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01-06-2014 01:29 pm

Create This New Thread for the Month of June 2014..

Good luck
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01-06-2014 01:31 pm

From bro hopetostrike4dtoto

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01-06-2014 10:06:44

Based on yesterday's draw SGPools

Digit......A..... B..... C.....D.....ALL
0..........2..... 1..... 0..... 4..... 7
1..........3..... 2..... 2..... 1..... 8
2..........2 ..... 3..... 1..... 3..... 9
3..........2..... 2..... 2..... 3..... 9
4..........3..... 2..... 4..... 1..... 10
5..........3 ..... 1..... 2..... 0..... 6
6..........1 ..... 2..... 0..... 0..... 3
7..........0..... 4..... 4..... 6..... 14
8..........4..... 3..... 6..... 1..... 14
9..... .....3 ..... 3..... 2..... 4.....12

Lowest hits are: 0,6,5
Highest hits are: 7,8
Highest 2nd hits are: 9,4

Today's selections in order would be: 6,5,0,4,9, or any one (7,8)

GDLuck everyone
Pray for Sifu giugno128.
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01-06-2014 01:34 pm

From bro SotonPisa

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31-05-2014 17:16:37

9301 8290 2863 9126 5368 1256 9201 6389 5268 1456

My picks for SportsToto

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01-06-2014 06:48:39

I am putting my money on these 5 numbers: (SGPools)


Ibet $1 each... Play play
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01-06-2014 01:42 pm

With guidece from Sifu giugno128
The following top 20 numbers for the month of June 2014
Set A:8743-5431-9753-6320-9852-8750-9870-7641-9720-4210
Set B:9850-8642-9510-7610-4321-9610-5420-7652-8651-9863

Set A:6210-9754-7530-9520-8510-7654-8650-7940-9854-8641
Set B:7642-9731-5430-8532-9710-8520-7210-9640-8630-9530

Set A:7521-8761-7541-7631-8764-8430-9401-6210-5432-5310
Set B:9873-9832-8542-8512-7540-6320-5421-9863-7650-9765

Good luck everyone
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01-06-2014 03:07 pm

Thanks bro crazy4dguru for the info.
Wat u think of this no. 7260 for spore pool 4d.
Pls share yr expertise view
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01-06-2014 04:22 pm

Hi cwho

7260 has been actively hit the board in the past months especially in May (last hit was 28 May 2014) and also, it also will hit podium at least once in a year since 2008.

If you look at its 3Ds,
026 - doing extremely well in May, a total 10 hits more then expectations. The last top hits were 10-May & 18-May, very short cycle. Expect ave 8 hits in June and would not expect a podium hit in June.
267 - doing within expectation of having 7 hits in May. The last top hit was 16-Apr. Would expect this 3D going to have ave 7 hits in June. Awaiting a podium hit in June.
067 - Performing extremely well in Mar & Apr but below bench mark in May. Would expect this 067 going to hit have ave 8 hits in June. This 3D a bit misbehave in 2014, under normal circumstances, would expect it to hit podium but I would not be surprise it may have a longer gap trend.
027 - Performing slight above expectation of 7 hits in May. 027 expect to have ave 5 or 6 hits in June. Currently I would expect it to hit podium in June.

Looking at bro hopetostrike4dtoto's 1D analysis in Msg#2 above, digits 7-2-6-0 may hit podium but may not be 7260 as a whole 4D number. Because when looking 7260 as a whole, chances for it to hit podium tonite doesnot look good. I would expect this 2760 will be back in July.

Best of luck
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01-06-2014 04:38 pm

Thanks bro crazy4dguru for the detailed analysis
Will heed the advice and reshuffle the no again.
Hope all bros huat gao gao tonight.
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01-06-2014 05:31 pm

9754 on Toto Any opinion Sifu's?
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01-06-2014 09:45 pm

REALLY hope bro shadowhunter will come,on,board and help us.
His Mega is really Powerful.
Without him I'm nothing.
With his pred i could get 3/6 just rm1 bet at least i get back rm6. That makes me happy..
Bro i hope u will be back does anyone knw him personally. Please tell him to come back
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01-06-2014 11:26 pm

Thank you bro hopetostrike4dtoto & crazy4dguru for putting and helping out in this forum. I currently very disturbed by my problems and do not have a peace mind to predict.....even forget to ibet 4037 today's draw.

Bro shadowhunter still reading the posts, let him have a break first. Very much depending on how members play toto or pools because I said before, he do not wish to promote gambling.... so, in order for him to come back, you have ask him in this forum as times to times he is reading it....

For time being, i am not Ok physically and mentlely.... everythings are falling apart and I am going to church tomorrow to pray....

Good luck in coming draws.

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02-06-2014 12:10 pm

Hi bro,giugno
Pls take care of yrself..... Pray to God. Only HE can help u.
Relax.dont stress yrself
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02-06-2014 12:11 pm

Bro shadowhunter
I,always get 1-2 right out of 6.. After i got ur predictions
I can 3-4 correct. It really helped,me.
Hope i can email u.
Ptashmin@ gmail (dot)com
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02-06-2014 04:03 pm

to shadowhunter,

first of all, thank you very much for show us or sharing us with your pool,

secondly, we have turn up here with a hope that we can learn and of course no doubt that many sifu[s] here indeed have, 4D. we took your advice gratefully not to over do it.

thirdly, i never ever that this forum have mega/power/supreme pool like 4d, and ever since it was started i started to look around in this forum with a hope to learn a thing or two....

and we come to know that you using qimen and metaphyisis to pool it, nevertheless with 4d as well( shown in your u-tube)... u don't know how much happy i am that finally someone have the skill and most of all that is very IMPORTANT, he willing to share...

lastly and i don't want to be sound like grandma, i really wish that you will continue to be active here, and give us if not, me a hope, a chance, to win

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02-06-2014 09:13 pm

There are many great masters & expert in Singapore and Malaysia. I will list some that I know besides the sifus you guys know here....

- Master Charles Chia
- Victor Yap
- Tan Kim Long
- Jeffrey Goh
- Paul Goh

Of course there are many more but I am just sharing some that I know are good and willing to teach also....

Actually my real nickname is MPXH (MaPiaoXiaoHai). My aliases are SotonPisa, Shadowmoon, Shadowhunter.

I just would like to encourage you guys to focus more on the 4D game coz it is better. In Singapore because not many people (or at least not as many as it used to be) play the toto game, the retailer resorts to certain tricks to snowball the prize money..

So do you really think that our lottery game is free from rigging? The more we play, the more we may not win...... So what's the point in analysis? The only justification I can think of is for the fun of it.

Sorry if I sound naive but seriously I am still rather young thus the thoughts as such...

Take my heed, play more often the 4D game.......

Best of luck to all!
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03-06-2014 08:29 am

Thank you Shadowhunter

Btw, if I am right these masters some are 4D software/retailer operators ....

Master Charles Chua - 4D Master
Victor Yap - In Malaysia
Tan Kim Long - Assemblix
Paul Goh - sglottery

So, are they free?
I do not think so bro.

Thank you for the info bro Shandowhunter
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03-06-2014 10:32 am

Bro crazy4dguru, wat do u think of this 3d series. 509.
Can it appear for this coming wed spore 4d draw?
Need your advice again.
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03-06-2014 11:02 am

Hi cwho
According to Sifu giugno128
3D 509 looks strong in SGPools in June. Expecting ave 8 to 10 hits including 1 TP. But the 4th digit always changes once the draw is out. Therefore, advise to monitor and capture the 4th digit to form your 4D numbers..... also check with Pandora 4D if your number is there.

Best of luck
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03-06-2014 11:19 am

Hi members

For SGpools players, recently lots of top 3 numbers were from previous 1 or 2 draws starters/consolations... it appeared to be the trend now. But to play safe, take the 3D from past 1 or 2 draws to predict for coming wed's.

As what bro crazy4dguru has said, 3D 509 did appeared in last 2 draws Sat's starter 5930 & Sun's starter 2509. Therefore, not surprize it will appear again...

GDLuck all
Pray for sifu giugno128
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03-06-2014 11:51 am

Thanks for the advice, bro hopetostrike4d and crazy4dguru.
Hope all bros will huat for tml draw.
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03-06-2014 11:56 am

Almost forgotten that SGPools also the BIGSWEEP 4D draw....
Prepare for mixture of ABCD & AACD format

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