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06-05-2015 12:58 pm

Somebody can help to win a number !!! I lose many time untill crazy !!!! I never win anything b4 even consolation price !!No idea !!what number suggest to buy this Saturday !!!
Msg #2
16-06-2015 10:15 pm

Hi.. buy this 4966 &1246 in comming draw..
Msg #3
03-08-2015 06:31 am

ada pprediction tak untuk rabu nie..need help urgently
Msg #4
10-03-2016 11:50 am

Please contact me for more info. I'll give you the best prediction service. For those who subscribed to me since 2014 until now will know who i am, and my prediction accuracy.

My prediction for Magnum 4D only is 90% accurate, only you have to buy Mbox for safety. I will only give 1 number to buy on each draw.

* NO 10-20 sets of numbers

* ONLY Predict Magnum 4D

* ONLY 1 prediction per draw, will provide you a set of number until you striked. (Minimum Special prize)

   **Example: If you paid for my prediction and you didnt strike on 1st draw, i will provide you a different number on next draw. Until you strike at least Special Prize.

      You will strike within 7th draw (include special draws)

* NO im not your GOD

* YES, i striked every week

* No im not scam, if you buy lottery blindly, might as well let me guide you the right way to play

* Dont tell me to give you free number, then pay me when you striked. I've seen more people like these than you see cars on the road.

* Its all about timing and some maths.

* I will guide you until you strike my number.

Do message me at for more info.

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