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4D Predictions June 2014

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Msg #41

10-06-2014 12:49 am

For Magnum 3D
268 - 866 - 876 - 653 - 983 - 700 - 744 - 986 - 846 - 236

For those who wish to make use of the Pandora 4D,


268x: x = 7,5,4,0
876x: x = 1,2,3,7
653x: x = 6,0,2,8
983x: x = 4,7,5,0
846x: x = 1,2,3,7
236x: x = 4,7,5,0

So which x to choose?
Well, there are many methods, one method will be looking at the 1D in above msg #39
You can select no digit hits x = 9,1,4,7 and also the lowest hits digits, 4,1,3 to be your 4th digit.

example if you choose 3D 983, the 4th digit can be 4 or 7. You have 2 4d numbers from 3D 983, 9834 and 9837.

The next step, check the number 9834 & 9837 trend records....
9837 - Only 1 hit in Mar 2014. And June is likely to have 1 or 2 hits. What will be the direct or position numbers....
Look at the rank of strike, top 10
#........Strike date....Hit....%
7938 2012-Sep-02.... 8.... 8
3978 2012-Sep-26.... 7.... 7
3789 2014-Mar-01.... 7.... 7
8379 2013-Jan-30.... 6.... 6
9837 2013-Mar-17.... 6.... 6
7839 2013-Jun-25.... 6.... 6
8937 2010-Aug-07.... 5.... 5
3879 2012-Jun-16.... 5.... 5
9783 2013-May-01.... 5.... 5
8397 2013-Jul-10.... 5.... 5

For 9834 - June likely to have 1 to 2 hits.

Direct # are
3948 2013-Dec-14.... 9.... 7.50
3984 2012-Sep-02.... 8.... 6.70
8943 2012-May-05.... 7.... 5.80
8934 2014-Mar-23.... 7.... 5.80
3489 2010-Sep-25.... 6.... 5
8394 2012-Mar-25.... 6.... 5
3849 2012-Nov-17.... 6.... 5
9348 2014-Mar-01.... 6.... 5
9843 2005-Jun-29.... 5.... 4.20

Hope the above can help members how to look for direct or position numbers.

Good Luck


Msg #42

10-06-2014 01:09 am

Thank you Sifu guigno128 for the time in giving a great explanation. Cheers


Msg #43

10-06-2014 02:21 am

Hi members

One very common question members would ask... How to select the number that will hit the board, especially podium if I do not have the skill to predict?

Well, I would have only one answer...
Use the numbers in the Pandora 4D and for the selected numbers you have chosen carry out the number trend analysis.. also the 3D check on that particular numbers...'

If the 3D for the number 4567 would be 3D 456-567-467-547 show there are still possible to have hits in the coming draw, then, this selected 4D 4567 is good. Do carry out the number 4567 trend check to confirm the recent do not have this number hits...

By doing the checking and studies, your chances of getting your number hit on the board is high even you do not have the skill to predict.

Good Luck all


Msg #44

10-06-2014 04:49 am

Welcome back Sifu giugno128, what about Sgpool? Any 3D for SGpool?
Wish u all in good health


Msg #45

10-06-2014 06:01 am

Hi members

Best 20 sets 3D for 2 weeks
SGPools: 754-410-036-873-510-832-398-400-026-647-657-568-149-220-650-654-610-211-830-743

MAGNUM: 862-986-964-852-973-632-871-920-743-876-653-220-652-983-850-744-700-762-532-981

SABAH: 410-654-853-510-721-531-521-320-540-810-921-942-653-742-771-761-765-852-463

SPORTSTOTO: 810-754-510-985-932-844-441-775-833-711-710-853-210-750-930-773-982-920-993-654

Good luck


Msg #46

10-06-2014 09:14 am

Hi master...my name is dinesh..can analyse for me my lucky number..my date of birth is 08 July 1989...will wait for your reply master..thank you.


Msg #47

10-06-2014 10:31 am

4dmadness11, Good day to you. Big Brothers are just doing self preservation. Just imagine, with our big masters and Sifus here, and BB go bankkrupt, what is the use of this site?? haha? It will be more PEACEFUL than when guiugno128(Sifu) was away for a while ! and I may sign in to this forum and ask 4dmadness11, have you had your meal (cak pa buay?) haha. I visit magnum and damacai(convenient for me) and saw magnum alway pin up messages on how MUCH was won in which recent draw and in what area in Mlaysia. A few late pin ups added to many hundred thousands...I used to doubt the msg, but I asked several counter girls if any one win any big here, the answer was yes yes yes a lot. I worry a little too in case... Good luck to you and all in this forum. I think there was a msg in this forum that Sifu spoke of a man who won big here and leave this forum?


Msg #48

10-06-2014 12:32 pm

hi i think this time magnum wouldn't go bankrupt because they have TOTO backing up, let continue to win big BIG in magnum :DD if i can...

i just had my dinner... ermmm... cak pa buay??? what is that???


Msg #49

10-06-2014 01:23 pm

Hi, giugno128 Sifu,

Thanks for ur 3D's..... so many.... but I try to do the homework... ahahah, hope there's strongest 3D from u......
O ya Ive been read from March Prediction... is there a chance for me to accept your 3D excel file? in other words.... I hope ur generousity.... my email donie(underscore)btm(at)yahoo(dot)com


Msg #50

10-06-2014 01:27 pm

Hi Donyebet
I only hv few 3D excel. Which counter you are playing?


Msg #51

10-06-2014 02:15 pm

Hi Sifu giugno128, can I have the 3D excel file for SGPools. Last time requested but never received any file.

My email sugizoi4uu(at)yahoo(dot)com.

Thank you so much for your efforts.


Msg #52

10-06-2014 06:37 pm

Hi giugno128,
I only play Sgpool ... Nothing else, and always play small and save just like u said.... Hahahaha...
A little help from a friend... Beatle said...
Thanks before and after....
May all in good health


Msg #53

11-06-2014 03:30 am

Hei... everybody. Nice 2try 4luck. Today tip

M- 5629

Don't 4get 2ibet.


Msg #54

11-06-2014 10:20 am

Hi sifu giugno128,

How are you? Happy to see you back in the forum.

Sifu can you please send me the excel format for Magnum.

My email sureshkalidasan30@gmaildotcom

Thanking you in advance.


Msg #55

11-06-2014 11:46 am

Hi all
No lucky today....
But thanks all!!!!


Msg #56

11-06-2014 01:40 pm

Hi members,

From msg no. 46 --- Best 20 sets 3D for 2 weeks - for
Singapore Pools:

Results for Today, 11/06/2014:

1. 036/830 - 8630 2nd prize
2. 510 - 5910 starter
3. 654 - 5649 starter/ 5468 cons.
4. 568 - 5468 consolation
5. 832 - 2843 consolation

out of 20, 6 hits for today's draw.

Thanks Sifu Giugno 128. A good start indeed. Despite having your own personal problem, you find time to provide us again predictions and tips and once again sharing your knowledge. Hope your problem will be finally solved 100% the soonest time possible. Always praying for you.


Msg #57

11-06-2014 03:22 pm

Thank you alcyd

From the results, 2nd prize using 3D 036 & 830. and based on my 3D data, these 2 sets of 3D still very strong for the month of June, would expect another 6 to 8 hits and may be one more top 3 hit (definietly it would not be 8630 for top3)

As for the starters/consolations, pls take note of the 3D, soon, some may hit top 3 soon.

Good Luck


Msg #58

11-06-2014 03:30 pm

Hi members

As some may aware, certain 3D are strong for the month of June, (as I already listed), actually is not many at all. A good example for today's draw, as listed by bro alcyd, 6 3Ds being used.

Pls do not discard the 3D used by today's draw especially the starters/consolations..... they are having good potential of hitting top 3 again in June. Just need some time to search for the 4th digits....

As for other counters, same method applied....
The 20 sets of 3Ds will hit in the month of June....

Request from members, do members are do find easy to strike using the 3D sets or the 3D excel file... One member has been hitting 1st prize for the past 4 draws consecutively and I am happy for him.

Some feedback or any idea are welcome.

Good Luck


Msg #59

12-06-2014 08:23 am

hi every 1 here, i am a player for mkt for few years , lucky ta i hit the 1st prize for around 4-5time in this few years , but those lucky didnt follow since 2013-2014. so i try to play this lottery in a matemathic way, i using a ratio to cal the 1st price for toto , i realize tat with my way , can calculate the 1st price in a certain range but not accurate. the range is between 1 to 3000 set number .
and sumtime will"zhao zui" so any 1 can coop with me to c wat can do more?


Msg #60

12-06-2014 10:31 am

Hi sifu giugno128,
I am new here can i have the excel 3d format for magnum & toto. my email is peter_100690@hotmaildotcom. tq.

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