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Msg #101
04-08-2014 02:28 pm

ok I will do so.tq sifu
Msg #102
04-08-2014 02:43 pm

there is no double 44 33 88 99 in Pandora system for this month. y? tat mean no xhances for these numbers
Msg #103
04-08-2014 03:16 pm

Pandora 4D is not perfect, cannot put everything in there...
Still there are other methods to derive 4D.....
Or you choose 3D and add one digit that you like in the 3Ds.. to form your double digits.

There's no limit in creating your 4D... at the end of the day is your LUCK that pass you the $$
Msg #104
04-08-2014 03:23 pm

hi sifu r u der...
Msg #105
04-08-2014 03:26 pm

Sifu...pls let me know wat ar the predic numbers mkt on coming wednesday..
Msg #106
04-08-2014 03:34 pm

1017 in 3 counters ted mkt sifu...
Msg #107
04-08-2014 03:35 pm

MKT... three counters... No way
Msg #108
04-08-2014 03:45 pm

As I said before, don't expect I have all the data... I have only SGPools and Magnum, the rests just bits or pieces... It's take me hours to predict 4Ds numbers for SGPools and Magnum...

Methods being told, how to get and how to search the info are for your own good....

Another, how 1017 can hit 3 counters.. this part I will never know.. I only will know after 9 pm on Wednesday.
Msg #109
04-08-2014 03:54 pm

If you want predic numbers, pls goto paid 4D services, they have it.. I DO NOT.
Msg #110
04-08-2014 03:57 pm

here my prediction for tomorrow magnum special draw (5/8/2014):
1680 , 4680 and 6780

Goodluck all XD
Msg #111
04-08-2014 04:17 pm

Good work coolboy...

Magnum 1680: 3D 168, 160, 180, 860
Magnum 4680: 3D 468, 460, 480, 860
Magnum 6780: 3D 678, 680, 670, 870

3D 160: just hit 2 3rd prize in July.... if going to have hit again, more likely will be Spec/Consol.

3D 168: Just hit 2nd on 30/07...it has a record of very short cycle podium hit.... may be will repeat

3D 180: So far 5 spec/consol hits after 6/07/14 - 1st prize....a mixture of very short and short cycle... may be another podium hit within 3 to 6 draws.

3D 860: Good 3D, yap will see some hits this Wed, Sat & Sun... also podium hit anytime.

3D: 460: Not Bad....very short cycle 3D... same situation as 3D 860

3D 780: Medium cycle.... may hit podium anytime...keep an eye on this 3D

3D 876 : Just hit 3rd on 13/07... may have Spec/Con hits this Wed...

Look at Sun's draw results... and my 2D at Msg#100... may be your numbers may not hit podium Tues... but may be after that...

Good luck
Msg #112
04-08-2014 04:51 pm

hi sifu,
thanks for your precious analysis ^^
miss podium also nvm , a hit in special / consolation also ok la XP

Goodluck to your prediction in singapore too , wish u to have some hit in podium XD
Msg #113
04-08-2014 05:16 pm

hi sifu,
here my prediction for Msg#100
4 5 7 9

Msg #114
05-08-2014 12:26 am

Hi coolboy

The data that you need to use are the one and only the Past Results... Nothing else.... No matter what you do, which method you are using.... try to find a way to link them, whether past podium to last podium, psat 1st to last 1st, not even full 4D numbers... if possible individual digits if possible... If you can managed to do that, direct or positioning will be solved .... that will be ultimate goal or the golden bucket at the end of the rainbow....

I can see you have the potential to reach there... as you go alone, I may pass some other methods to you.... take your time to learn....

Also, try to increase your Karma... that will have a great help in your luck cycle

Good Luck
Msg #115
05-08-2014 12:50 am

To those new comers

1. Pls DO NOT e mail me and ask for any 4D numbers directly ... Your e mail will be thrown into the bin...

2. I DO NOT ENCOURAGE you to throuw every signle cents that you have into lotteries.

3. In this forum, some members who will be laughing almost every draws and there will be members NEVER has a chance to laugh.... Whether you are Laughing or not laughing... it's will be from you, your Karma or from the loves one beside you also.

4. Lots of hints being given in this forum, is up to you to fine that MAGIC numbers.....

Msg #116
05-08-2014 02:08 am

hi sifu,

i will try to look into that.

thanks XD
Msg #117
05-08-2014 02:14 am

Good morning...

Browsing my 4D file, stumble a old magic box...
Not sure still works or not...

Based on last podiums
Last Magnum 1st - 1599, the digits ex;ect to appear will be 5 - 6 - 2 - 8 can be double digits

Last Magnum 2nd - 1465, the digits expect to appear will be 2 - 3 - 7 - 8 - 9

Last Magnum 3rd - 5345, the digits expect to appear will be 2 - 0 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9

Good Luck
Msg #118
05-08-2014 02:15 am

Above, all can be double digits...
Good Luck
Msg #119
05-08-2014 02:16 am

Hi sifu,

Wed sg draw 0623 n 9234 how is it?

Pls advise. Thanks!

Msg #120
05-08-2014 02:16 am

Hi Sifu giugno 128,
My favorite TOTO numbers
are 9390, 1909 and 9430. Any chance
for today's TOTO Special draw?
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