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Magnum 4D Prediction June 2015

Reminder: Please settle and pay your debt first before playing lottery. Pay early to prevent loan interest. Save as much money into your private retirement scheme, because 75% people is not ready for their retirement nowdays and the kwsp, epf and cpf money will finish in just 5 years. Credit cards like visa and mastercard are easy to get, think carefully before you spend money and buy something with it. Do not play any online gambling or going to casino, because it is very addictive and hard to manage budget. Clairvoyant and tarot psychic reading can help to increase chances of winning the lottery sometimes, but please be careful.

(Cai Master)

Msg #81

03-06-2015 10:26 am

Good luck all my friend.
Today might be your day.
Bet wisely
Hopes Luck at your side.


Msg #82

03-06-2015 10:38 am

tq magyus and deng

(Cai Master)

Msg #83

03-06-2015 11:58 am

Date: 03-06-2015 (Wed)Draw No: 472/15
1st Prize 5207
2nd Prize 2594
3rd Prize 7606
8598 9188 1450 2649 0390
5745 3949 2217 4569 2573
5425 8259 3314 7167 5827
0300 6958 1189 8109 2636

(Fish Master)

Msg #84

03-06-2015 12:05 pm

Again.. and again..
1725--> 5207 (1st), 2573 (sp)
1745--> 5745 (sp)


Msg #85

03-06-2015 12:52 pm

Hey guys.. did anyone win today? I Couldn't buy numbersnumbers day

(Cai Master)

Msg #86

03-06-2015 01:26 pm

4D games are always like that.
From 0000-9999..there are 10000 combinations.
Only 23 of them will be the winning numbers. . Sometimes only 22 ( same numbers hit twice)
For example:
1000-1999 ----1000 combinations.
If we have bet 1234..1 could be correct as front digit.
Then you need to find another 999 combinations to get the correct one.
Today only 2 of the winning numbers starts with 1xxx (1450 & 1189 )
Its not easy to find out the correct combinations for 1xxx or others.
So...we hv tried so hard to get the accurate combination but only ended with 1189..while our predictions are 1169.
Or something in straight position..so do with.6562..
Preficted 7676 from tc 6562..but came out 7606..
So as an old timer 4D gamerz...i believe you guys understand. ..predictions job never been easy...
As long as you hv confidence in my caiying... i will always doing this predictions for you.
For Saturday Draw...if you hv tc in advance pls post them.
If you don't. .here the charts for Saturday.

Chart A-------Result 1

Chart B-------Result 2

Chart C-------Result 3

Choose the number from Result 1,2 or 3 to buy tc. If possible choose different "header"..mbox or straight or both.

(Cai Master)

Msg #87

03-06-2015 01:30 pm

Tomorrow the "rest day"...ha..ha..
But if there any tc posted. .i still look into it..but in relax...no stress..at leat i hv time to do some references and research on previous draw tcs. ( postmortem)...bye

(Fish Master)

Msg #88

04-06-2015 06:30 am

hi guys..

hv a good rest for today ^-^

(Fish Master)

Msg #89

05-06-2015 03:55 am

Hi guys..

waaahhh... really rest from yesterday till now.. ^-^
Btw.. based on my rough calculation..
2Ds "77" + 1D "5".. in total 3Ds = 775 for tomorrow draw 473/15 Saturday..

Good luck all..

Hv a nice day..


Msg #90

05-06-2015 05:02 am

Hi ... Good Day Alll ...


(Cai Master)

Msg #91

05-06-2015 06:38 am

From Sandal

Msg #91 05-06-2015 13:02:42

Hi ... Good Day Alll ...


18 are correct and at its position.. Do not change the position of these two digit..xx18
9-2--- two possibilities here either 9 or 2 is correct..
Or 1.

must find the value of "A"...
Normally 5-A----A is correct.
But what is the correct number to replace "A"???
1/5/6/9.... Or maybe Magyus got any idea?
Rich ?


Msg #92

05-06-2015 07:48 am

Hi Deng, from my view is 9 is the one for the X218. Good luck

(Fish Master)

Msg #93

05-06-2015 08:30 am

Hi deng..

From barcode it self.. A = 10 = (1 + 0) = 1
So.. it could be 1218, 1918 and 1118

From pairing..
Possibility to match are..
6218, 7918 and no clue for x118

From basic L2 reading.. A = 6
It could be 6218, 6918 and 6118

Comparison from history..
1218 -- 10 times hit
1918 -- 12 times hit
1118 -- 03 times hit
6218 -- 11 times hit -- Pairing & Basic L2 (same result).
7918 -- 10 times hit
6918 -- 08 times hit
6118 -- 10 times hit

That’s from me.

(Fish Master)

Msg #94

05-06-2015 09:03 am


good tc to compare with "6218".. captured from other site..


2Ds "68".. from "2341" sequence.. 1=2 and 0=1..
want to "hold" for further?..



Msg #95

05-06-2015 09:13 am


6315=4DC7 6E5B 5912 869F
6315=660D 6E6A CA62 B082 mbox
6310=52BD 81A9 0C52 B276
6310=5A84 1CFD C642 7DAF mbox
6594=0051 FB2A 3B42 19E6
6594=1D96 C024 6372 1DF0 mbox
9184=89D6 E7D2 5C33 CD76
9184=8C5D EBD9 5273 F055 mbox
1216=0C10 698F 7872 679E
1216=3A43 AD4D 0832 AA72mbox


Msg #96

05-06-2015 09:34 am

1820=77EA 3F10 B871 6ECC
1820=0550 0845 C272 49B8
0218=7DB0 3F3A 8922 0A34
4218=04ED 57FA 6D42 24DD
1842=03F0 C581 B021 C838
2818=5C7C D86F 4172 9A93
1828=351B 3659 0B72 2AEF

(Cai Master)

Msg #97

05-06-2015 12:27 pm

Tq magyus ..Rich for the opinions.
As what has been seen in the above thread..I hv the same view with you guys...
9 is strong to be the pair combinations.
Followed by 6 and lastly 1.
So the expected good combination for that are ;
9218 or 2918
6218 or 6918
And compare with this;

Yes....18 still 99.9% 2Ds.
b)...5-C----C in hexcode is 12--1+2=3 or 8/3
c)...1-8----1 at 3rd in the combinations... With L2 is 8.. usually 1 is correct ..
d)...8-1----8 usually correct as well..but sometimes it
turns to be 9..or it also could be 2. But in 5918..18 are 2Ds and 2 is strong to be one of the combinations.. and the positions are x218..or x918

Now we have another ,"6"..
6 is correct
1 is correct
8 is correct..6218

So now we have 2...1...8...6...9
What are the complete 4Ds ???

Magyus ..if you go back to last 2 draws...if you still remembe gtk's posted tc ..
2nd was 1084 ( you strikes renember?)
We are confident 6784 will strike...but it came out as 1084 2nd prize ...so this tc could be the same as 6784..
Roughly I can conclude 18 still relevant.. While 2 & 9 are strongly in the combination.. Or one of them should be cal hanged into 6
Will discuss this with you later.

(Fish Master)

Msg #98

05-06-2015 12:58 pm

in 6784.. We are confident on xx84 is fixed.. Based on L2 1083.. 0=9 in barcode.. So 9--0 in L2 basic reading.. x084.. to play safe.. I view back all the discussion.. I bought 6084, 1784 and 1084 with 1B 1S straight n no mbox.. But for 6784 with 3B1S straight n mbox 3B1S.. Lucky hit 1084.. Is it will be repeated?

If repeat.. Use similar view.. is it "6" will change to "1" as well? And C=8/3.. if so.. Combination could be.. 6318, 6818, 1318 or 1818.. Not see digit "9"&"2" anymore... Arghhh..


Msg #99

05-06-2015 03:07 pm

Hi deng/MagYus.
The cat is now out of the bag. So my feeling was right.

magYus your #99 confirm it.I hope in future when you all request any tc from members do share your findings to them.The break down of that tc had the numbers except for the second one.However Lady Luck did not leave me I strike 3rd and and 2 cons. one 1s AAAB which also miss the 1st podium , 2/6 one sp n 2 cons again one was AAAB. 3/9 Lady Luck smile again one 2nd and 2 sp.

(Cai Master)

Msg #100

05-06-2015 03:51 pm

Yes mop...we always share what was cai'ed and the outcome of every tc....but sometimes the caiying process couldn't be shared bcoz of some reason..( you know why,do you).
For me,I never take part in buying numbers coz I don't buy numbers ..just share them with you..if luck is yours...then that's yours.
Any strikes by our members will always for them..
But I don't understand this what actually you mean by this?.
"""The break down of that tc had the numbers except for the second one.However Lady Luck did not leave me I strike 3rd and and 2 cons. one 1s AAAB which also miss the 1st podium , 2/6 one sp n 2 cons again one was AAAB. 3/9 Lady Luck smile again one 2nd and 2 sp.""
Tq mop

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