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Here is the old post by sifu lucas & sifu giugno. Can study on that. good article from sifu lucas.


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Good afternoon

Here are some notes that kept by Sifu g128..

Discussions between Sifu g128 & Sifu Lucas on 3DTP.


Good day everyone,

As mentioned in my previous post about 3DTP method to Bros Rich and Manz5
I think I should copy and paste past theories about 3DTP and 4D analysis in here (some discussion between me, others with Sifu Luc).  Some of you may already read the posts, but for the newcomers, it would be nice for them to know and also, any new developments or discussions related to 3DTP will put it here in future...

Here are some basic rules of the thumb to start with :

3D analyzing –

When analyzing the performances of a 3d (whether it has been over or under performing, or has exceeded its quota for appearances for that period or not), the criteria to look for is its MONTHLY appearances for a given period of time (the further back in time you can based your analysis on, the more accurate the analysis will be).

Do not just based on its past one month, or even past few months data only, and think that you had already gotten the picture of how it is going to perform for the current month.
Most of the time (the key word is “most” and NOT all the time) the monthly performances of a 3d will be on an alternating monthly trend (due to The Law of Averages working its effect), i.e. one month High performances and then follow by one month of Low performances.
BUT, remember , nothing is ever static or stay that way permanently in the game of 4d. It WILL NOT be a nicely-laid out trend/pattern of 1 high 1 low throughout (if only it can be that simple, SGPool would have closed shop long ago).

There will be some points in time for all digits numbers (2ds, 3ds and 4ds) to change their trend in appearing.

If you are sharp enough in reading the data (which everyone has the same of), you will be able to detect or notice the change in a 3d’s monthly performances when it occurs.
I’m sure many would like to know what are the possible types of performance patterns (on a monthly basis) that a 3d may have, besides the rather straight forward 1 high 1 low pattern ?
Well, at times, after a few months of running on 1 high 1 low trend, that particular 3d may sort of ‘reverse’ its high/low cycle by something like this :-

1 high 1 low, 1 high 1 low, 1 low 1 high, 1 low 1 high and so on….this kinda change is still simple enough to spot though.

Then there are more complex ones that go something like this :-

2 or 3 highs cycles , follow by approximately the same numbers of low cycles…..and then averaging out to more or less the same average numbers of appearances for a few months, before resuming its high and low pattern again. These will be the cycles that throw many ppl off when they are keeping tracks of that 3d’s monthly performances.
Basically why the high/low cycles are behaving in this manner is largely due to The Law of Averages which stipulates that over a given period of time for a repetitive event (ie. the appearances of the 3d over and over again, draw after draw), the numbers of times of occurrences will be more or less even out.

Just remember this simple Law when you are trying to determine the performance possibility of a 3d that you are analyzing for the current period.

Therefore, knowing that a 3d cycle is not restricted nicely to a 1 high 1 low patterns, but has several others not so nice ones, how do we determine in exactly which type of cycles that the 3d we are analysing on is at, at that particular moment in time ?

Well, like I had said before, we can only be more certain of the cyclical pattern that the 3d (or even 4d for the matter) is in, when we look far back enough in its historical data.
How far back is enough ?

As a guage, for a general 3d analysis, I go back to its 2-3 years past data, if I am pressed for time. But if I really wanna nail that 3d down to a more exact analysis, I easily double (or even more) the search for its past records.

Another thing to take note of is this -
Because of the fact that the monthly high/low pattern of a 3d in a year is not static and is very capable of switching its pattern midway through the year (as described above), comparing the performances of the numbers of appearances of a 3d in a given month to the numbers of appearances of its last year’s same month-period is not totally fail-proof at all.
Eg. it is risky to assume that 3d XXX has a certain number of appearances in a given month last year, therefore it will have the same equivalent number (or thereabout) for the same month in this year.

To a certain percentage, this may be so but a more accurate analysis on its current performance ability will be to look at its cyclical trend and to determine at which stage of that trend that 3d is in at the moment, meaning whether it is in its high or low cycle.

4D analysis –

Now for 4d analysis, the criteria to base our analysis on is its YEARLY performances (NOT monthly basis like in 3d’s). Reason being simply becoz 4d occurrences are, of course, much lesser than 3d’s.

Before picking a 4d to play, one must be AWARE of the average number of appearances in a year that the particular 4d has. In this way, it would then be a very easy task to determine whether that 4d has under or over perform up to date, and whether it has the ’steam’ or probability to appear again in the current period that we are going to play it in.
Knowing its yearly average performances is very useful in determining which 4th digit (that elusive last 1d that almost everyone is having problem with) is good to match with the 3d that we had decided on. This is especially so during the 3rd quarter of the year, which we are well into now in October – only 2 months left for 2014 to determine whether how many times that 4d would have to come out again to fulfill its average annual quota of appearances.
Much easier to predict for this time of the year than at, say, the beginning of the year, where all numbers are still raring to go at the starting-gate. At that stage, we are unable to tell which will be the ones that will be galloping at full-steam and which are those that will be the laggards.

This is the time where I would usually score the most too as prediction has become that ever so slightly easier than other months of the year. So, make good use of this last 2 months for the year well in your prediction.

As for the 4d’s trend and pattern, it is somewhat similar to what has been described for the 3d’s, i.e. it too has its high and low cycle. Of course in this case, for 4d, we are looking at its yearly pattern, not monthly as in 3d’s.

Another thing to note abt 4d, is that as 4ds have a much larger cycle than the 3ds, there is also what I call as a “decade cycle” (10 years cycle).

A hot hitting 4d may have a very high frequency of appearances for the last 10 years or so, but after that may become a very cold number with very very low yearly appearances.
I am sure some of the veterans in 4d who had been following a rather “hot” number for the last few years had suddenly noticed that the number had gone to sleep for the recent years.
This is again, of course due to the same Law of Averages, thats evening out the number of appearances for that certain 4d number over a longer period of time. Its just that it is now doing it in years, rather than in months like the 3ds’.

Thats why too, that for 4d analysis, since it has a larger cycle than 3ds, it is even more crucial for us to look back further in the years to get a more accurate picture of its trends and patterns.

Generally the larger the cycle is for a certain event, the harder it will be for most to spot the trend and thereby making prediction for that last 1d of our 3ds so much more difficult.
These are just the basic in 3d and 4d analysis. For beginners who are really keen to learn, this will provide them something to read and learn from.


For 4d analysis, yes, draw-gaps is also one of the method to analyze the possible appearances of a 4d.

Nothing wrong with that at all.

But to for this method to work accurately, first of all, you MUST know the ANNUAL average appearances frequency of that particular 4d which you are working on first.
And you will only know that if you have several years of its data to look back on (the more you have, the more accurate it will be).

Once you know that, couple with its average draw-gaps in between appearances, then that would give you a much much clearer picture of when the number would most probably be appearing again and when to start following it.

But one thing, I am sorry to say though, my friend, is that when you are analyzing for a 4d number, 1 or 2 years of past results data is NOT sufficient.

For 3ds analysis it may be ok, as 3ds have more appearances than 4ds, so their cycles will be ‘tighter’ and smaller, whereby in a short span of time there would already be a few cycles for you to catch their trends.

But for 4d, like I had said in the comment that I had re-posted here above, it has a larger cycle than the 3ds.

Thus, if you really wanna have an accurate picture of what kind of trend/cycle that 4d number is currently in now, you would have to see its past few trends which could easily span a periods of a few years (5 at the very least, imo).

And remember too, 4d analysis is based on YEARLY performances, not monthly like the 3ds. Thats why I had said….

” Thats why too, that for 4d analysis, since it has a larger cycle than 3ds, it is even more crucial for us to look back further in the years to get a more accurate picture of its trends and patterns. ”

Also, by looking far back enough in its history, you will also be able to spot what the weekly and monthly trend pattern of that 4d number is like.

The “weekly trend” would be what you are talking abt when you said that, ” I noticed that it favors Sundays…9057 was drawn starter…is this coincident or luck….”.

It is not really coincidence or just pure luck all the times (though at times it may be that, of course).

It is the trend of that particular 4d’s revolving cycle, that whenever at certain days of the week, all its 4d comps will have the most chance to meet up again and align themselves to appear on that particular day.

And if that ‘freakish phenomenon’ which I had described earlier does not happens, then that 4d would be a hit (more than 90% of the time).

That is what I call the ‘weekly-trend pattern’ of a number.


First off, let me say, analysis for AABCs numbers are slightly different from that of ABCDs. They are not so ’stable’ and the criteria for their appearancesare also slightly different too. For that reason I dun waste my time doing much analysis on AABCs like I do on ABCDs.
Having said that though, lets take a look at 7745…

Remember what I had said earlier that there’s this thing call a “decade” cycle ?

If you had gone further back by 2 years and start your data from year 2000 (instead of 2002), you would have noticed that from 2000 – 2010 (a decade) 7745 was in its high cycle – averaging abt 5-6 hits per mth. Thats considered a good yearly hit frequency for AABCs. Within that 10 years cycle, theres another smaller cycle revolving around it (which is quite common for most numbers). Every 4 or 5 years the hit rate will drop to a lower level than its yearly hits for that decade. But overall still, this number had really a rather good run from 2000-2010.

After 2010 (the end of a decade cycle of good runs), you could see that this number started to stuttered and stumbled. Its yearly AVERAGE hit rate is coming down now, much lower than what it was like. This is a real indication that it is entering into its low-cycle period now and you would see the number of hits it has for a year is getting very low now.

In a sense this is NOT what I would called as “underperforming”. It is just being averaged-out by the Law of Average because of its very high performance in the last decade. Numbers like these are not those that I would wanna follow. Lesser chance now as appearances would not be exceedingly high or good.

When we said a number is a underperformant, we mean that the chance for it to recover back its performance quota in the near term is very likely, and thus that would make it as a good number to follow.

For example if it was still in its high-cycle years period (like from 2000-2010), and within certain year in THAT cycle period it had an exceedingly low hit rate, we can then call it as having underperformed for that year and can expect it to perform very well in the next year.
Take for example in the year 2004.

From 2000 to 2003 it was steaming ahead with hits of 6 (2000), 8 (2001), 7 (2002) & 6 (2003). In 2004 it took a breather and had only 3 hits, way below its last 4 previous years’ showing.

Knowing that it is still in its 10-year high cycle, its performance in 2004 is what we can called it as “underperformance”, and we can expect in the next year 2005 there would be a rush of appearances to make up for the underperformance of 2004.

Witnessed its performance in 2005 – 10 hits !! Woahhh…if you were following this number at that time it would be boom-town charlie for you, mate !

Thereafter from 2005, it carried on steadily with a reasonably good yearly average of 5-6 hits per year.

By 2011, its high decade-cycle had ended and it crawls back to making 2-4 average yearly hits. Thus in 2014 now, up to date it has only 2 hits – not underperforming per se, but just abiding to its low-cycle quota.

Having said that though, in 2015 you will see a higher performance than this year for sure. Probably be abt 4-6, at most. Wouldnt go to 8-10 like it was in the last decade.

There are many numbers like that this year, bro. I noticed.

They had very good runs from 2000-2010 and then started to cool off from 2011 onward to now. These are the numbers that we will try to avoid, if we can that is. Always go for those in high gear rather than in low. Its only logical, man.

For your last part of the question, I do not quite get you.

You are talking about what I had discussed with giugno back then in the forum, right ? The Migration of 3dtp from podium to podium ? (too bad he didnt seem to wanna pick that up, coz I know they are experimenting with the Vibration Method and if they can get this jumping or migration of 3dtp from the previous podium group to the next draw podium group, then they may be able to get the 4DTP. Which is exactly what he is trying to do now but left out this part of the analysis. Oh well…)

Ok, what I dun get abt what you had said is , ” ..If I use the same, 3DTP 775 (2nd 6-Oct),…”.

Why 6/10 draw ? So many draws away liao…..and how of all those many draws in between that period , you select 6/10 ?

The concept of my 3DTP Migration Method is actually damn bloody simple.

Actually I called it as The Alternating 3DTP Migration Method (yea, a real mouthful, I know).
This method stipulates that most of the time we will have a alternating repeat of a 3DTP from the previous podium group in the next draw podium group. Meaning that the jump in this 3dtp from podium to podium is in an alternating draw pattern. 1 draw have , the next draw dont. Sometimes there may be no repeats for two draw, then the chance of having a repeated 3dtp for the third draw is even higher.

Actually I have written and shown some examples of it in the forum last time, but as usual, no one even bothers to wanna find out more. lol.
Ok let have a quick example here then :

Working backward from 12/11……
Take Wed draw (12/11) -
2nd prize 7060 (3dtp 067 was a repeat from the previous 9/11 draw 3rd prize 7046)
3rd Prize 0126 (3dtp 126 was a repeat from the previous 9/11 draw 2nd prize 2165)
The 9/11 Draw does not have any repeat from the previous 8/11 Draw …(1 draw no repeat)
The 8/11 Draw does not have any repeat from the previous 2/11 Draw …(2 draw no repeat)
The 5/11 Draw 1s prize 2158 (3dtp 258 was a repeat from the previous 2/11 draw 3rd prize 3258)

…and then 2/11 draw got no repeat, follow by 29/11 got repeat…and so on and so….like clockwork, man.

So if you wanna see got repeat 3dtps or not, dun have to look so far back (for once, thanks god for that)…just look at the last 1 or 2 draw can do already.


4d analysis data before year 2000, the data for some forms of analysis is not reliable, coz there werent any Wed draws yet then , on Sat and Sun draws.

But if you are just looking at the total numbers of hits per decade as a rough comparison to the next one, then it is still usable.

So, generally, for 4d analysis we can stop at year 2000.

For 3dtp analysis it is ok to go beyond 2000, as it doesnt make much difference whether got Wed draw or not as T3 hits are much lesser anyway.

Secondly, always remember that the 4d analysis of a number itself is ,first and foremost, based on its Yearly appearances.

To know whether a certain 4d number is in its high or low decade cycle, we must first of all, know what are the average yearly occurrences of any average 4d is like.

General rule of the thumb for most 4ds is that they will have anything between, say, 8-10 times appearances per year, to be considered an average-occurring 4d.

Any number of hits, per year, below that is considered as Low performance, and any number more than that is High performance.

Just based 0n this criteria alone it is pretty obvious that 4567 was in its Low-decade cycle from 2000-2010.

Its yearly performances only average abt 5 hits in most years for that period, with only a few years (2005, 2006 & 2010) having more than that.

Starting from 2011 it was already picking up speed with 6 hits in that year. And in 2012 – 13 hits, 2013 – 10 hits, and 2014 up to date already 6 hits (higher than the average 5 hits in the last decade).

It will probably have another 2-3 hits from now till end 2014.

Therefore from the beginning of this decade, we can already see that it is having a much higher yearly occurrences than it had in the last decade and its entering into its High cycle now.

Thus, going by the 10-cycle High and Low trend, you can expect that in most years this decade, it will have quite a good numbers of showing per year, averaging around 10 hits or more, barring those few years in between which it may drop to a low of either 6-8.
This year would be considered as one of its low-year in its High cycle, if it ends with a 6-8 hits. Therefore next year in 2015, we can expect it to hit even more at around 10-12.
That would average out into something like 1 hit per mth, which could then make it a very good number to follow and keep track on.

When you are trying to spot the trend and cycle of a 4d number, try not to just look at the total numbers in a 10 years period.

You must roughly know how was its performance per YEAR of that period – yearly performance analysis – before you can tell where the number is heading for in the next forecasted period for it.

Remember 3d analysis – scrutinize the monthly performances. 4d analysis – pay attention to its yearly performances.

Even if you were just to take the general total figure of hits in a decade pattern, 4567’s pattern is already showing a 1 high, 1 low & current 1 high pattern already.

Example :
1991 to 2000 – 62 appearances. (High)
2001 to 2010 – 61 appearances. (Low)

2011 to present 2014 – already 34 appearances. (obviously going to be High too as it havent even reach the midway point for this decade yet).
Why from 1991-2000, I considered as a High cycle with only a 62-hits ?

Because during that period, there were NO Wed draws and yet it can hit a figure equivalent to those from 2001-2010 (when there were Wed draws).


In doing 3d and 4d analysis, first and foremost, we must have a rough idea of what these ds’ average performances are like (like I had told arthas too).

For 3ds we look into their monthly averages (monthly-based analysis).
For ds, yearly averages (yearly-based analysis).

Yearly averages for most average 4d numbers

The monthly average of an AABC number is generally only between 2-4 per mth. Anything more than that is considered as High Performances. Anything less, Low performances.

After knowing this criteria for the number of average hits per mth of a AABC number, we can then make a rough forecast on when that AAB 3d would most likely come out next, based on its last appearance.

If the average hit is abt 3 per mth, we would wanna spread these 3 hits as evenly spaced-out as possible in that month period, for the 3d to take a breather after each appearance.

The 3d 550 in your number 5580 is the one giving you the problem, with regards to the above statement.

Its last appearance was on 9/12. Too soon for it to appear again this month. It may only have another 1 more appearance for Nov which would most likely be in the later part of the mth.

AAB 559 as compared to 550, does not face this problem at all, as it was a laggard with its last appearance on 25/10. It is due now to make its average mthly appearance, so to speak.
In this way, between 550 and 559, the latter would be a stronger contender to make an appearance.

Thats just a rough analysis on these 2 3ds. But like I said, AABs and AABCs, are not that easy to catch as their numbers of appearances are much lower than ABCDs, making it more difficult to catch its trend and pattern.


1 question bro,
I am curious to know why is it that you feel the need for 1d analysis ? What actually is there to analyze ? Pardon me.
Generally in a single draw, for all prize group, almost all 1d fm 0-9 will appear. It is only a matter of how many and which are the hot running ones, thats all. 
For the all prize group the nos. of any 1d (0-9) will range from a low of 5 to a high of 10 or slightly more. It is pretty constant at that. At time it will just alternate from draw to draw. i.e. if 1d 1 has a low number of appearances in one draw, then the next one it will have more (or at worse the one after next). I do my "1d analyzing" just by taking one look at the last draw result. If I know that the next draw 1d 1 will have fewer appearances, I cut down playing numbers that has a "1" in them. And if I know they are going to be more in the next draw, I have more numbers in my buying list with "1". Thats all. Not much analyzing really.
For 1dTP, lagi easy ,man. General rule of thumb - whichever 1d that had not appear in the last draw, have a high chance of appearing in the next. Thats abt all there is to it as far a 1d is concerned. Thats how I could tell u beforehand that there will be "0", "2" and "3" for the 26/3 draw. Coz the previous draw on the 23/3, these 3 digits were the only ones that did not appear. And it did all came out on the 26/3 draw, see?
Thats why I said 1d, and to a certain lesser extent 2d, do not really need to bother with. Just focus on 3d. Thats the one and only one we have to really master in.


 Analysis on 3DTP 356
10 year cycles  - Since the last decade (from year 2000 till present moment), T3 appearances for 356 had dropped drastically. It had more long-gap cycles than the previous decade (fm 1986 to 2000). What this means is that those who had been blindly following 356 for the last few years had a much lower chance of hitting podium prizes (per mth and per year) on this 3d series. But for those who are able to read its 3DTP cycle, it really doesnt matter whether this 3d series is currently performing badly in hitting T3 or not, as the method will guide us when to follow it only when it is due for T3. This, as I had said b4, is the beauty of this 3DTP method - i.e. it is not influenced by a change in behavioral pattern/trend at all for any specific number, as we are analyzing based on its WHOLE cycle of appearances, short ones as well as long ones, and not just on current occurrences.
Long gaps T3 hits  -  Beginning fm 2010, there were lots of long gaps T3 hits at Gap 19 and Gap 20. It is now at Gap 25 of its T3 cycle. 2 longest maximum T3 Gaps that it ever went up to (since 1986), are 28 Gaps (on 19/5/07) and 31 Gaps (on 27/11/04). The latter long gap (Gap 31)in 2004 is also an exact reflection of a 10-year cycle.
Yearly period for T3 hits  -  EVERY single year, fm 2000 to 2013, there were T3 hits for 356 in the 1st quarter of the year (Jan-March). So far, March 2014 had already ended and still no T3 hits yet (good ! ). Last T3 hit was on 2/11/2013.
Summary  -  All the above are pointing in the direction that 3d 356 is now due for T3 podium prizes when it shows up again in its next few appearances. ( NOT necessarily in the next few draws, as we are counting the numbers of its appearances here, not numbers of draws. Take note.)
Under the 3DTP method, this is generally how we gauge and predict whether a certain 3d is "due for T3" or not - unlike the utter rubbish that Paul had came out with when he was trying to explain why sys 0123 had hit T3 last week, to give the impression that he 'was in the know' sort of. Incidentally, did he say that he, himself, had bought and struck the number ? If he had not bought it, why not ? Since he was sure that the number would strike podium, wouldn't he had place a bet on it then ? Putting his money where his mouth is, so to speak eh ? Or was that just a 20-20 hindsight talk ? Ridiculous amateur. LOL.
Prediction for 3DTP 356   -  Going by the above analysis on 356's longest ever maximum T3 gap and also its yearly T3 hit period, I will "put my money where my mouth is" and predict that 356 will hit T3 within its next 6 appearances (0-6 gaps from now) - or the equivalent of a mth, going by its last 2 mth low frequency of appearances. 
A VERY strong likelihood though that it may hit earlier, probably as early as within the next 3 gaps. Also, as Feb and Mar had been its low mth, April could see it turning into a high mth with more appearances. This would cover the "gaps" even faster and T3 may be hit in the early days of April.
Now, the next step after this is to narrow down that 4th elusive digit (fm 0-9).......ahhh thats where 3d analytical skill comes in (with a dosage of Luck too, I must add). 


Yes Big Sweep 4d Draw does have some "distortion" in its results as the method used to derived winning numbers is slightly different from that of normal draws. However, it will not be entirely different at all. Some continuity in the numbers' pattern will still be there, albeit at a lesser % rate. Generally I would say that if a prediction method has a good 50% - 70% success rate, the Wed BS Draw will have the effect in reducing it to around 30% - 40% only. Thats why on BS 4d Draw, I would reduce my bets amt and also my buying list.
Having said that though, I do not really use the Wed BS Draw past data for analysis. Reason is that these data are too few and its insufficient to be used for any meaningful prediction. This is especially so if you are analyzing AABC or AAAB numbers and for 3DTPs it is even worse as the occurrences for these on those days would be so much lesser and far in between. Most I do, is just to have a cursory glance at any numbers which I am interested to buy on these days and see if they had appear frequently in the WED BS Draw or not. If they do, then I placed a higher priority on them, thats all.
Tks for the SGPools Wed/BigSweep excel file. It is interesting.
But I would prefer to have the file for ALL draws rather than just on Wed BigSweep draw, if you are able to churn it out from your software, that is
If you can retrieve from your program the same format for ALL draws 3d results, then that will be exactly what I was looking for. In that format, the column which I am most interested in is the " TP123 NGap ". That is the first step in shortlisting potential 3DTPs. Would be so much easier than manually going through all the random 3ds to see whats their TP NGs.


If you take a look at the SGPools Wed/BigSweep 3DTP excel file, you will notice that quite a lot of the 3ds have T3 NGs of more than 40, 50 or even 60 gaps. Thats because, like I had said, 3Ds TP appearances on Wed BS Draws are much much less frequent as there is only ONE BS Draw per month. The T3 occurrences frequency being much lower, it translates into VERY BIG T3 Gaps or cycles. Thats not ideal for meaningful prediction at all. 
I mean, if a number can goes up to 60 gaps before it hit T3, how to predict its chances for landing podium prizes when it is just doing, say, 20 or 30 over gaps, right ? The timeframe or window for it to appear top 3 is just too wide to pinpoint the exact moment to start following it. 
Where else, for ALL draws, generally the maximum (long gap) T3 gaps for any 3ds will at most only be around the mid 30s or so. So if a 3ds goes without hitting T3 and is already close to its 30th gap, it is a very safe bet to say that it is due for T3 soon and is worthwhile for us to follow it until it hits podium. 
In addition, you will NOT find many maximum T3 gaps for 3ds in all-prizes past data. For the most 3ds, beginning all the way from 1986, there will only be a few handful of 30s-something T3 gaps (only abt 3 - 4 of them in each 3d series). This is also an indication that for the average 3ds, 30s-something T3 gaps is as far as they could go without hitting podium prizes. 
So, knowing that, we would then have a benchmark (and a VERY good one too, I must say) to based our 3DTP prediction on. Being able to reasonably forecast where (or rather "when" in this case) is the event horizon for a certain phenomenon to occur, is a GODSEND in itself. Without this benchmark, or if the darn horizon is too far to be even seen (like a super long gap of 50 or 60), then we would practically be just groping in the dark, rather than anything else, mate.


4D prediction is generally only predicting a certain time-frame period for a well-analyzed number to appear. It is very difficult, if not impossible at all, to predict EXACTLY on which day that the number will appear.

So, if you have analyzed a potential number, you will have to follow it for a few draws (at least 3 - 6 draws, more if u can afford it and have total faith in that number). Jumping around from one number to the next for every draw, will usually see you missing that number when u let it go and it appears.

On the topic of 4d analyzing by - 1d (which is the easiest of all, not much effort needed), 2d (slightly more difficult than 1d but its still relatively straightforward) and 3d (the most difficult and most important of all in a 4d game) - it is well and good to learn and master these skills as they are the 'building block' of the art of 4d prediction. But what is also equally impt, is that one must also know how these 1d, 2d and 3d can really be made use of to help us in coming out with the eventual 4d number to play.

The ability to identify the respective d's for the next coming draw DOES NOT ends there or stop there, as far as 4d prediction is concerned. It is just the FIRST step in a 4-d number analysis.

Without wanting to steal the limelight of the various sifus in this thread, I will just briefly touch on the 3d analysis aspect here.

Let say, if u had identified 3d sys 123 as a potential 3d that will appear in the next coming draw, what then ? What can you do with it to help u get a winning 4d number out of it ?

3d analysis, like I said, dun just stop there. Theres more to what u can do with it, then just to be able to predict that the particular set of 3ds will appear in the coming draw.

Short example :

If u had identified sys 3d 123 and u wanna couple it with the 1d "4", to have a 4d number of sys 1234, u must also be AWARE of the other 3 sets of 3ds that make up the number sys 1234.

Some ppl here may already know this, but others may not. For those who do not know abt the intricacy of 3ds, heres the basic lesson :

Every ABCD number will consists of FOUR sets of 3ds.

For AABC number, there will be THREE sets of 3ds that it is made up of.

For sys 1234, its four sets of 3ds components are : sys 123, 124, 134 and 234.

So, what this means is that after having picked 3d 123 to buy for the next draw, and then matching it with 1d "4" to get the number 1234, you MUST also consider the probability of the OTHER three 3d components of sys 1234 in appearing in the next draw. ALL four 3d components must be present in the same draw before the sys number 1234 can be a hit. The non-appearance of any one of them (124, 134 or 234), will see your number 1234 missing by a single digit in the coming draw.

Therefore, the ability to predict a potential 3d for the next draw is just the beginning of a 4d prediction. It is only very useful when u know how to use it to further enhance your skill in 4d prediction, otherwise u will always see your number missing by one digit here and there.

View all these 1d, 2d, and 3d prediction skill as just a tool and not the eventual result in itself. Once you learnt how to get it reasonably correct, explore it further and find ways in which u can manipulate it to help u get what u want out of the the game of 4d.

Above is just one of the simple examples of the benefit of learning, say, 3d prediction.


" Msg #268 by Sifu - So, members, try to understand the important of 3D, either work out the 3D yourself or pick from this forum or other sources..... Correct 3D will land a rewards of getting the fishes bite your lines, sometimes, a bigger fish also. Please do not be troubled if you only get the 3D numbers correct and missed that 1D... Is OK. Just think back, isn't it you are in better position and chances of getting your numbers hit the board??...."

My own thinking exactly too, bro.

I'd always be saying that one must master the art of 3d prediction first before even attempting to predict for a 4d number. 3d prediction is the most impt of all becoz without it how are we going to just pluck a 4d number out of the air to predict whether it will come out or not in the next coming draw ? A 4d number can only be constructed (or predicted) from a base of 1d, 2d and 3d.

As 1d and 2d are relatively simple to analyze, the real test in one's prediction skill will be fully on the 3ds. Get that right and you would be well ahead of the game than the rest of the crowd, as you already will have a 75% rate of success in getting the eventual 4d number - i.e. getting 3 digits correct out of 4.

Like Sifu had said, if you get your 3ds right but missed by the 4th digit, dun be discouraged. Thats a GOOD sign in itself as it shows that you are already mastering the basic art of 4d prediction. If your predicted numbers do not have anything close at all in a result draw, that would be worse. It is an indication that whatever method you are using is not effective at all and its back to the drawing board again.


Its 3dtp mixture ratio is OK for it to have the possibility of hitting podium. The mixture is : 2 shorts-1 slight medium-1 long. Not bad actually.

There's something wrong with your 3dtp data.

For 3dtp 369 the gap should be 5 not 20. If it is 20, then the mixture ratio is no good already.
A 1 long-2 medium-1 short 3dtp gap is not a conducive mixture for T3 to occur. It does not fall into the category where majority of the podium prizes are hit.

Also there’s one thing that you would have to understand too. The 3dtp method only indicates the possibility of a T3 hits when its 3d NEXT appear. It is NOT use to predict whether the number can appear in the next draw or not.

There is a different between the 2 statements. You would have to read careful again and digest it.

As to whether it will hit Top3 tonight (or any days for the matter), it is still dependent on whether all its 3d comps have the ability to appear in that draw.
To predict that, you will still have to use the usual 3d /4d analysis to forecast whether that number can come out in the next draw or not.

3DTP Method is an escalation of the 3d/4d analysis skill. Meaning to say that one’s 3d/4d skill must be good enough before this 3dtp method can be of any real use at all. Thats why it is considered as an “advanced level” in 4d prediction and are not that suitable for just any beginners.

Like I had said before, it is not all just abt knowing at which 3dtp gap that a particular 3d is at. Thats only superficial data that anyone can lay their hands on, as long as they know how to arrange the data in the correct format.

As to whether 3679 will even come out tonight at all (never mind abt it being a T3 hit or not), the usual 3d comp analysis still need to be applied stringently.
Offhand, from what I can see there are good and bad points going on for this number in the coming draw.

Good point – this number in the last 9 years has the highest numbers of hits in the month of November (19 hits).

Starting from 2006 to current date its yearly hits were : 11, 13, 11, 13, 9, 5, 15, 6…….3 (2014 now).

So, it is quite obvious that another 2 or 3 more hits for this number from now till end year is easily possible, as far as the yearly average is concerned.

Bad point – the only 3d comp of 3679 that had appeared in the last draw was 3d 369. And 3d 369 had also already appeared on the 12/11 (Wed) draw too.

Whether this 3d can make a third consecutive appearance or not is very questionable, as its past history does not have many of these 3-consecutive-draws occurrences.


Almost everyone who are into 4d analysis are facing the problem with getting that correct last 4th digit.

I’d written something in the forum last mth, abt one of the ways in which we can get that last 4th digit, is to make use of the 3D Comp Method in a “reversed” manner.

For those who had not seen my posting on it yet, below is a copy of it. As usual it is a long one. So take your time to digest it…..

Msg #686 25-10-2014 14:05:32
IMO, the best way of determining that last 4th digit to match with a 3d, is the hardest approach of all 4d analysis – i.e. the studying and deciphering of that particular 4d cycle and trend.

Its all about spotting the cycle/trend in 4d prediction. The rest of whatever methods out there are generally good only as a “confirmation check” for a number which we have already determined.

Read my message on 3D/4D Analysis until you fully get what I am saying. Thats the only way I can show how to derive the final 4d number.

There’s no magic formula nor magic wand for anyone to produce that last elusive digit. Its all about hard work and knowledge of the intricacy of the game.

Here’s another tip (or trick, if you wanna call it as that) in determining that last 1d……
Using the 3D Component Method

We all know that about almost 70% of the result numbers in a draw has some of its 3d components appeared in the previous draw. This is a fact as solid as e=mc2. No bulls about that.

Anything in 4d that we know are consistently true can , and should, be used as an analyzing tool when we are doing 4d prediction.

Similarly, anything that’s NOT dominantly true (meaning does not happen frequently in 4d) should not be used as a criteria for 4d analysis.

Now, almost everyone knows how to spot 3ds for the next draw by looking at the result from the last one.

But not many know that you can actually go one step further and use this 3d spotting method from the last draw to generate and confirm that the 4th digit which you are going to match with your 3d is a good one. Its like a sort of reverse engineering (which I had mentioned quite a few times earlier but it seems that no one is interested to wanna know more about it. Pity. )

For example lets do a case study on the result 2nd prize of 22/10 (5890) by looking back at the 19/10 draw….

Say, if you have already determine beforehand that 059 is a GOOD 3DTP to play for the 22/10 draw (like I did), one of the easiest and simplest way to go abt finding a 4th digit to match with it, is to see the results numbers of the previous draw to see whether there are some 3ds which will make up part of the 3d components of the final 4d number 059X.
Read the last sentence again and again…..till you get what I mean.
Ok lets see what we got in the 19/10 draw….

8052 – 2nd prize (1ds that can match with 059X from it are “2″ and “8″. You have 0259 – 025, 0598 – 058)

5974 – Starter (1d will be “4″ and “7″. You have 0594 – 594, 0597 – 597)
9586 – Starter (1d will be “6″ and “8″. You have 0596 – 956, 0598 – 958)
0581 – Conso (1d will be “1″ and “8″. You have 0591 – 051, 0598 – 058)
9860 – Conso (1d will be “6″ and “8″. You have 0596 – 960, 0598 – 980)
5491 – Conso (1d will be “1″ and “4″. You have 0591 – 591, 0549 – 549)

Therefore from the previous draw we have found (based on the 3D component method) our 1d to match with the initial 3DTP 059 that we are going to play for the next draw.
These 1ds are : 1, 2, 4, 6, 7 , 8.

So we have 0591, 0592, 0594, 0596, 0597 and 0598.

Thats 6 sets of 4d numbers narrowed down from 10 sets of 059X. (usually there wouldnt be so many sets of 4d derived this way from the previous draw. This particular draw was abit exceptional. Generally it will be more like 4-5 sets or less of 4d only)

From the above 6 sets, thats where our homework starts, mate – i.e. the analyzing of each individual 4d number to narrow them down further.

Right off, after glancing at the past data for all those 6 4d numbers, I would easily struck off 0591, 0594, 0596 and 0597.

That left me only 2 4d numbers, 0592 and 0598.

It will of course depend on your 4d analyzing skill when it comes down to narrowing down a list of possible numbers. But that was how I derived 0259 and 0589 for my initial 3DTP 059. Perhaps others would wanna give it a try and see whether they come to the same conclusion of selecting these 2 4ds out of the 6 sets.

Will give more priority to 1d 8 too, as “8″ appeared the most time in all those 3ds form from the previous result, meaning 0589 has the most 3ds comps found in the last draw – 058 x 2, 589 & 089.

Btw no2morrow…..that coconut of yours is abt to drop anytime now….ripe already. Get ready to catch it, man.

Btw, that “coconut” which I was referring to, to no2morrow, is 4d 3668. Came out this evening as starter.



Besides having a good 4d prediction skill, let me share with you guys the other aspects of ensuring success in the game of 4d (or in any games of wager at all, for that matter). That is , of course, the matter concerning Luck.
We all know that without the help of Lady Luck, nothing is of any use as our numbers will always miss by one irritating digit here and there.....or the moment u let go of that number it would come out Top prize. We all have days like these.

So, how to entice that elusive Lady to our side and embrace us with luck and wealth ?

Below are some of the ways that can help you in having more luck comes your way :-

1. Always stay positive. The Law of Attractions dictates that positiveness attracts more of its same kind and so too will negativeness. If you think that you can, then you will. If you are bleak in your outlook, you would have already lost half the battle before you even started the war.

2. Try to minimize negative emotions. I know it is not always easy to do so in our daily life but at least be self-aware of any oncoming negativity and stop it before it gets full blown and out of control. Nothing frightens away the fragile Lady Luck more than negative emotions, eg. anger, frustrations, sadness (yes that too, I am afraid), anxiety, worry or depression.

3. Maintain a strong personal aura (or life-force as some would call it). If your aura is strong, nothing can defeat you and you will be able to keep all the bad stuffs in this world at bay from you. Having a strong aura can be compared as the opposite to having a negative attitude in life. Therefore one must always try to be happy in one's life, have a bright & positive outlook in things, do good deeds unto your fellowmen to have a better karma and also to strengthened that life-force that everyone of us have inside us. Helping those less fortunate than ourselves is also a very good way to ensure good karma in our life - if not in this life then it would be in the next. When the situations and conditions are right, all these accumulated good karma will be translated into all things good - good fortune too would, of course, be one of them.

4. Do not gamble when you are sick or unwell. Reason being that when we are sick, naturally our aura will be weakened to a large extent.

5. Everything in this world has cycles. From economic matters to Life and Death. Nothing is of permanence and like the Tide, Luck too will ebb and flood in a cyclical rhythm. Everyone of us will have their own specific lucky periods or windows of opportunities. For this matter, ppl like sifu Best4 would be of great help. Just remember the wise saying that if you are undergoing a dark stretch of period in your life, do not despair neither should you give up. Best you could do then is to lay low and "hatch down" till the storm is over and the sun will be up again. Similarly too, if you are in the throes of a lucky period, do not be too overly cocky or arrogant, as that cycle will too passed as nothing aint gonna be permanent, remember ? Best to do then, is to spread that luck around by helping others if you can and 'deposit' more good karma points for the next cycle.

6. Last but not least - The Power of The Coin.
This one is certainly well tested by yours truly here. Some people in the olden days (esp the Chinese) believe that coins have certain magical power. Well, it definitely works wonder for me. Every time when I found a coin, I will definitely struck 4d, without fail. Yes, serious. Had hit quite a few Big Ones over the years on occasions when I do find them. So, people, as and when you do see a coin on the road, at the bus stop, even on the bus or at crowded malls, dun be shy please.......pick it up ! Similarly though, do not lose any coins of you own k. Its like giving your luck to others, not so much as to the value of the actual coin itself.

Well, like bro Sifu said, lets make this forum an interesting one with a lively atmosphere for all to enjoy. Besides just asking and looking for lucky numbers here all the time, at times it may lighten the mood somewhat and keep everyone relaxed (which is a good thing for luck...haha) by having some casual but informative chats now and then.


Your question of "...the 3D pattern is take from 23 numbers each draw right? ...", is technically correct.

Out of the 23 drawn numbers in every draw, generally more than 50% of that will have their 3Ds appeared in the previous draw result. This means that it certainly would help in looking at the last drawn results to see whether the 4d numbers that you are going to buy for the next draw will stand a good chance to come out or not.

So, sometimes if you already have a 4d number in mind, eg. system 2345, you can use its 3ds components to help u determine if the no.is good for the next draw. In this case we use the principle of 3d analysis to confirm a 4d number, instead of the usual way of finding a 3d 1st to get a 4d number.

This is the reverse-engineering way of making use of 3Ds - one of the many uses of 3d predictions.

The 4 sets of 3d components that make up the system number of 2345 are : 3Ds 234, 235, 245 and 345. So, if any of these 4 3Ds were in the results of the previous draws, then your 4d number stand a good 50% chance of coming out in the next draw. Remember, almost in every single draw more than 50% of 3ds (out of 23 numbers in a draw) came from the last draw. We are making use of this phenomenon in the reverse-engineering 3d method here. If none of the 3d components of sys 2345 can be found in the last draw, usually I wouldnt buy that number as its chance of striking will be very low then. Not saying zero chance of it coming out, as there is no such thing as 100% in anything in a 4d game. But just that its winning odds will be that much lower and all punters will know that punting for a number that has lower odds are not a good wager.

This is just one single example of what it means when we talk about learning of 3d skill.

Your the other question of whether by looking at the top3 prizes results we are able to determine whether a 3d is going for podium prizes or not, the short answer is Yes. BUT, like Sifu said, it isnt easy and it is not just by looking at one or two past top3 results. There are only 3 top position numbers out of 23 drawn numbers in every draw. Therefore whatever "Ds" that it may be, whether 1d, 2d or 3d, their occurrences frequency in T3 prizes will definitely be much much lesser than those from ALL prize group. So , if you are looking for 3ds for T3 prizes, you would have to look at the much larger picture than just draw by draw. A much much larger picture indeed. It is know as Cycles or 3DTP cycles that will stretch all the way backs in years and decades. Better for the time being, just focus in trying to hit the general board first. If you can do that long enough u will get to see how trends/cycles develops clearer.


Although I am analyzing just based on only SGPool data, I believe the principle of 3Ds analysis and also The Law of Averages will work on other counters too. This is because we are all dealing mainly with 4d numbers over and over again. The only difference of course are the past results data that we are looking at and analyzing on. For me, it is SGPool past results, for you it is Magnum's. Therefore, the predicted numbers for a next coming draw may and will be different, even though the concepts of the methods used for analysis may be the same. Sometimes, when a particular 4d number has a more or less similar past trend and pattern in both counters, you may see that number appearing in the same draw for both counters. If their trend/pattern has a slight variation, you will see the number that you buy in Magnum floats up in SGPool instead, or vice versa.

Show u what I meant by principle of analysis being the same for different counter. Lets take the example of one of the ways in which I had said earlier that 3Ds can be made us of in our 4d prediction.

I had said in Msg#385 that,..."Out of the 23 drawn numbers in every draw, generally more than 50% of that will have their 3Ds appeared in the previous draw result....", right ?

Ok, lets take a look at the result of Magnum last draw on the 16/4 (since u are playing Magnum), to see whether that statement that I had made holds true or not, shall we ?

Better still, lets take a look at the Top3 prizes of Magnum in the last draw.

Date: 16 Apr 2014
Wednesday(Week #16)
1st 9697
2nd 0116
3rd 1166

Now, take a look at the previous draw on 13/4 and see whether we can find some of the 3Ds components of the Top 3 prize results for 16/4.

Date: 13 Apr 2014
Sunday (Week #15)

Starter Prizes : 7979,
Conso : 4699, 4996

3d components for system 7979 are : 779 & 799
3d components for system 4699 & 4996 are : 469, 499 & 699.

The 3d components for sys 9697 (1st prize on 16/4) are : 679, 699 & 799.

So, did some of the 3d components for the 1st prize in 16/4 appeared in the previous result draw of 13/4 ?

Hey presto !! Indeed they had.

Out of the 3 sets of 3d components for sys 9697, TWO sets ( 3ds 799 and 699 ) had appeared in the previous draw of 2 drawn results numbers of 7979 and 4699 (twice).

Therefore the assumption (or general rule) that most of the 3ds (as high as up to 50% or more) CAN BE FOUND in the previous draw for the next coming draw, is proven true in this example. And we are not even talking abt just the general board for ALL prize. It can even be applied for TOP3 prizes too, as shown by the above example.

Do a workout on the 2nd and 3rd prize (0116 & 1166) for yourself and tell me whether you too can spot some of their 3ds comps. appearing in the 13/4 draw, bro.

After that, do more 'exercises' on the starter and conso prize group and search for more similar 3d comps appearing in the previous draw too. U will then understand better what I meant when i said, "...Out of the 23 drawn numbers in every draw, generally more than 50% of that will have their 3Ds appeared in the previous draw result....". And fyi, 50% is a very conservative figure that I take. Do more of these "exercises" for as many previous draw results as you can tahan, and you will realize that it will be closer to 70% or thereabout.

So, if you are convinced now of this "theory" that I have and am sharing with you, what can you do with it, mate ?

The obvious thing for most people after this are to look for 3ds from the previous draw to use it for the next coming draw, right ?

BUT if 70% of 3ds came from the previous draw, wouldn't we have too many sets of 3Ds to pick from ? How to know which sets are the one will appear in the next draw ? It is the same for the Pandora Box matrix system. In a 4 X 4 matrix, there will be a whole lot of 3ds to choose from, so how to choose which one (begging your pardon , giugno128...no disrespect here to any method k, bro) ?

We know that we are "on" into something here and it can be proven true too - whether it is the 3ds from the previous draw method or the Pandora Box system. So we should not discard it away just because the options for potential numbers are too many for us to pick from.

What we can then do now is , instead of picking 3ds from previous draw to play (which is diff as it would be too many), we look at it the other way round to use it as an analytical tool in our prediction.

Knowing that around 70% of 3ds will come from previous draw, we can use this "knowledge" to narrow down the 4d numbers that we intend to buy for the next draw.

If that 4d number we have, does not have any of its 3ds comps in the last draw, then technically we are already losing 70% of the battle, even before the actual war has begins. You still following me, bro ?

For me personally, I will drop that number off my list and bet on more potentially good numbers. True, there is always a 30% chance that even though none of the 3d comps of a numbers had appeared in the last draw, but yet that number can still come out in the next draw. But hey, between 70% and 30% winning odds which would you prefer ? I prefer 70%, man !

Hope u get the gist of what I am saying here. This is just ONE of the many ways we can make use of 3Ds once we learn the 3D skill. I hear lots of folks here wanting to learn 3d and even saying that they know 3ds already......but not too sure whether they know what to do with it, once they had understood th

(Kekeke Master)
Msg #265
12-10-2015 02:25 pm

Continue from above...

Hope u get the gist of what I am saying here. This is just ONE of the many ways we can make use of 3Ds once we learn the 3D skill. I hear lots of folks here wanting to learn 3d and even saying that they know 3ds already......but not too sure whether they know what to do with it, once they had understood the simple meaning of what a 3D is and, more importantly, what it can do for us.

The best way still the conventional way, yearly/monthly analysis.
The reason why we can use the 3DTP Method so efficiently for ABC 3ds is because T3s hits for ABCs are still considerably a lot.

ABC 3ds’ podium hits appear almost EVERY mth. and quite often too, several times in a month.

Where else, for AAB 3ds , the numbers of average T3 hits are only abt 2-4 times a YEAR. For AAAs it is even worse, halved that of the AABs’ – at only 1 or 2 times in a year, with some years when there aren’t even any T3 hits at all.

So, just based on this simple fact alone, do you think it is logical to wanna try and ‘predict’ what are the 3dtps gaps of AAB and AAAs nos.?

I mean, well, of coz it is still possible to estimate their 3dtp gaps to a certain extent by looking at their past data, but because their gaps are so huge (in timeframe-wise), it makes no sense or meaning at all wanting to know these gaps, as one gap alone can span into the months. Unlike ABC 3ds where 1 3dtp gap is usually abt a week or lesser. You follow ?

Therefore, so what if I know that , say for AAAs, next T3 will be within the next 1-5 gaps ?
The average number of appearances for AAAs is abt 1 time per mth. A 1-5 gaps, means in abt 1-5 mths !

What kind of “prediction” is that gonna be , as far as 3DTP Method of predicting podium prizes is concerned, right ?

I am not saying that it is totally not possible to predict T3s for ABC and AAAs.
Just that the 3DTP method is not the way to go abt in doing that.
3DTP method was formulated with ABC 3ds in mind because of their numerous T3 hits, averaging a few times in a MONTH.

So, the best way to monitor for appearances of AAB and AAA 3ds (wudnt even wanna talk abt trying to predict their T3s yet), is still thru the conventional way of tracking their monthly and yearly data.

How we do this, it will differ from each individuals.

It is up to individual to come out with a way of sorting the available data out into an easy to read-and-analyze format. The better this format is being presented, the easier and more accurate will be the analysis.

Ok, will show you 2 simple ways to monitor and keep track of AAB and AAA 3ds. The formats are simple to create (anyone can do it, once they know what to look for) and it it almost like a “crystal ball” in showing you roughly when the next hits will be for these numbers.

For AAB 3ds, you want a table format something like this :
For AAA 3ds, this one is ‘crystal clear’ in showing anyone when to expect which AAA will be coming out next :

Simple and easy enough to see all the AA and AAA data arranged in such a way, that just one glance , you will be able to make some sort of “analysis” on which is the more probable ones to appear ?

Of coz, then again, data is what all of us have alike….how you interprete whats being present in front of you is another matter altogether.

But at least these 2 formats will show you how to get started in monitoring numbers like these. The AAAs’ one is the most useful, as it is already a 3d in itself. Dun really need the 3DTP Method for it actually.

From formats like these, you can use your imagination and creativity to diversify it even further to look for the best AAAB numbers to play….and yes, even, to estimate when is the next T3 hits for it (thats for the later stage.)

See these 2 basic formats first and see how you like them. Anyone can create these if they arrange the data in the proper format, that is.

Maybe you can do it for me bro from here on….coz I am monitoring too many things at a time. Sometimes I let go some, like the AABC which are too plenty to be bothered with.
(btw, the best 1d to match 999 is NOT “8″. If got time I show you another format for AAAB numbers, then you can see for yourself why “8″ is not that hot for 999, and which will be the ‘hotter’ ones……which incidentally will be 1, 3, 5 & 6 ).


Kekeke..   Enjoy reading..


(Kekeke Master)
Msg #266
12-10-2015 02:39 pm

Wah.... Buddy, you really going thru all those posts..

I already lost where to find them except from our own forum ...

Thank you buddy


Msg #267
12-10-2015 02:58 pm

Wowww.. Need a time to read Kekeke Master post hihi.. Anyway tq sifu

Msg #268
13-10-2015 12:06 am

@ Dragon,


Wow bro, you managed to find some of the many write-ups that I'd done last year. Some were even not posted in this forum but in other blogs, if memories serve me correctly.


Hmmm....now looking back at the results of some of the predictions/future outcomes of some numbers which I had predicted back then, when asked for their comments by some members, most of them were rather spot on and had performed as I’d said they would.


Below are the few examples :


Having said that though, lets take a look at 7745

Remember what I had said earlier that there’s this thing call a “decade” cycle ?.......................................................

………………..By 2011, its high decade-cycle had ended and it crawls back to making 2-4 average yearly hits. Thus in 2014 now, up to date it has only 2 hits – not underperforming per se, but just abiding to its low-cycle quota.

Having said that though, in 2015 you will see a higher performance than this year for sure. Probably be abt 4-6, at most. Wouldnt go to 8-10 like it was in the last decade.


This write-up was done somewhere late last year and its performance is now already higher than in 2014. Currently now it has 3 hits. Another 1 or 2 hits more from now till year-end 2015 will put its performance right smack in the predicted range of 4-6 hits for this year.


The next following discussion was also somewhere late last year when one of my members had asked me about the probable performances for system number 4567 in the year 2015.

This was what I had predicted for the number in this year.


Just based on this criteria alone it is pretty obvious that 4567 was in its Low-decade cycle from 2000-2010. 

Its yearly performances only average abt 5 hits in most years for that period, with only a few years (2005, 2006 & 2010) having more than that.

Starting from 2011 it was already picking up speed with 6 hits in that year. And in 2012 – 13 hits, 2013 – 10 hits, and 2014 up to date already 6 hits (higher than the average 5 hits in the last decade). 

It will probably have another 2-3 hits from now till end 2014.

Therefore from the beginning of this decade, we can already see that it is having a much higher yearly occurrences than it had in the last decade and its entering into its High cycle now. 

Thus, going by the 10-cycle High and Low trend, you can expect that in most years this decade, it will have quite a good numbers of showing per year, averaging around 10 hits or more, barring those few years in between which it may drop to a low of either 6-8.

This year would be considered as one of its low-year in its High cycle, if it ends with a 6-8 hits. Therefore next year in 2015, we can expect it to hit even more at around 10-12. 


Sys 4567, as of today, had clocked in 13 hits now in 2015. Def a High-cycle year for this 4d numbers as predicted (in last year) from its High & Low Trend Cycle.


The following write-up was in either late March ’14 or early April ’14 on the case study of 3D 356.


Analysis on 3DTP 356
10 year cycles  - Since the last decade (from year 2000 till present moment), T3 appearances for 356 had dropped drastically………

Long gaps T3 hits  -  Beginning fm 2010, there were lots of long gaps T3 hits at Gap 19 and Gap 20. It is now at Gap 25 of its T3 cycle……….

Yearly period for T3 hits  -  EVERY single year, fm 2000 to 2013, there were T3 hits for 356 in the 1st quarter of the year (Jan-March……..

Summary  -  All the above are pointing in the direction that 3d 356 is now due for T3 podium prizes when it shows up again in its next few appearances….......

Under the 3DTP method, this is generally how we gauge and predict whether a certain 3d is "due for T3" or not -……......

Prediction for 3DTP 356   -  Going by the above analysis on 356's longest ever maximum T3 gap and also its yearly T3 hit period, I will "put my money where my mouth is" and predict that 356 will hit T3 within its next 6 appearances (0-6 gaps from now) - or the equivalent of a mth, going by its last 2 mth low frequency of appearances. 


 3DTP 356 hit 2nd Prize on 27/4/14, on the 5th  Gaps - roughly abt less than a mth - after that prediction was made. Spot on !

For those folks here who had already gained some knowledge and successes in 4d prediction (such as RICH88, 2wteh & zte....just to name  few), it will be useful for you all to read through again what I'd written abt the topic of 3d/4d Prediction and digest as much as you can. I know there's a lot to read and digest but, hey, nothing ain't gonna be easy without putting in some real hard effort eh ? The posts pasted here by bro Dragon are just some of the articles that I had written abt 4d analysis. I must had written about a book-ful of them already in the past couple of years. All you need to do is just to read these few write-ups pasted here, thats all. The hard part, of putting down 4d analysis in words, had already been done for you, so to speak. I didnt get it that easy when I first started out on my own. No sifus or teachers to point me in the right direction. It was all on my own. There wasnt even much online 4d prediction sites/forums back then when I first started dabbling in 4d analysis, unlike today.

(Kekeke Master)
Msg #269
13-10-2015 01:33 am

Kekeke...Sifu Lucas

You certainly have a good memory... These were our collection on all your discussion in forum.

Thanks for putting in more advises....


Msg #270
13-10-2015 03:32 am

Good morning Sifu Lucas,

I would like to thank you on what u r sharing here. Is very good articles, will study hard on that. Its very useful for the prediction, although I not very good in the yearly analysis..will consult u and Sifu Giugno...

well wish u have a big win on the next draw.

Msg #271
13-10-2015 12:35 pm

Wow! Wow! Wow!

@Sifu Rich88 - Thank you for sharing the link......Save us lots of time to run thru the whole forum...

@Master Dragon - Thank you very much for cutting and pasting all the post onto this forum. Really save many of us - the newbies time to explore every past forums....Bravo!

@Sifu Lucas & Sifu g128 - Thank you for your guidance thru the post/thread... hope that all newbies who are keen to learn inderstand them....though it might take some time for some of us...THANK YOU! 

If I have missed out anyone, my sincered apologies.

To everyone - Good luck for the coming draws...SG Pools, Magnum, Damacai, Sports Toto, Cash Sweep, Sandakan, Sabah........

PS: My apologies for the late reply as I was having difficulty to log in since yesterday evening...

Huat Cai! Huat Cai!

(Pandora Master)
Msg #272
13-10-2015 01:47 pm

Good afternoom

First time trying for Sportstoto, using similar formulations without back testing...

Sportstoto 5E Pandora  FOR 14-OCT-2015


A   B    C    D

0   6    8     5

9   3    7     4


E   F   G   H

2   8   7   9

5   7   0   6


W   X   Y    Z

9    6   3    3

6    3   2    2

For each Group, select only one digit under each column.
Example. Group 2, if you select digit 8 under column F, then you cannot select digit 7 under the same column F.

The charts are very good for system 3D, sometimes may be system 4D. Most of the draw, will see 2 to 3 sets of 3DTP hits and if you are lucky enough, it could be podium 4D . But the charts only good for one draw, Sportstoto 14-OCT-2015 ONLY.

Good Luck

Msg #273
13-10-2015 02:14 pm

Tq Pandora Master for SportToto Pandora:).. Hope we all can catch big one tomorrow

(Kekeke Master)
Msg #274
13-10-2015 02:23 pm

Kekeke....Good Afternoon

Using Groups 1 and 2, my combi 4D for Sportstoto will be
6503, 8642 and 9580

Good Luck all


Msg #275
13-10-2015 02:34 pm

Good afternoon!

@Bro Dragon Thanks for sharing the throwback post from Sifu Lucas!

@Sifu Lucas Thanks for sharing such an important information and willing to teach everyone here. I will do my best to learn from your method, and i'm super impressed by your method! It is a given that u constantly win podium with your method. :)

@Sifu g128 Thanks for sharing your latest pandora 5E with us, your constant dedication to improve your pandora is very impressive and sharing it with us all. I will continue to follow your pandora methods and i wish u good luck that you will hit the jackpot!

Good luck all!

Msg #276
13-10-2015 02:50 pm


496X > 4960

701X > 7014

Good luck and drink AH HUAT COFFEE HUAT HUAT HUAT !!

Msg #277
13-10-2015 11:49 pm

" Msg #247

11-10-2015 01:09 pm

Hi Drakey,


I use a combination of many methods in my analysis to zoom in the best 3Ds for the short term, and from there the 4d analysis for those 3Ds fm 0-9 to extract the best 4d numbers for them. It is a lot of hard effort if you are a newbie to 4d analysis and can be quite diffcult to 'teach' if you do not have the basic background for it. Anyway, I did write quite a bit on 3d/4d analyzing in some of the old threads in cupin here when I still hv the energy to do so last time. Go find those threads and read them, if you are realy interested k.


Here's a few head-up for you in the coming 2 draws of SGPool. Watch out for these 3Ds : 079, 367, 369 & 226. "

The other 2 3Ds posted in the above message that havent come yet are still good for tmr SGP draw (14/10). They are still within the predicted 2-draws range. Both hv podium-hitting capability. Take note, ppl.


Msg #264

12-10-2015 09:54 am

Good morning everyone


Kekeke.... Wow... just heard that Sifu g128 is going for Jackpot !... do not know which counter he is aiming but is first time he is playing the Malaysia's counter...


Good Luck Sifu...




Bro Dragon, tell Giugno to go for the Magnum Counter if he's trying for podium in the M'sian counters. I'd observed that Magnum has the most similar trend/pattern like SGP's. In fact it is easier to predict for Msian's counters than SGP, as the latter is super duper kiasu and keep on throwing curve-balls at punters like us who are dabbling with 4d analysis. Many times my predicted T3 nos. for SGP jumped to Magnum's podium. I am unable to buy Magnum though (dunno how). So can only play SGP.


Btw, heard you are going for a hol in Nov/Dec but duuno where to go ?

Try Phuket, mate.

I go there EVERY year.  Going again in late Nov till early Dec. Place is nice and fun - and cheap and good too ! Seaside resort living guaranteed to re-charge your batteries after ever trip !

Besides going for relaxation there, its also like a yearly pilgrimage for me. I visit a famous temple up in the high mountain and get my yearly blessings from the monk there. Made my domations to it in every of my visit to say thanks for the luck that it has given me in each previous year. Coincidentally too, all my trips there hv always been sponsored by SGPool as each time, without fail, upon returning I'll surely strike the Big Ones. Lol.

Msg #278
14-10-2015 01:27 am

Hi Sifu Lucas,

Thank you for the big hint.

Sure hope to get some sponsorship from SG Pools too so that I can go offer my prayers and donations in SG 1st loh!..... Later got big ones than consider further....Hehehehehe!

Haven't gone for any holidays for more than 2 decades... ..sad case huh!

I wish you: Sifu Lucas, all Sifus, Bros, Sis, everyone in this forum and Everyone in the other forums -  "Heng Heng" all the way for this evening's draw! Hit Jackpot and smiling to the bank lah! (^_^) 

Huat Cai! Huat Cai!

Msg #279
14-10-2015 11:26 am

hi Good morning!

Here is my prediction or today's magnum:

6175, 0675, 0817, 7340, 0654, 6154,

0679, 6733, 6223, 1125, 6173, 1723,

0123, 6729, 6159, 7539, 0154, 7730,

8125, 0612, 0865, 0815, 6129.

Good luck and Cheers!

HUat ah!

Msg #280
14-10-2015 11:35 am


Thank you sifu Lucas, bro Rich88, bro Dragon and sifu g128!!!

Thank you for sharing!!!

i will read through again! hope can get in to your level!


HUat ah!

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