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09-08-2014 02:35 am

Good morning no2morrow

There is no rule that your method is wrong... is just that whether your method will have a higher hitting rate...

Matching method is one of the simplest method to form 4D numbers... at the end, you still need to check your numbers whether is good or not for the coming draw...

Same, apply to the 4D numbers selected from Pandora 4D system, need to check whether the numbers are good or not before you head for the counters.....

Good Luck

Thank you coolboy.....for giving a great hand in here.
Msg #302
09-08-2014 03:15 am

There are few methods to determine 1D... but for sure, 1D digit 0 to 9 will not run away for every single draw... so far, I have not seen any digit missing in one draw... it just matter how many hits are there....

In most 4D prediction or results web site, they usually have information about digit hits in the draw...... you can make used of such information to determine your 1D.... most common are gather two to three draws, looking at each 1D and to determine the most possible 1D that could hit the podiums...

Back to podium 1D, again, normally I am looking at the weakest 1D in podium... example

Magnum Wed 06/08: 1st - 8477 2nd - 6066 3rd - 7814
Wed's missing 1D are: 2 - 3 - 5 - 9

Magnum Tue 05/08: 1st - 7758 2nd - 5906 3rd - 0763
Tue missing 1D are 1-2-4

Magnum Sun 03/08: 1st - 1599 2nd - 1465 3rd - 5345
Sun missing 1D are 0-2-7-8

Now comparing Sun missing 1D with the Tue's results....
Digit 0 - appeared in 2nd & 3rd
Digit 2 - still missing
Digit 7 - two hits in 1st and one in 3rd
Digit 8 - one hit in 1st..

Same comparing Tue's 1D and Wed's results
Digit 1 - missing
Digit 2 - missing
Digit 4 - appeared in 1st and 3rd

If using such method, normally you have to look at about 1 week's podium 1D...

For simple exercise here, let's continune

What will the possible 1D hits in Sat's podium...
Digit 2 --- being missing for 3 draws....so, common sense that it will appear in podium this Sat. Any numbers that has digit 2 will have high chance in appearing in podium...

There not way 1D can be absent for more then 5 or 6 draws... the most the value of missing, the chances of it appearing in the next podium is high...

As mentioned, no matter what method you are using... the hitting rate is what we are looking at ... for coming 1D, podium, unless missing again (chances should be slim), any 4D numbers that has digit 2 will be by very first choice in selecting the 4D...

Good Luck

Msg #303
09-08-2014 03:18 am

thank you for yr reply,. It still see whether "luck" is with u or not.

Always happen when i throw away that nmb, it comes out.....this call no luck...

so good luck is very important .
Msg #304
09-08-2014 03:27 am

To answer that question...
I would say is partially yes...
What is that number? let's do a case study whether is Luck or is just happen that the number is not due when you are buying....

When my numbers did not hit podiums (most of the times missed by 1D, I go back and check why?...
Msg #305
09-08-2014 03:37 am

Since I am on line.... let check the 1D for SGPools...

Missing top 3 1D
06/08 Wed: 0-5-8-9
03/08 Sun: 4-6
02/08 Sat: 1-8-9
30/07 Wed: 3-4-6
27/07 Sun: 0-5-7
06/07 Sat: 2-3-6

From the above, SGPools's Top 3 normally the missing 1D will appear in the next top 3...

There are 4 digits in a 4D number, if your 1D is having high chances of hitting, you only need to look into other 3 digits...
1D = 25% of the 4D number.....

Hope members knowing what to look for in coming draw.... So, BB knows this methods long ago... normally they don't bother...
Msg #306
09-08-2014 04:04 am

Hi no2morrow
Back to your Msg#305

see this is correct?

Total 1082

3d 108 102 082 182

then match with 5,8,9,0
Msg #307
09-08-2014 04:09 am

Hi no2morrow

First of all, you have to understand coolboy's additional method first... and "then match with 5,8,9,0" === TOP3/Podium missing 1D

Your msg#305, what I would say is Wrong Concept.. and it will bring you to NOWHERE !!

Surprise that I say this right!!!
Think about it... I will put it down later ( a very long list) ...
Msg #308
09-08-2014 05:04 am

OK... This is how I see...

1D, the 5,8,9,0 are derived from Top3/podium... the missing 1D in Podium/Top3...

1D, need not to derive in not for TOP3/Podium because all ten digits will appeared in a draw... is a waste of energy or time when you apply the 5,8,9,0 for normal 4D in all prizes..

Additional Methods for SGPools
Let's try a few past draws...

27/07 1st (8644) - 4468
27/07 2nd (1898)- 1889
27/07 3rd (2634) - 2346
SUM ---------------- 8703 (3D: 870-873-803-730)

30/07 results

30/07 1st (2185) - 1258
30/07 2nd (7570)- 0577
30/07 3rd (1892) - 1289
SUM ----------------- 3124 (3D: 312-314-412-432)

02/08 Results

02/08 1st (7452) - 2457
02/08 2nd (6373)- 3367
02/08 3rd (0657) - 0567
SUM ---------------- 6391 (3D: 639-631-691-391)

Consolation 8936 (3D: 639)
Starter 9176 (3D: 691)

03/08 1st (5281) - 1258
03/08 2nd (4023) - 0234
03/08 3rd (7988) - 7889
SUM ---------------- 9381 (3D: 938-931-981-831)

Starter 3809 (3D: 893)
Starter 9816 (3D: 981)

The additional methods are NON-TOP3 hits for SGPools...
It is pointless to add TOP3/Podium 1D into these 3Ds..

The Top3/Podium 1D should be added to potential podium/top3 3Ds... then it will make some sense...

Hope you understand the concept

Good Luck
Msg #309
09-08-2014 05:30 am

Hi sifu, kindly show some correct step n sample, coz i m very slow, not clear yet tqvm and sorry too much of repeated question 10s
Msg #310
09-08-2014 05:32 am

Good afternoon Sifu,
OK, i won 3rd price on Damacai for 333 in July since i kept on spotting the nos many times before that. my birthday is 30 and I m very keen on this concept of digit 3 (no explaination for this).

It took me hours to do the maths based on your methods, I see 3Ds for Damacai today are 300,320,730,930
Do I make any sense here ??
Thank you.
Msg #311
09-08-2014 05:47 am

Hi pepsi1
As said before, there are not such things as correct steps in 4D games... is just that methods may suitable for certain counters that it will have higher hitting rates....

Additional methods showed by bro coolboy are good in Malaysia's counters... but not SGPools....

The 1Ds if derived from Podium/Top3, best is applied to potential top3/podium 3Ds... For Podium/Top3 3D, you need to train yourself to reach that kind of skills.... just like bro coolboy..
So far, I would suggest you try to pick numbers in Pandroa 4D system... and try to select those with the 1D missing in the podium/top3...

Good Luck
Msg #312
09-08-2014 05:50 am

Hi High
First, the 3Ds 300-3620-730-930 are your selected potential podium 3Ds right?
Then, you can use the 1D missing in podium derived from last draw... and match them...

Also, check with Pandora 4D, whether your 4D numbers are in there or not (sometimes strike numbers may not be in Pandora 4D)

Second, do a number trend search to see the behaviour of your selected 4Ds.
Good Luck
Msg #313
09-08-2014 05:54 am

Hi sifu, i understand as below:

For 1d is the missing no from top 3 eg.

For 2d is eg.
M 1st 8477
2nd 6066
3rd 7814
So 2d will b 86,67,87 and 76,64,74

For 3d
1st 8477 847,477,477
#sifu 3d is get frm all 23 prize o top 3 prize only?

So after that check which cycle belongs to frm 3d xcel file and choose high chance 3d
Last i don't know how to match 1d?

I hav read past forum sifu has mention need to refer pandora, but i don't know where pandora come frm eg. X,Y,Z 4 rows of number

Hopefully sifu can guide me n giv some sample more easy to understand
Msg #314
09-08-2014 06:07 am

Hi pepsi1
If you are looking for Top3 3D, that is not the way....

The 2Ds.. if you read properly from the past, those 2Ds did not hit the top3 draws, can carry on or carry forwards up to 6 draws... you need to have a 6 draws 2D to look at.

Your 3D selections are all wrong.. it won't come out in the next top 3 draws... remember, what I did said... the 3Ds from the top3/podium from the last draw, more likely will hit Starters/Consolation on the next draws....(for ABCD format).

If you used the top3/podium 3D, then the chances for your good 4D numbers will hit Starter/Consolation if your 4th digit is correct.

Pls do not try to understand how the numbers in the Pandora 4D system derived from....you have not reach to that kind of skills yet...Pandora 4D system is designed for you to use the digits in there.... not to understand from where the digits come from..

Good luck

Msg #315
09-08-2014 06:12 am

Yes sifu. Let me look into it. TQVM
Msg #316
09-08-2014 06:14 am

10s sifu i will read true again
Msg #317
09-08-2014 06:15 am


If you used the
1st 8477 847,477,477 top3/podium 3D from last draw

then the chances for your 3Ds 847,477,477 will and if hit in coming draw will be Starter/Consolation.
Msg #318
09-08-2014 06:20 am

As members had read in the past posts from lots of sifu...
Nowaday, 4D games are no longer as simple as 123 or ABC that could derive from maths/statistic easily... BB also improving their parts to have more revenue rather then more payout....Some methods that usually used, some may be still workable but some are not... It also applied to different counters... Methods used for Malaysia's counters, may be be fully usable for SGPools... Same, methods used for SGPools may not be as effective when applied to other counters....

That is one main reason that I only put effort in SGPools and Magnum counters only...
Msg #319
09-08-2014 06:36 am


Method 4 : combine the 3d with 1 to 0 and study one by one , but this will take some times...

Means if your 3D is 567 , that 1D will be from digit 0 to digit 9 and matched with the 3D, it will form 4Ds like 5670-5671-5672-5673-5674-5675-5676-5677-5678-5679

Good luck
(Master Sifu)
Msg #320
09-08-2014 06:37 am

Hello Members,
To fellow Singaporeans.....a Happy 49th National Day...we have come a long way....from third World country to a prosperous nation.
On reflection it was not an easy journey...and all these thanks to the good foresight of our MM Lee....and a lot of pioneers citizens who in some way contributed to the success of this nation...
By the way I am honored to be a "pioneer citizen"
Back to our favorite subject....I had in mind to play 4989....Singapore's 49th birthday on August 9 but it came out 2 weeks earlier on 26th july (Saturday) and 1st prize direct...
I am going for these numbers today....4792....9201.....2975.....7358
Goodluck to all
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