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Msg #161
06-08-2014 08:15 am

Hi Anakmiri
Magnum 8627... one very strange number... only hits 4 times in Jan & Feb then goes hibenating..... ZZZzzz... even do not bother about it's best months May & July... Hmmm, more likely it's back to 2007 or 2008 trends.....

Normally, will expect 8627 to have a rest in Aug and a podium hit in Sept... But, ya but due to very long rest and more likely you disturbed his sleep... you may wake it up in Aug and it may give you left and right puches..... is good to get something from the sleeping beauty....

Good Luck
Msg #162
06-08-2014 08:21 am

Hi High
SportsToto 3073 is not as High as you.... The high time was July but only one hit... Based on past records.... once only one hit in July, there will be one hit in Aug..... and if you prepare coffee for me tonight, more likely will be Spec/Consolation if I need one... If you book a 5 star hotel on Sun, may be 3073 will wait for you at the lobby...... Good Luck
Msg #163
06-08-2014 08:30 am

Hi Sifu,
Hahahaha,..That's sense of humour, let me see how much will i strike 1st, will definitely treat u a cuppa with high on sugar. Why not :D
Anyway, thanks for the tip.
Msg #164
06-08-2014 08:36 am

Tq Sifu. Well really need to try my luck on this sleeping beauty.:)
Msg #165
06-08-2014 09:52 am

Hi members, How to get the best 3D no? From where? I read past forum but still don't understand...
Msg #166
06-08-2014 10:10 am

suddenly 1234 strike my mind
Msg #167
06-08-2014 12:43 pm

Hi pepsi1

It's depends on how you term "best"... Best top hits or others...

In the begining of each month, normally you will see a series (20 sets) of 3Ds... these 3Ds normally put up for it's best hits in that particular month...as Msg #3 for the month of Aug...

It's seem easy enough to put in this forum, but do you know that all the info are collected thru out the years... since 2010 until now...... compiled into tabulated format.. etc..

Surely, all these are data collection, you will not find it in this forum, but only monthly posting...

Good luck in coming draw
Msg #168
06-08-2014 01:28 pm

Thank you sifu, despite answering so many repeated questions I hope you are not piss. Later sifu giugno don't post updates anymore for future month. HAHA.

I know what we lack is confidence in ourselves, but what we actually lack is luck and most importantly the will to help ourselves.

Do our own homework, and there must be reward. I like to join mutiple 3Ds together and today I join 542 and 842 and bought 2458 but come out 8542. lack of luck!

and sometimes buy one time never buy le. Sometimes because of these circumstances would make me take the easier way out by asking someone more experience like sifu. But sifu also said before Hot numbers mention here or online can turn cold..

Also since I am serving my NS now, I hardly have time to do my own homework and buy the numbers.

So now I just buy quickpick most of the time.. Good luck all, for the weekend draw.
Msg #169
06-08-2014 01:32 pm

Hmmm.. dont have enough luck to buy nmber that was predict by coolboy.. anyway, thanks for coolboy , sifu and other to give any advise and some prediction. that was awesome! thumb up!
Msg #170
06-08-2014 01:44 pm

Congrats to coolboy

Hit Special 8659 ***

Hope members got something tonight !!
Msg #171
06-08-2014 01:48 pm

Yeah .. you are good collboy .. and number 4579
Msg #172
06-08-2014 02:41 pm

thanks sifu and thompsonsimpoi XD

hope next prediction will be better X))
Msg #173
06-08-2014 02:48 pm


Now, I have seen you are getting the hang of 3D predictions...
So far, you are doing the normal 3Ds.. means if your selections are correct, your numbers will be hitting for all prizes...

It's time you be more detail on your 3Ds... meaning, you have to be more detail in grouping your analysis into groups, one group for podium and another for Spec/Consol....

When you are doing your normal 3D predictions, make a note beside, counting all the hits numbers... when your 3D has a podium hits, marked that number....

Just extra work, and slowing as your 3D data getting bigger or longer, you will see some very interesting trends... yes podium trends for 3D...

Hope you understand the above..

Good Luck
Msg #174
06-08-2014 03:02 pm

thanks for your guildance XP

some questions to ask for your advice :

1. what do sifu mean by counting all the hit numbers ? is that mean that only the hit of 3d numbers or all the numbers ?

2. how sifu classify certain 3d as short cycle , medium cycle or long cycle ( if have but i not yet see sifu mention long cycle before ) and what does all this cycle mean ?

3. how should i divide my 3d into podium and special / consolation group ? what criteria a 3d should have in order to put it in a podium group and special/consolation group ?

thanks for your elaboration XD

Msg #175
06-08-2014 03:03 pm

960 - 654 - 864 - 865 - 421 - 854 - 830 - 920 - 763 - 862 - 961 - 761 - 843 - 732 - 984 - 760 - 870 - 976 - 950 - 981
For eg. frm message 3 how to can get 960, 654.... frm where n how we can get it?
Msg #176
06-08-2014 03:10 pm

hi pepsi ,
all this best 3d sifu is getting it from the past result for many years...
Msg #177
06-08-2014 03:26 pm

Hi coolboy
It is difficult to show you because need to cut and paste....
Communicate thru e mail OK..
Msg #178
06-08-2014 03:29 pm

Ok sifu
Msg #179
06-08-2014 03:30 pm

Hi coolboy
Your questions
1) Yes, for 3D only.
2) Short cycle, normally below 10hits on Spec/Consolations, medium from 10 to 20 hits on Spec/Con and long cycle, above 20 hits on Spec/Consol....
3) Data are there, use 4D2u, where you can see all the listed past results.... This part, a bit difficult to explain... need to show you by cut and paste....

Feel free to discuss ....

Good luck
Msg #180
06-08-2014 03:32 pm

Hi members, Any experience on how do i start my data kindly anybody can help n advice, i hav read and follow forum for sometimes, i saw alot of 3d numbers u all posting, but don't understand where it's the 3d number come from woh... n what kind of trend to follow? Is it past result? Can share ur experience. Kindly teach, 1 draw hav 23 numbers is it the 20 best 3D numbers pick from any 20 numbers frm previous draw? 10s
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