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Predictions Sportstoto (May)


Msg #1

09-05-2014 12:00 am

First start, here's 16 numbers in no particular order:

993340 993685 993128 993463
139340 139685 139128 139463
115340 115685 115128 115463
351340 351685 351128 351463

I have not sort the permutations. Players play cautiously....


Msg #2

09-05-2014 07:45 am

Hi shadowHunter...thanks a lot.....btw,just to enquire
This 6d's can be use for,this weekend or whole month?


Msg #3

09-05-2014 09:14 am

Hi shadowhunter...

Thank you for this Toto 6D prediction... I hope the numbers will be out soon.

Thanks btw, finally Toto 6D is on!!!


Msg #4

09-05-2014 12:34 pm

heeello Can u check my numbe 1707


Msg #5

10-05-2014 07:26 am

Players need to work on the permutations yourself. 6D is only for today.

Good Luck!!!


Msg #6

10-05-2014 09:22 pm

Hahaha I didn't get any fish today...

Well you're right "players need to work on the permutations yourself"......

So the 6D numbers only for today? How about tomorrow? do u have it?

Need to work more on the permutations I think........Sigh


Msg #7

21-05-2014 12:24 pm

hi shadowhunter, do you have time for us to play 6D, thanks

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