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(Kekeke Master)
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22-09-2015 08:29 am


Congrats Sifu, promoted to Pandora Master ... (kekek... everyone know that long time ago man..)

Well, with the Pandora charts, pls select the numbers wisely using your own 2D or 3D methods. You definitely will be laughing to the bank on Thur.

Good luck and kekekeke..
(Kekeke Master)
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22-09-2015 02:36 pm

kekekeke.... hahahahaha....
Now I am kekeke Master... all the kekekesssss.
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22-09-2015 05:29 pm

Hi i'm new in this forum,
please give me data 4d or 3d predict Singapore 4d drawn 23 Sep2015 ?

Thank you for your help
(Kekeke Master)
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22-09-2015 11:49 pm

Good morning,

Kekeke..... so early asking for numbers.... kekeke

The SGPOOLS missing podium 1D are 9 - 8 - 6
Can try 986x for both ABCD & AABC Format

Good Luck


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22-09-2015 11:56 pm

What about today magnum kekeke master? ;)
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23-09-2015 01:29 am

Hi I am trying this combination for Mg, Kuda, Toto.
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23-09-2015 02:19 am

Good morning everyone..

3D possible for SG Pool

698 681 691 981
921 914 924 214

For box only..Good luck!
(Kekeke Master)
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23-09-2015 02:38 am


For Magnum, can use the podium 1Dm 4 - 5 - 1 and match with the Groups in the Pandoras....

Kekeke... Good Luck
(Kekeke Master)
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23-09-2015 02:53 am

Good morning everyone...


Kekeke.... just relax man.... kekeke,
give you a simple hint...

For Magnum
Date ......... 1st ..... 2nd ..... 3rd

Can you spot something similar between the 1st, or 2nd or 3rd >
Just look at previous one draw only..

Answer: Repeating digit !!

20-Sep 1st, has the repeating digit 2-6 from 1st on 19-Sep
19-Sep 1st, has the repeating digit 2 from 1st on 16-Sep
16-Sep 1st, has the repeating digit 1 from 1st on 13-Sep

Same, applying the same repeating digit(s) for 2nd, and 3rd.

Kekeke... Good Luck
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23-09-2015 06:37 am

Hi to everyone and all the sifu's here. Im still new with this forum. Can anybody give me any of the potential 3d for magnum today...
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23-09-2015 06:49 am

why don't we try 2158 and 2515 for SG pools today? must cover iBet.
good luck everybody :)
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23-09-2015 08:56 am

360-365-503-506-3d for SG pools
(Kekeke Master)
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23-09-2015 02:10 pm

Results Magnum 23-Sep-2015

1st - 7502
2nd - 5511
3rd - 0563

Magnum podium 3D/4D Pandora

Group 1 (1st 3D - 520 - 750 - 720)

Group 2 (1st 3D - 750, 2nd - 065 - 053)

Group 3 (1st 3D - 507 - 207)

Wow.... if the 3D matching within the same group, you will have
1st - 7502
3rd - 0563

Congrats to all winners !!
(Kekeke Master)
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23-09-2015 02:13 pm

Sorry, should be
Group 1 (1st 3D - 520 - 752)
Group 2 (1st 3D - 750, 3rd 3D- 065, 053)

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23-09-2015 03:24 pm

(Kekeke Master)
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24-09-2015 03:57 am

Good morning...

Kekeke.... there are two type of luck required to win in 4D games (depending on individual aura rating on that particular day)
(a) without any hard work, the luck require should be above 80%
(b) with lots of hard work, the luck require should be below 20%

Also, in order to accumulate more aura, lots of events or rules need to observed....
1) Never had an argument before buying or before the draw.

2) Never buy lottery when you are not yourself or unwell

3) Always having some coins in your left hand before buying at the counter

4) Always observed and remember which outlet or counter or counter's staff and remember to go back there again if you happened to strike on that particular night.

5) Never borrow money to bet, chances of striking is very minimum or almost zero

6) Everyone has their own luck period or luck day. If you happen to know how to find, stick to it and if it happened to be your lucky day, usually can invest more then usual sum (also must within your limits)

7) Try to avoid negative environments or going into an negative forum before buying your tickets. Opposite, try to visit positive environment or forum before buying your tickets... sometimes, lots of last minutes visiting could bring in striking luck.

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24-09-2015 12:35 pm

Keep the positive aura guys..this is a game..always have win and lose. We still have a chance to strike in the next coming draw.
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24-09-2015 01:18 pm

Tq kekeke master n sifu zte for ur support.. Will try the best for next draw.. N tq give some tips:)
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24-09-2015 07:11 pm

Hi Pandora Master, Kekeke master & zte

Please, give me Lucky number (4D singapore) on saturday Draws...?
Thank you
(Kekeke Master)
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25-09-2015 04:56 am


A Lucky Spell is a form of positive thinking that is easy to practice because it uses just one short phrase. You create that phrase yourself and call it your “Lucky Spell”. You can use your Lucky Spell in any life situation to change your reality – simply by thinking it. For your Lucky Spell to develop this amazing power, you have to “energize” it.

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You are going to use such expressions of gratitude and kindness to energize your Lucky Spell.

It’s all quite simple.

You need an envelope.

You can use any kind of envelope.

The goal is to fill it with those above-mentioned notes about acts of kindness or moments of gratitude.

An act of kindness can be helping a stranger. Or making a donation to the Humane Society. Or doing the dishes.

Whatever it is, simply write a note about it on a small piece of paper. Then put the note inside the envelope.

Likewise, when you feel grateful for something, write a note, and put it inside your Lucky Spell Envelope as well.

Again, you might be grateful for all kinds of things. For getting well after being sick; for staying unharmed in an accident; for the existence of a loved one, or simply for being alive.

Here are some real examples from my “gratitude notes”:

“Grateful I didn’t hurt myself when I crashed my bike today.”
“Grateful Denis gave me such honest feedback today.”
“Grateful I didn’t lose my wallet after all.”

And here are some of my recent “kindness notes”:

“Removed some broken glass off the sidewalk.”
“Gave $5 to Animals Without Homes.”
“Called my hairdresser Hilda (who moved) to thank her.”

You don’t need to document every single kindness or instance of feeling grateful. Just every so often, make a point of adding a note to the envelope.

Now, let’s get back to your Lucky Spell. It’s a special phrase that you will write on the outside of the envelope. This will connect it with the kindness and gratitude inside. But, of course, first you will have to create your Lucky Spell. You’ll learn more about creating and using it in a moment.

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Creating your Lucky Spell

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Second, your Lucky Spell should bring out good feelings in you. Use images and words you love. Often, it works well to use words that are things you can see, feel, hear or smell. The more senses you involve, the better.

Third, your Lucky Spell must not contain negative words. Those include expressions like “not”, “but”, and “never”. But also words with a negative meaning such as “kill”, “hate”, and so on.

Short, emotional and positive. Those are the only three rules for making your Lucky Spell.

So what are some examples for a Lucky Spell?

Here’s one: “Confidence, the wind in my back.”

I just made that up.

There is no limit to your imagination as you make your Lucky Spell. The main thing is that your Lucky Spell feels special and positive to you.

Here are some more examples for what Lucky Spells can look like:

“Blue sky, soft rain, warm sun.”
“Kind river, bending, happy water.”
“Love and kindness, touching softly.”
“Clouds and earth, giving life.”
“Rippling wave, a butterfly’s wing.”

So take however long you want, and write down some phrases that could be your Lucky Spell. Think of it as writing poetry of sorts. Noodle them around a bit. Read them out loud. Choose one that feels good. Don’t get paralyzed by wanting to make it perfect. It’s OK to tweak it anytime you want later. Err on the side of just picking one and moving forward.

Once you have created your Lucky Spell, write it on the outside of your Lucky Spell Envelope. Keep the envelope in a near-by place. For instance, a drawer in your nightstand.

The next chapter will explain how to use your Lucky Spell.

Using your Lucky Spell

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Just think it!

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It’s OK to think it several times, like in a loop.

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In the morning, the pain was almost gone.

I also thought my Lucky Spell when my dog “Old Man” recently had run away. I found him the same day, to my great relief.

And I thought my Lucky Spell recently when I knew a friend of mine was in a job interview. She ended up getting the job.

Actually, it’s also totally OK to think your Lucky Spell for no particular reason at all, simply because it feels good.

A Lucky Spell is like having a friend who’s always there for you — kind of like a genie in a bottle who can help you out in any situation imaginable.

Now you see why a Lucky Spell is a form of positive thinking that’s so easy to practice. You only need to remember one special phrase.

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You will gain an amazing new ability to change your reality.

And you will make the world a little better in the process.

Just think it…
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