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Msg #101
06-09-2014 03:43 pm

toto 3nd 5172
damacai 2nd 9426
sgp 3nd 1578
sandakan 2nd 4710
sabah 2nd 0269
Msg #102
07-09-2014 02:48 am

Good morning everyone

Just recived an e mail from one of my follower, asking me to help him again because he is in debt again (Borrowing again)...

After reading it, it sadden me... thinking that am I helping him or destroy him ??? Before, I helped him and the banks agreed to reduce his debts by installments, and same time, teaching him to play small in 4D.. at times, he did strkes starters/consolations and 0ne 3rd..
About 3 weeks or a month ago, his lucks started to change worse....whatever he buys will not strike at all...

This really puzzle me, so I looked into our birth years...The adventages and disadventages of a rooster and a rabbit......

Go enough, I discovered that we both can help each other, and at the same time, both cannot be on the same boat... means we cannot buy the same numbers in 4D.... True, when he buys without me, he strikes, same I strikes the numbers that he is not buy....this same, things should be better right?

NO.. just worse.... this morning, he told me he borrowed money again and now in deeper debts....

Very sad to hear these, helping a person, thinking he is on the right path and yet, went the other way.....

I replied that he should not play 4D again, thinking 4D can help him solved his problem is totally wrong.... Borrowing $ just decreasing his luck or energy....

We want positive energies and chi or good luck...
The best thing now, is to stop borrowing.... think of a way to clear his debts and should not have a thinking that 4D will help.

I made myself clear to him, I will not help him to go into deeper debts.... and will not help in any form of 4D betting anymore...

SAD SAD... times, thinking doing the right thing and at the end it turn out the wrong way....

Therefore, urging members, pls do not have the concept of 4D will help you clear your debts.... is totally wrong thinking and it just make your luck goes away....

Pls play within your limits....


Msg #103
07-09-2014 03:16 am

hi situs,

number 2381 for mkt ok?
(Master Sifu)
Msg #104
07-09-2014 03:47 am

Hello giugno128 (Sifu),
I fully support your decision not to help in anymore in providing 4D numbers...you are only burying him faster...
I know it is your good intention,however, if a person is not in luck,there is nothing we can do...this is destiny.
When not in luck, one has to know how to abstain and wait for the right moment..
We can only give advice and pray for him and the rest is up to him to save himself...depending on 4D to solve one's problem is like a drowning man trying to cling to a straw...more disappoinment and failures..
Let me share with members my own experience...last month,the first 20 days was really unlucky for me...not a single strike...during that period I reduced my bets drastically as I knew I was out of luck.
During this period I was going to the hospital to visit a good friend who was very sick...and sadly she passed away.
I decided to cleanse myself...I went to buy some flowers to take a flower bath..(bought these flowers outside the Goddess of Mercy temple in Waterloo Street...many stalls selling this...tell them you want flowers for bathing...it cost only $1.50 ...remember to buy a lemon from them...need to add it in to the bath...they will tell you how to go about doing it.
It worked...on Sat 23/8 I hit 2nd prize 1169 System bet...the next day I hit 4359 IBet starter...on 31/8 I hit 9635 IBet and direct...and yesterday I hit 2406 IBet starter...
Well when luck is against you, there is no harm trying
Msg #105
07-09-2014 04:07 am

Hi sifu giugno128, Indeed it is really sad news. I felt sorry for him, at the same time, i think you have done enough at helping him, i agreed with what sifu best4 said, helping him with 4d is just burying him faster. One must know that buying 4D cannot sustain your living, moreover, make a living out of that. I once heard people said that playing 4D is all about patience and manipulative. Always always always play within limit and should not take it too seriously.

I hope that members in Cupin are all smart players, and take this news as a reflection to always play within limits.

Good luck
Msg #106
07-09-2014 04:11 am

Thank you Master Best4

btw, I hit two ibet starters yesterday, 4206 & 0749 and missed 3rd by 1D...

Yes, andrew, hope members in cupin know that we are playing small but in a very long period constantly... hopefully STRIKE..

Good Luck all
Msg #107
07-09-2014 04:18 am

About the flowers bath, cut the lemon into 7 pices and add 7 grains of rice. Put all these in a plastic bag full of water....
After normal bathing, with this flower bag, just pinched a hole and let these flower waters flow down from your head...

In the olden days, we used bucket, but end of the bath, we need to pick up the flowers on the floor (cannot used right hand).. But using the plastic bag, we just throw the flowers together with the plastic bag...

Hope to bring some luck to some members

Good Luck
Msg #108
07-09-2014 04:47 am

I guess that is one big lesson for us all.
There is nothing wrong in trying your luck by betting, just remember to play safe and within your limits.

0237, 0356, 1159, 1348, 2267 (SG Pools today, iBet)
Msg #109
07-09-2014 05:19 am

Good day Sifu Giugno and all others Sifu.
2168 and 5360 sgpools any advice.? Thank you in advance
Msg #110
07-09-2014 05:22 am


Refer to msg#106

This person A agreed to stop playing 4D for the time being... Will continue reducing his loan thru installments and may look for part time job during the weekends... Asking me to give him 9 months before popping back to 4D again..

I gave him best blessing... as he had learn well, and turn back to the right path... HAPPY ENDING ... so far..
Msg #111
07-09-2014 05:29 am

Hi hasta

SGPools 2168, only had 2 hits in year 2014... still can try in Sep but its best months are Oct & Nov...May not be TOP3 hits....

4D 3560, this month is due for Sep & Oct... Pls pay more attention to the similar 3Ds in starters/Consolation... if there is, more likely TOP3 is coming...

Good luck
Msg #112
07-09-2014 05:33 am

Thank you Sifu Giugno ;)
Msg #113
07-09-2014 06:07 am

tq sifu i hit 3204 direct on toto yesterday..pick up from your list..thanks a lot..
Msg #114
07-09-2014 07:12 am

hye sifu...im alwys miss my prediction num...so sad...
Msg #115
07-09-2014 08:50 am

Good afternoon everyone ,

Pandora Combo for magnum 7/9/2014 (Sunday)

1st . . . . 2nd . . . . 3rd . . . . 4th
1 . . . . . 4 . . . . . . 2 . . . . . 3
2 . . . . . 6 . . . . . . 3 . . . . . 6
4 . . . . . 8 . . . . . . 4 . . . . . 7
9 . . . . . 9 . . . . . . 5 . . . . . 9

Goodluck XD
Msg #116
07-09-2014 10:54 am

oh no, 1578 yesterday came out straight 3rd prize, today it came out straight 1st prize.
Msg #117
07-09-2014 02:30 pm

SGPools Sun's results really giving a big question on it's draw procedures or other factors..

Sat 06/09/2014
1st 3031 2nd 0000 3rd 1578

Sun 07/09/2014
1st 1578 2nd 5174 3rd 7979

Sat's 3rd and Sun's 1st, 100% direct and duplicates...

Just wonder, how many ppl readly strike 1578 today? Unless those who bought two days tickets at one go and strike both days that I could think off now...

Back to trend... Sats' draw, 11 numbers are ABCD and the rest 22 are double, triplet or all same digit e.g. 0000

Sun's draw, 5 numbers under ABCD and 18 numbers are double or triplet digits...

Seems that SGPools are switching to more duplicate digits in each draw nowsaday...

So, pls take notes.

Good Luck for coming draw

Msg #118
08-09-2014 05:08 am

Good afternoon

Let look into Pandora 4D's performances for the week

Magnum 4D
07/09/2014 1st - 9906.....2nd - 5171 (Box B).....3rd - 5755
06/09/2014 1st - 9887.....2nd - 2461 (Box A).....3rd - 5959
03/09/2014 1st - 1427 (Box A)....2nd - 2977 (Box A) .....3rd 3831 (Box A)
02/09/2014 1ST - 5249 (Box A&B).....2nd - 7786.....3rd - 3363

Sabah 4D
07/09/2014 1st - 9107.....2nd - 6257.....3rd - 4245 (Box B)
06/09/2014 1st - 5363.....2nd - 0269 (Box A).....3rd - 7949
03/09/2014 1st - 2595 (Box A)....2nd - 2272....3rd - 4570 (Box A)
02/09/2014 1st - 9395.....2nd - 1705 (Box A)...3rd - 2308 (Box A)

Sportstoto 4D
07/09/2014 1st - 5392 (Box A&B)...2nd - 7096 (Box A)...3rd - 8132 (Box A)
06/09/2014 1st - 3204 (Box A&B)...2nd - 1698.....3rd - 5172 (Box A&B)
03/09/2014 1st - 8240 (Box A&B) ...2nd - 0143 (Box B)...3rd - 6939
02/09/2014 1st - 5719 (Box A)....2nd - 2609 (box A)...3rd - 6198

SGPools 4D
07/09/2014 1st- 1578 (Box A) ...2rd - 5174 (Box A&B)...3rd 7979
06/09/2014 1st -3031 (Box A)...2nd - 0000.....3rd - 1578 (Box A)
03/09/2014 1st - 4178 ...2nd - 2886 (Box A) ...3rd - 3240 (Box B)

Appeared that the Pandora 4D are doing very well, every draw there are podium/top 3 hits....
Therefore, pls take notes of the numbers in Pandora 4D.

Good Luck in your coming draw...

Msg #119
08-09-2014 02:42 pm

ur right sifu giugno128 and best4master sifu about playing withi n our means.but that day one retailer scolded me for buying only few dollar worth of ticket and dont want me to come there again.i am shocked and immedietly lodge a complain to HQ.if my luck is weak i'll just buy for a few dollars.cut the coat according to our pocket is my motto.good luck all.
Msg #120
08-09-2014 02:45 pm

sifu giugno128 and best4 master sifu what type of flower and just one lemon cut into seven pieces right and must we squezze the lemon.thx in advance
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