10-2015 02:03 am

Good morning!

Wow! so much drama since i last logged in..

In my opinion, i have learned alot from Sifu g128 and Sifu Lucas.. they opened my eyes with their teachings and are willing to do so without any obligations. There is old saying 'Give a man a fish, he can eat for a day, but if u teach the man how to fish, he can eat forever' and that's how i feel about Sifu g128 and Sifu Lucas. Previously Sifu g128 also helped me personally with his teaching via email. So i will always fully support and respect them.

Also, Bro Dragon has took lots effort to bring back previous posts to teach new members on Sifu Lucas's teaching and it also helped members like me whom missed out previous conversations. And furthermore, Bro Dragon is a student of Sifu g128, so he have my respect too and i will also stand with him too..

To other members here like Bro Rich88, Bro 2wteh and Bro Drakey (also those whom are always active posting and interacting with the Sifu's but i forgot their names) these are the people that keep this forum alive with their contributions and with their interactions with the Sifus here, members like myself whom do not post frequently are able to learn.

I do not know u Reflex so I do not know whether it jealousy or plain stupidity that u have up ur head, But if u r gonna come here and start issues for the sifus, then u r not welcome here.

@Bro Dragon, if u wish to go private via email or other forms interactions (FB, whatsapp etc.) count me in. Thanks!

Good luck to all this weekend! :)

Msg #319
17-10-2015 09:27 am

Hi all my sifu n my bro's.. Keep Calm and Catch and catching sumthing for today all hihi... 

My prediction for 3D today should be




Gudluck my all sifu n all bro's today.. Can i say something? Huat ah!! :)

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17-10-2015 10:36 am






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