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30-09-2015 10:57 pm


Guys, here is the new post. Let's hunt down the podium every draw ya. Good luck
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30-09-2015 11:13 pm

what is the prediction set of numbers for oct dear friend


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30-09-2015 11:24 pm

Hi Nina, which counter u play? 

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01-10-2015 01:35 am

SingaporePools bro. Tks


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01-10-2015 02:46 am

hi rich , sorry i play all counter mostly Magnum, Toto and in Damacai any good set of numbers this month my birthday and i am studying Law and working need cash to manage my self i am an orphan as well

your courteous help will be highly appreciated you may send me any emails there


(Kekeke Master)
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01-10-2015 07:48 am

Good morning everyone..

Hi sis Nina,

You had spoken to bro RICH888, King of 4D, he just pocket SG 1st prize yesterday and he can predicts podium numbers for most counters. 



(Kekeke Master)
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01-10-2015 07:49 am

Good morning bro Alang,

Good to see you back here.... Kekekeke

(Pandora Master)
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01-10-2015 08:03 am

Good morning all bros and sis,

Bro Rich88, so early you already put up this thread...

OK, for SGPools players the month of October, prepare multiple digits for:

          77 - 88 - 11 - 22 - 111 - 555 - 444

Good luck and cheers

(Pandora Master)
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01-10-2015 08:08 am

As I am going thru my SG database, I noticed that the following potential 3D have not appeared in the month of Sept 2015 for SGPools.

        977 ~ 663 ~ 661 ~ 300 ~ 600 ~ 700 ~ 888 ~ 999

If you happened to have any 4D numbers, pls pay attention to the above sets of 3Ds.


(Pandora Master)
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01-10-2015 08:19 am

Magnum Players,

For the month of October, these sets of 3D have not appeared in Sept 2015.

       995 ~ 999 ~ 222 ~ 666

and the following sets of 3D under performing

      940 ~ 973 ~ 731 ~ 950 ~ 722 ~ 940

Cheers and good luck

(Pandora Master)
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01-10-2015 08:24 am

For Sportstoto players

For the month of October, these sets of 3D have not appeared in Sept 2015.

    330 ~ 331 ~ 665 ~ 776 ~ 999

and the following sets of 3D under performing

      621 ~ 861 ~ 742 ~ 743 ~ 520 ~ 850 ~ 932


Good luck and cheers

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01-10-2015 09:30 am

Master g128,

What about Damacai

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01-10-2015 09:32 am

WA BUDDY Dragon, are u kidding with me, when i got this 4D KING title. Dont play play leh, i'm not the king, sifu only the kind of 4D. HAHAHA.

  • @ Sifu Giugno, thanks for the sharing of the 3D today.


@ Sis Nina, which is your lucky counter? which is ur most winning counter? Stick to the only one counter to play, u will be win more on that. Focus on that. Good luck. Normally i play magnum and sgp the most, the rest is just for fun on the paper only. Sifu Giugno will giving the hints, there are many sifu here are ready to help...Like sifu lucas, he is the master of the 4D king. HAHAHA. 

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01-10-2015 09:33 am

This is my e-mail, kindly help for any prediction there,


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01-10-2015 09:48 am

Waaaaaa... Here both of sifuu n i still at presiction for sept 2015 forum ahahahahaha.. Hi all sifu n bro's

(Pandora Master)
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01-10-2015 10:05 am

Sorry Jackson,

I do not have full set of Damacai's data. Cannot give 2D or 3D like the rests.


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01-10-2015 11:04 am

just realize that a new page for october has already open..welcome back to all seniors and sifu..woah..lot of predictions..thank you very much sifu g128 and everyone..

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01-10-2015 11:35 am

Morning greeting to all sifu senior n junior.. Happy October for everyone.. Hope this month will be the lucky month for all members n sifu:)

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01-10-2015 12:10 pm

good morning everyone!

so nice we have all sifu to help for hunt down podium! yes!

thank you sifu g128, bro dragon and bro rich88!

we still need your 5e pandora for magnum, sifu g128. it really help us!

thank you sifu g128!

Cheers everyone!

Huat ah!

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01-10-2015 12:19 pm

Lets Earn $$$$ for this October everyone ($_$)

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