Msg #261
22-06-2015 02:04 am

good morning all sifu,
my 3d prediction still good..manage to hit sin pools top 3 podium...just missed 1d for last few draws...need improvement...LUCK is an important element.
Msg #262
22-06-2015 02:51 am


No luck for me yest.

Bought sys 0478 for Sat but didnt buy on Sunday and it came out 2nd prize. Missed on 1st and 2nd prize too. 2 of my Top Numbers missed on the 2nd prize.

Aiming to get another podium within the last 3 draws of June.
(Kekeke Master)
Msg #263
22-06-2015 02:55 am

Good morning tuD

Is good to hear your 3D is good.

Normally when the skills level reached certain stage, often are futrated that the 1D always playing hide and seek.

Most of us do. But soon, will be lesser becos Sifu managed to find a way (not 100% yet), the only explaination is each digits are influenced one another...like water influence fire, sound influence light etc. The areas are completely very new to us also.

Just drop you a hint, to encourage you to continue trying..

Good luck
(Kekeke Master)
Msg #264
22-06-2015 03:13 am

Good morning Sifu Lucas

Ya...Sun's morning Sifu computer's HDD made a dive...so most of us missed that top also.

Also, SG BB already on alert...try not to too obvious on our 3D.
For the start, we were inform to put a lookout on one 3DTP which is now 24 gaps and already 2 starters hit this month. Should be out this coming draw.

Wish you good luck Sifu Luc...we are now the happy group playing 4D...not worry about striking as it is quite constant becos getting 3DTP is happening almost every draw now.

Msg #265
22-06-2015 03:18 am

Morning sifu lucas.
hmm, what a wasted on the 0478, so do our uncle also missed this 0748 as well. Bang bang bang wall.

Its ok, lets try again next draw, good luck to u.
Msg #266
22-06-2015 03:21 am

Wa buddy dragon, got new method ? sound influence light, what is that? chim chim chim.
(Kekeke Master)
Msg #267
22-06-2015 03:23 am

Morning buddy...you are here!
(Kekeke Master)
Msg #268
22-06-2015 03:28 am

is the advise given by Sifu...just like his 5E full method, once hit the right tone, it will be singing gingabell ... one direct strike number..
While doing his homework, he noticed that the mysterious 1D the one always playing hide and seek... are influenced by the digit before it.

This part is very chim but i do understand the meaning....now trying to enhanced our wonderful striker's 3D, see whether can make it Striker's 4D...

Msg #269
22-06-2015 05:52 am

hi dragon,
thx for ur encouragement..definitely i will keep trying..eoooo.looking forward to the new method..yuppy..yuppy..
Msg #270
22-06-2015 06:38 am

me too..i bought the (7)459 on 14/6, and i came on 20/6 2nd 7945...i did not buy too(i bought sys4951),,,,
Msg #271
22-06-2015 01:16 pm

Hi sifus bros and dear wonderfull friend,

After fast view on sgp counter
2d Sgp Pool is

ThAnk u and good luck.
(Kekeke Master)
Msg #272
22-06-2015 09:00 pm

Thank you bro frog
Msg #273
23-06-2015 07:30 am

Hi bro dragon,

Any posible 3d from my 2d..hehehe
Email me if u dont want to expose it here..heheh
(Kekeke Master)
Msg #274
23-06-2015 09:25 am

Bro frog

There always lots of 3D available depending on which counter?

For Magnum, you can looked into

874 ~ 721 ~ 761 ~ 732 ~ 972 ~ 520 ~ 720 ~ 860

Just name a few for you to pick bro...

You hv to give me a treat when STRIKE.......kekeke

Good Luck
(Kekeke Master)
Msg #275
23-06-2015 09:30 am

Hi bro frog

For SG...here they are:

169 ~ 129 ~ 690 ~ 441 ~ 469 ~ 139 ~ 179

Good luck and Cheers
Msg #276
23-06-2015 09:49 am

Any comments on 234x?
Msg #277
23-06-2015 10:59 am

@ Dragon

"..Also, SG BB already on alert...try not to too obvious on our 3D.
For the start, we were inform to put a lookout on one 3DTP which is now 24 gaps and already 2 starters hit this month. Should be out this coming draw...."

Yup I'm also on the alert for BB listening in. Thats why afraid to post numbers openly here.

I have the same 3DTP that u mentioned in my buying list for the next draw too. Yea its probability chance of appearing for tmr draw is in the high percentile indeed !

1D's good to match it will be "1", "2", 6" and "7".

Hope this one swee swee hit podium at Gap 24 !

Good luck !

( send my regards to Giugno )
Msg #278
23-06-2015 11:01 am

...forgot to add....remind giugno abt our "old one legged friend". This one sud be turning up soon too. Could see it in tmr draw !
Msg #279
23-06-2015 11:11 am

Hi lucas,

Im the who ask 3d from drAgon just now so im the 1 who to be blame for it. Anyway good luck for this wed. Sorry dragon n lucas.
Msg #280
23-06-2015 11:12 am

Btw what is sg bb??
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