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14-08-2014 02:27 pm

Hello to all member iam kind of newbies here.. just starting play 4d in just a year ago.. i would like to share some of my method in 4d.. and i actually start to play blindfull like a month and dint win any.. so i just realise i have to learn and know the rules before we play any game right?.. then i start studying they rule and i find out my god..! Iam play a very unfair game by they own system.. out from 9999 permutation only 23 number are will came out for winning.. its 0.23%.. not even 1% ??.. so i try to figure it out how to break the rule and not to play by they own system.. then i start to think how about if i have 1 bullet and i was giving to shoot just one only from 161 target and including 21 podium price target not as usually 3 podium place out of 23.. hmm its 1.610 % better then 0.23 percent right.. ? In matter fact my wining chance are increasing. So this strategy are only can play in the black market only since they provide all 7 counters for betting in one place.. they also pay high and what i really like it they have SA SB SC ST AND CONS for betting with bigger wining.. but for a start.. just always stick to the plan by betting rm1 big only on 1 of your predict or faveret no.. if u high roller keep rm7 for side betting.. and keep that way and think positive.. but at the same time u must learn or try to create a system by understanding the frequency of digit by previos draw and history it self.. and mostly history are will be repeated.. by that time ur gain thats skill and combine with high chances probility 1.610%.. tadaaa.!! From my own experiance this method work.. and my first podium are magnum no1 last year 1257.. i bet 2 big and 1 small. Since i have big cash.. i little bit increase my betting by play SA SB SC.. but still keep in my mind play by safe limit.. normally rm200 -250 totall in all counter and bet only rm30-;50 when i cant see any clue or number will came out next.. hehehhe.. since that day honestly i dint ask anyone to belive my story.. but in one year i already taste all counter podium.. and more then 2 times at every counter.. biggest win i ever won is no 2 betting on damancai if i not wrong the number its 2099 by 1big 1 small and thanks god i put rm3 on SA SB.. and hit no 2.. what a glowry day ever.. cant stop smilling a month.. and the best podium hit in 1 draw.. i have won 3 counter podium in one draw.. no 1 in sandakan 3548 i think.. singapore 9039 no 2 and magnum 4556 no3.. but dint buy sa sb sc that time.. but still 1of my best day list.. god thanks u so much... and stop playing this game in 5 month to enjoy total all winnig 100k ++ and just continue to play last week andd just miss magnum podium 6125 but i buy 6145.. hehehhe hope next draw will repeat my glowry day again.. hopefully.. :-)
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14-08-2014 02:50 pm

Hi, petmet what a history u have, very very lucky huh, maybe you can share it with us here, i never has that chance of winning top pod, all missed by 1d, i would like very much to feel that glory... see you ...
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14-08-2014 04:38 pm

Thanks bigm.. My method not will promise stright digit everytime.. I also have lose 3 week in one row.. And miss 1D But when i miss the digit i study back what a mistake or what i miss to see and try to keep in my mind next time to correct my mistake.. And if i fail i try to change new way and never try same technic if that din't work so pretty.. When its work try keep using that method untill they not working anymore.. Do some workout to analyse the digit in last 3 draw.. Try to see re occur of 3D in previos result or history..one day when u see a same 3 digit or bonus 4 digit are at any draw or counter most of same 3 digit are playing in cons or stater that means 3D on history result podium will be on the next draw.. Iam belive in history.. And try to figure it out what anothers digit will u add to your 3d selection no.. Because the clue for another 1D usually are will be matching from last result.. When u see that coming.. Here come the boom..!! Its ok to put a lilltle bit of worry when selecting the good nos or the combination.. Because for me its good.. And make u sharp.. And also safe money if ur prediction goes to the sea.. Heheh :-).. Lose already in our hand when we play this game.. But the winning will be decide at 7.15 pm LOL..! :-)
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15-08-2014 01:34 am

Hi petmie
Thanks for the info...
As I always repeating to members, the ABCD format in podium will have the same 3D in last draw's Spec/Consolation. AABC format in podium will have the same 3D in last 2 to 3 draw's Spec/Consolation...
Pls visit 4D prediction for the month of Aug 2014... there you will see lots of info and methods been discussed.

Good luck in your coming draws.
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15-08-2014 02:16 am

What happen to 4D prediction for the month of Aug 2014? Cannot find in the list of forum topics.Please help.
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15-08-2014 03:50 am

Hi..! Giugno..!

Here some tips i like to share with the others.. and i know it u are fully aware of it....

If the previously drawn number was a single (all digits are different!) the probability for at least one digit to return in the upcoming draw is 87.04%. So in almost 9 out of 10 draws at least one digit will come back when the previous draw was a single.

If the previous draw resulted in a double (two digits are the same!) the probability for at least one digit returning is still 75.99%. So in this case 3 out of 4 times at least one digit comes back when the previous draw was a double.

If the previous draw was a triple (3 digits are the same!) or “double-double” (2 double digits in one number) the probability for at least one digit to return is 59.04%. So in a bit less than 6 out of 10 draws that at least one digit will reappear.

If the previous draw was a quadruple (all digits are the same!) the probability for that one digit to return is 34.39%. So in a bit more than 1 out of 3 draws after a quadruple the digit will reappear.

What does this mean for your playing strategy?

At least in “normal” circumstances meaning a single in Pick 3 or a single or double in Pick 4 it might be a good choice to use the previous draws as key numbers when reducing your selection. Why? The answer is simple: Apparently it is more likely for at least one of the drawn digits to reappear. Keep that in mind the next time you are picking numbers.
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15-08-2014 01:47 pm

Hi petmie,

May i know is it look out the top3 or all the nmb. Btw this method apply to Sg pool.

Msg #8
15-08-2014 03:16 pm

Hi.. no2morrow..

Yups just top 3.. and sgapore also.. :-)
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15-08-2014 10:43 pm

Thanks Petmie, Win Big !!!

I predict tonight SG draw got 00 appear top3. Just a guess

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16-08-2014 03:13 am

Hi no2morrow.. yups double 0 might be will be coming up tonight.. but mybe singgle zero also.. i also notice this
Msg #11
16-08-2014 03:15 am

Digit 6 and 0 wil be strong will come out in sg pool.. and make sure also 5-5- will be like to reappear also.. gut luck for u
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16-08-2014 03:24 am

Hi Petmie,

Hope our guess is correct. U know we are small fry as compare to big
organsation like SG pool. BUT anyway we are small fry trying very hard to break into their hard shell....

Good luck must be with us.
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17-08-2014 05:40 am

Hi bro petmie, v need your prediction for today draw. Please bro,v are waiting....

my 3d permutation pred is

843....648.... 643.....683......

so, i only need the luckies 1d to combo with that above 3ds... maybe 7 or 6 looks good....
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17-08-2014 07:27 am

Hi bigm..
Can u tell me house ur gonna betting today..?
Msg #15
17-08-2014 08:14 am


magnum....... the best from you, plz
Msg #16
17-08-2014 08:44 am

Magnum 4905 4906.. :-)
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17-08-2014 11:49 am

Hi Petmie,
I really at a loss. Nowaday Sg pool alway got nmb repeating like 5670, 2145. I buy 2146. Appear 2145,2147.
Also i buy 5577, 3856. It open 0577 also 3rd prize miss 1D.

Next draw any nmb fr consol jump to 1st prize?

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18-08-2014 03:02 am

HI petmie
Thanks for the info in Msg#6, well said.

By looking at the way you put, it appeared to me that you are analysing the 4D using digit and 2D/3D probilities grouping... these are correct but in a more wide range to look at...

You can fine tune your method if you can analysis 3D for all prizes first.... and if you can managed to hit at least one number in every draw... then you can look into podium/top3 3Ds.. This is where you will see almost every times your 3D will hit podium/top3..

The last or the forth digit, where most of us will missed 1D when we played 4D... This is a very common situations... There is no fixed formular for this 4th digit.... lots of way.. some appeared as the whole 4D's trends, some appeared as oen of the short/middle/weak cycle 3Ds. I am still trying to look in detail where is this missing 1D coming from....

Lastly, very pleased if you could join the discussions.... I normally hopped into 4D predictions forr Aug 2014 first..... hardly go into other areas...

Currently, fine tuning Pandora Ultramate... with filters...
Aiming a system to have looking at 1st prize --- transformation --- next 1st prize numbers.... so far, 30% accurate... still lots of problems need to iron out especially the transoforamtions part.

Good Luck in coming draw.
Msg #19
18-08-2014 03:06 am

Hi tiger999
This is where 4D predictions for August 2014....on the left top corner of this forum

Forum » 4D number » 4D Predictions for August 2014

Good luck
Msg #20
18-08-2014 03:07 am

Forum -> 4D number -> 4D Predictions for August 2014
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