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4D Predictions June 2014

Reminder: Please settle and pay your debt first before playing lottery. Pay early to prevent loan interest. Save as much money into your private retirement scheme, because 75% people is not ready for their retirement nowdays and the kwsp, epf and cpf money will finish in just 5 years. Credit cards like visa and mastercard are easy to get, think carefully before you spend money and buy something with it. Do not play any online gambling or going to casino, because it is very addictive and hard to manage budget. Clairvoyant and tarot psychic reading can help to increase chances of winning the lottery sometimes, but please be careful.


Msg #121

27-06-2014 12:56 pm

Thank you pia2356

Which counter you are playing?
At least I have some feedback on the 3D becos I would not track every counters...

If not feed back, I will not post anything in this forum cos got feeling my services are not wanted.

Good luck


Msg #122

27-06-2014 02:42 pm

sifu... please just continue ur teaching and tips here.....Tq x 1000


Msg #123

27-06-2014 02:54 pm

ok i try....

Dear giugno128 (Sifu):
for toto
3D i found that 079 - 258


Msg #124

27-06-2014 07:20 pm

Hai sifu giugno128,from my chart (make from past result especially from 2003 n 2008) tomorrow 7294 90% will strike@keluar at magnum..this is only from my target list n not 100% will 'kana' hehe


Msg #125

27-06-2014 10:43 pm

hi sifu giugno128,
could you please send me the 3d excel for sabah?
my email is orangetree1210@gmaildotcom.


Msg #126

28-06-2014 01:39 am

Sifu guigno128, me & my friends look at all malaysia counters. This 20sets have seen us getting a few special prize of cos misding out sone T3 too. The best was getting ibet on 1578. Someone had a tip of 1765, decided to follow your tip & bought 7815. Ha..everyone got some returns there. Keep up the good work. Thanks


Msg #127

28-06-2014 01:43 am

We have noticed that 986 from the set hasn't come out yet.


Msg #128

28-06-2014 01:46 am

Oh we only look at your magnum 20sets good enough. Good luck everyone.


Msg #129

28-06-2014 01:52 am

Aiyo just saw 986 came out on wed already. K 8639 . Didn't see this


Msg #130

28-06-2014 04:27 am

Shofu guigno, may I please have e 3D for tis weekend? Wednesday bought 9327 ibet, come out 9328. Sighs. Nevermind try again. Thank u in advance Shifu Guigno


Msg #131

28-06-2014 05:35 am

Hi shairah
3D for june already out in 10 June 2014

Pls be prepare for AABC format in SGPools...
Good luck


Msg #132

29-06-2014 04:48 am


glad to see you back in action.

good luck to all here


Msg #133

29-06-2014 03:48 pm

Hi Sifu giugno128,

I like your 3D sets. When I first saw it, I checked every draw and sure enough, lots of hits. Can you provide me your 3D excel file? My e-meil is tykosam @ outlook dot com. My favourite counter is Magnum.


Msg #134

29-06-2014 05:52 pm

Is end of the month of June.

New post or thread being created for

"4D Predictions for July 2014"

Kindly proceed to that section.

Good luck


Msg #135

29-06-2014 08:47 pm

good day all...im a newbie here and already read all ur post..special thanks to sifu giuglo128 because very kindly to help us win smthing on 4D...hope can get 4D strike from sifu and win some money from magnum or toto..waiting for dis coming 2nd july to start bet again...tq


Msg #136

30-06-2014 04:20 pm

hi bro giugno128

please send me 3D excel file magnum/toto to as_da4 at yahoo.co.uk

thank you so much


Msg #137

17-07-2014 09:12 am

Where is the "4D Predictions for July 2014"?

Thanks for your advice

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