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11-10-2015 11:24 pm

Tks for the congratzs, guys.

Yup , out of 4 sets of 3Ds given ( 079, 367, 369 & 226), 2 sets hit - 1st prize 6932 & Starter 1097.

I got the 1st prize but didnt get the starter.

[IMG] http://i57.tinypic.com/2nsz42t.jpg [/IMG]

Got another conso tho - 7621

[IMG] http://i61.tinypic.com/b81lld.jpg [/IMG]

(Kekeke Master)
Msg #242
12-10-2015 06:46 am

Congrats Sifu Lucas of your winnings..

Msg #243
12-10-2015 09:22 am

Morning guys, here is some post that sifu lucas wrote last year at cupin, u all can study it. I guess some of u guys couldnt find this or lazy to search > here i do it for u guys. 

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12-10-2015 09:23 am

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12-10-2015 09:27 am

O SORRY GUYS, couldnt paste into it. dont know y.

Msg #246
12-10-2015 09:28 am

The paragraph are too long. 

(Kekeke Master)
Msg #247
12-10-2015 09:54 am

Good morning everyone

Kekeke.... Wow... just heard that Sifu g128 is going for Jackpot !... do not know which counter he is aiming but is first time he is playing the Malaysia's counter...

Good Luck Sifu...


Msg #248
12-10-2015 10:05 am

Congrate sifu g128.. Good to ahear that news!! U always help people.. Now ladyluck with u sifu.. Wish u all the best!!! Congrate once again sifu!

Msg #249
12-10-2015 10:06 am

RICH88.. Hope can read that post hihi.. That info maybe can improve skill for read pandora.. N can win every draw maybe hihi.. Hope so:)

(Pandora Master)
Msg #250
12-10-2015 10:49 am

Good morning

5E Pandora For Magnum Draw  14-OCT-2015


A   B   C   D

0   4    3   2

9   1    2   5


E   F   G   H

7   9   9   4

0   6   6   1


W   X   Y   Z

2    8   7   7

5    7   0   0

For each Group, select only one digit under each column.
Example. Group 2, if you select digit 6 under column F, then you cannot select digit 9 under the same column F.

The charts are very good for system 3D, sometimes may be system 4D. Most of the draw, will see 2 to 3 sets of 3DTP hits and if you are lucky enough, it could be podium 4D . But the charts only good for one draw, Magnum 14-OCT-2015 ONLY.

Good Luck All

Msg #251
12-10-2015 11:16 am

Tq Pandora Master.. Wish u luck again :)

Msg #252
12-10-2015 12:09 pm

Hi Sifu rich88,

You are most kind to help us find the post.

Indeed it was a bit difficult to find as there are way too many post/threads to source...

If you do not mind, care to share where can we locate and read the post?

Thank you once again...

Huat Cai! Huat Cai!

(Kekeke Master)
Msg #253
12-10-2015 12:15 pm

Kekeke... Buddy, you are a wanted Sifu.

I can go for long holidays right ? buddy!


Msg #254
12-10-2015 12:31 pm

We also need u Kekeke Master for every week prediction hihi... 

(Kekeke Master)
Msg #255
12-10-2015 12:45 pm


I have to enjoy life first before the age of 35. By then I will have lots of works, committments to my dad in the work and marriage.  Then how to enjoy then.

4D is just game and fun to relax, I learned that from Sifu g128.  Sifu Rich88 is different, as you all can see, always pocketing PODIUM $$, if you can get him to teach you his methods, then will be "EAT NO ENDS" - Hokkien Jia-mui-liao.... golden mountain behind your back yard...

 right buddy .... Kekeke

Msg #256
12-10-2015 12:54 pm

Yup your right Kekeke Master.. Hope can learn sumthinx from RICH88 bout pandora.. Hope he will respond for my comment hihi.. Anyway tq both of u all sifu.. N have a great holiday Kekeke Master:)

(Kekeke Master)
Msg #257
12-10-2015 01:08 pm

Kekeke... not now..

Planing to go in Nov & Dec.....just do not know where to go yet?


Msg #258
12-10-2015 01:21 pm

Hihi good to hear that kekeke master.. Wish u all the best soon:)

Msg #259
12-10-2015 01:53 pm

MY GOD, buddy, i still learning pls….still in the diploma level, haven't reach to the degree yet. Sifu lucas is the 4D striking king than all of us. So do sifu giugno as well. I still learning the mystery of the 1D.

Msg #260
12-10-2015 02:04 pm

Hope sifu can teach newbie here.. Hope will catch big one together

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