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Magnum_March 2015

Reminder: Please settle and pay your debt first before playing lottery. Pay early to prevent loan interest. Save as much money into your private retirement scheme, because 75% people is not ready for their retirement nowdays and the kwsp, epf and cpf money will finish in just 5 years. Credit cards like visa and mastercard are easy to get, think carefully before you spend money and buy something with it. Do not play any online gambling or going to casino, because it is very addictive and hard to manage budget. Clairvoyant and tarot psychic reading can help to increase chances of winning the lottery sometimes, but please be careful.

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Msg #121

12-03-2015 02:10 am

MagYus..you always missed reading the code for 2..which this time 9771..it should be 2..the previous draw you hv missed also number 2.... 5398..came out with 5298...maybe you are 2fobia...haha...OK guys..we do it better for Saturday draw

(Fish Master)

Msg #122

12-03-2015 02:28 am

yup.. still never give-up deng.. actually prediction make me feel fun coz I love maths... btw.. I still won some on last night draw but numbers is not discuss here.. :-)

ya lorrr.. direct 3 draws I missed out for digit "2".. this time is miss reading.. clue was there.. but I'm more focus on double digits i/o A=2.. aiyaaa!!!.. tomorrow I will use digit "2" for "pancing" ticket with 2438 and 2834 for binary code reading.. :-)

Yup.. do better for up coming Saturday.. caiyok2!!

(Cai Master)

Msg #123

12-03-2015 05:26 am

Saturday 431/

(Fish Master)

Msg #124

12-03-2015 06:03 am

Hi deng.. Again similarity.. 4208 vs 2438.. Hiks.. Hope this time will hit..

(Cai Master)

Msg #125

12-03-2015 06:52 am

803D D2F1 B562 C778
4E42 4F03 FD72 DF47
16C4 9BFA B832 F812
7634 FD4D B122 D367
4AF3 3EE0 F041 F133
7ED4 5B70 2042 4AFA
540B 8984 6812 8B9E
3C7A B475 7922 A974
882D D7D0 0923 3410
2B69 7652 2C03 23F1
05D0 D234 61B2 2AD7
5BC6 0ED4 D701 B874
3DBE 1502 2D43 D449
0C50 7A36 0C03 6B9A
3921 694B 5E42 9588
08FF 01CC 2F63 B74C
6A73 1B07 D452 072E

(Cai Master)

Msg #126

12-03-2015 06:55 am

Ha..ha..ha..what a coincidence.
MagYus I enclose here the copy from other friends...for us to figure out.
Ha..see if we are lucky

(Fish Master)

Msg #127

12-03-2015 07:07 am

Hi deng.. those are bought earlier?.. today all outlets are closed..

(Fish Master)

Msg #128

12-03-2015 08:21 am

deng.. from 17 numbers.. I juz figure out which one is more clue.. after grouping all of it (4 groups with almost similar clue).. I found 6X37 was good to play.. I may go with digit "1" and "3" = X.. so.. 6137 and 6337..

in you msg#130.. 7216 is predicted.. "6, 1 and 7" are there.. I only will focus on this for above attached.. further will buy "pancing" ticket for 2438 and 2834.. hope will "catch" a "big fish" for coming Saturday draw.. coz.. Saturday afternoon I will travel to Singapore and back on Monday..

(Fish Master)

Msg #129

12-03-2015 08:36 am

additional.. to not miss-out again.. I will attach digit "2" in that consonance.. therefore.. 6137, 6237 and 6337.. hiks.. 3 times draw not hit because of digit "2".. hahahaha..


Msg #130

12-03-2015 03:01 pm

hope this saturday will pay off , haha,

lucky number 2 from Magnus....

(Cai Master)

Msg #131

12-03-2015 04:39 pm

I don't really know where they bought the numbers and when..but there they are..I don't even look at the number and SN yet due to my bz time today...now only got time to look further...
From my view...there are 2D clearly shown...but not sure this 2D pod or not...its 65..i can confirmed...65 will be 2D...if this 65 in 0465 and 9165 eil go 2D pod...i will focus on this..just look for another 2 front digits..easier than looking for 4 accurate combinations.... Right MagYus...
Thats better for my friends to bet on.

(Cai Master)

Msg #132

12-03-2015 04:47 pm

Richiekoh...after a week I was in this forum...I do not hear any big amount strikes by our forumers...any idea who has won such amount???
As you said hopefully this Saturday will pay off all our
penat dan lelah...and wait for someone will offer a day trip to singapore..to get one sey of saltiga surf...ha..ha...my no 1 hobby....

(Fish Master)

Msg #133

12-03-2015 05:13 pm

Yup deng.. Its right..

For me.. I never predict from advance ticket b4.. So i don't know how accurate it is.. If same as usually.. From L1 & L4.. 6x37 is clear showed to me.. So.. I will not buy any number yet till l look for my "pancing" ticket using saltiga surf perhaps to catch a big fish.. Hihihi...

Will update tomorrow for the binary#.. :-)


Msg #134

13-03-2015 12:45 am

Deng ,

i also have not hear any that strike big,

so let us be the one who strike then, :-)

then no need to wait others to 'belanja' liao, ha ha

(Cai Master)

Msg #135

13-03-2015 03:04 am

Richiekoh and MagYus...you are the person who will strikesas I do not play 4d....just doing my
predictions to those who are interested...so I'll be waiting for magyus to belanja saltiga surf in Singa town...its more cheaper...haha..just kidding...
I 'll be waiting for someone to buy ticket with bet no is 0547...anyone?????


Msg #136

13-03-2015 03:45 am

Hi all's morning....get few tc frm my friends...

0754 LP
1251 8602 E572 7296

8A26 DF17 4D02 9AAA

(Fish Master)

Msg #137

13-03-2015 04:05 am

deng.. Here u go..
0547-- 55B2 A464 CE02 E247
If base on L1&L4.. 2x47 is strong..

Good luck..

(Cai Master)

Msg #138

13-03-2015 04:27 am

Wow..jibam....0754...MagYus...0547...so fast huh...I m impress...you guys..doing it very fast...let me check on both tickets and the other one. Hope can found some clues
on it.tq guys


Msg #139

13-03-2015 06:41 am

salam sejahtera.
tolong sifu2 bg pendapat .

0213(LP)- Binary: 209F 4E81 4612 5AB5
2036(LP)- binary: 7C9B 3CE1 2952 E954
2706(LP)- Binary: 4C34 7B06 1322 3AEB
0468(LP)- Binary: 0DEE 3268 4A22 16EF

Tlong ya sifu2...

(Cai Master)

Msg #140

13-03-2015 07:44 am

5 is confirmed
7 is confirmed
4 to be reviewed
0 to be reviewed
Pre bet :
Best replacement at position "0" is 1
Best replacement for "4"..................X
Still working on it.

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