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Magnum_March 2015

Reminder: Please settle and pay your debt first before playing lottery. Pay early to prevent loan interest. Save as much money into your private retirement scheme, because 75% people is not ready for their retirement nowdays and the kwsp, epf and cpf money will finish in just 5 years. Credit cards like visa and mastercard are easy to get, think carefully before you spend money and buy something with it. Do not play any online gambling or going to casino, because it is very addictive and hard to manage budget. Clairvoyant and tarot psychic reading can help to increase chances of winning the lottery sometimes, but please be careful.


Msg #21

04-03-2015 09:38 am

Hei everybody.... 2day try 4luck

M- 6311

Don't 4get 2ibet.

(Cai Master)

Msg #22

04-03-2015 10:22 am

2---A= wrong ( for first prize )
3---3= correct ( wrong place position)
1---C= correct ( wrong place position)
1---B= wrong. ( only one 1 used )
So only two digits already in and you need to find another two then you box.
Its difficult to explain how I know whether its correct or wring..its depends on the whole ticket serial numbers and the bet numbers.
For example when your bet numbers are
5373 L2 is 4AB0
5----4= usually is correct but sometimes 7.
3----A= wrong bcoz A is not for 3.Normally A for 7 is correct
7----B= Wrong / correct..depends on last digits
Usually when 7 with B..it always need 8 or 4 so u must change 7 into 8 or 4
3----0=wrong/ correct but wrong placing. If 3-0 u need to exchange it with 7 or 8.
So as a result yo have this
5780 or 5708 or 7780 or 7708 or 5480 or 5408
When you hv this result its no need to buy it all.
Just choose 5708 5480 7708 to compare and
You hv 04578
You can either I box
Got it bro???

(Fish Master)

Msg #23

04-03-2015 12:10 pm

Arghhh.. Missed.. Bought 3215 & 5321..
1st hit 5326.. Aiya!!!!

(Fish Master)

Msg #24

04-03-2015 12:45 pm

Hi deng..
Looks complicated for me.. Huhuhu.. As i said.. Different outlet may give the different binary number code..

Mine.. Normally i will use L1 + L4 as binary number.. L2 & L3 will use when code DD n FF only.. Therefore 25+13 suitable to play.. Compare with my own calculation on step one.. Digit 6 not appeare.. But in L1 was there.. and i ignore it... Arghhhh.. Will try again..

Next for coming Saturday..

(Cai Master)

Msg #25

04-03-2015 04:50 pm

MagYus...ha..ha..yes..its quite complicated.must hv patience on doing this...BTW..there are few friends won consolation only from 1863 given earlier. After doing some home works...it come out with 3869..today draw is 6983.. Congratulations to all

(Cai Master)

Msg #26

04-03-2015 04:56 pm

Macha...its difficult to explain in here as the explanations need us to understand a few more things such as the pattern of the SN and the bet no itself. But I m assure you if you see me face to face it easier..but its impossible.. Right. And some more..different people hv different way right...but our intention is to win the prize...isn't it.


Msg #27

05-03-2015 12:38 am

Yes I agree Mr. Deng....let try our luck for the coming draw...im poor in predicting :(

(Fish Master)

Msg #28

05-03-2015 01:47 am

Hi deng.. yup.. people hv different technique in prediction.. btw.. the different outlet also given the different binary reading style.. at ur location may be suitable with ur prediction and understanding based on ur monitoring..

(Fish Master)

Msg #29

05-03-2015 07:42 am

Hi.. for draw 428/15 (07/03/2015).. my prediction..

Rough calculation from latest result.. "X518", "X155" and "51X3".. which is "X" strong for digit "8".. therefore 8518, 8155 and 5183 can be tried.. found missing "6" somewhere..

Above is initial calculation.. if hv time.. I need to compare with binary later..

Free to discuss..

Good luck !!

(Cai Master)

Msg #30

05-03-2015 08:12 am

MagYus...I ,myself did not play this 4d games...no at all.
What I did before was just I m helping some friends who are very addicted to this games..poor them bcoz never strike even consolation prizes. Then I started my research of this 4d games and try to understand the way this 4d games running...it was in early 90's...the tickets itself hv so many changes until now especially for toto.
Since I found a bit clues in this 4d systems....I asked them to try and...surprisingly...the ticket won the consolation prize...I still remember the number was 4018...in 1990 or 1991..something like that.
After they strikes so many numbers..from consolation to the top prize...but what I felt a bit disappointed is that...they never learn how to play smart...do not spend the money as you like laaa....keep a bit for you to play more in future and bet with some amount that could change your life...am I right??? But they most of the times only put rm1 bet each...so this kind of people never learn. So i left them without teaching them my system. I never asks even 1 seen from them..I did it volunteerly...kesian tengok they always lost...anyway thank God...for giving me this ability and I wanna share with all of us here IF my predictions works well...and all the money goes to you guys. Trust me...I won't ask anything...just thanked...and it is enough appreciation oredi...OK guys good luck. I will post my predictions for Saturday after I finish finalise the numbers. Tq

(Cai Master)

Msg #31

05-03-2015 08:16 am

At my place doesnt have this 4d outlet. Not even one. I think there must be "black" ine .maybe... Bcoz all outlet has been closed since 1999. I do not know where they ( all punters ) buy their bet...

(Fish Master)

Msg #32

05-03-2015 09:03 am

deng.. r u live in Pantai Timur y?.. coz no outlet there..

I actually love statistic in mathematic.. therefore my prediction is based on that.. then I learn and study the history from previous draw vs barcode, binary numbers and flash numbers from the next draw ticket.. i/o playing sodoku.. better I "calculate" something that can make money... hihihi.. juz for fun and pay my "kredit"... :).. not more than that..

:) waaaaahhhh... u started involved since 1990s?.. are u above 50th nw?.. huhuhu..

Btw.. honestly.. if u see from "life draw" activity for magnum in youtube.. we can say that all formula or calculation are no valid.. BUT.. the question is.. with certain formula or prediction.. can hit the prize.. nobody knows...

that's all.. one more.. missing "6".. attached with "8653".. good luck !!


Msg #33

05-03-2015 02:31 pm

magyus and deng u guys r awesome...
please teach me how to predict number becoz i always lose money and my luck getting worse and becoz of that i stop playing for almost two months...if can win consolation also happy...please help guys...
teach bout d code or any method...thanks

(Fish Master)

Msg #34

05-03-2015 03:57 pm

Hi Lovecats..
I just use statistic to predict the numbers.. To be more faster.. To be more understand.. You can buy any number for next draw betting ticket and attach the 16 digits of binary numbers from L1 L2 L3 & L4 at single betting ticket from magnum outlet.. Then deng n i will share our prediction method here.. Thats can makhelp u to learn more clearly.. Later u can do it by urself..


Msg #35

06-03-2015 02:55 am

Hi Guys,
I have a list of prediction number by my own, its based on history and need to be iBox

Good Luck Guys

(Fish Master)

Msg #36

06-03-2015 08:12 am

deng.. here the binary numbers;

My Ticket# 3861 Binary : 6891 318B D102 79BA

u share ur prediction base on ur experiences..
my expectation, all number are 'in'.. but the sequences may be 1386 or 3186 could be hit.. but digit "9" may replace "6".. who know..

Macha46.. I like 5462, those number are included in my pair numbers.. but.. may be for digit "5".. I will change to "1"..

All above are prediction.. so.. bet with ur own risk..

Good Luck !!!


Msg #37

06-03-2015 12:16 pm

thanks sifu magyus and sifu deng ill post the code when i buy the number...thank you again


Msg #38

06-03-2015 03:56 pm

Hi Yus, its me "trebla"

go for 5821 this weekend

(Fish Master)

Msg #39

06-03-2015 05:18 pm

Hi trebla.. :-).. Good luck !!!

Hi all.. What u can say from this below draw history;

5326 5326 my final suggestion;
9317 9497 1426 1246
1306 1XX6 1386 1836

Anyone?.. Up to you alls..

(Fish Master)

Msg #40

06-03-2015 05:54 pm

Ops... Miss out.. Here..

1246 1426
1386 1836
1566 1656

Sorry.. Cannot edit on my previous post.. Hiks..

Feel sleepy nw... Niteeee..

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