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05-05-2014 09:06 am

hi sifu luc,

yesterday i did tried the 1DTP for month April for magnum n spore pools. like wat u have said its really work out 90%!!! thr's only 1 or 2 missed on the entire month!!!

I havent tried this method to AABC pattern yet. will check tonite once im back home. U have given us a lot of tips and nw i need to do more homework to predict well for the coming draw. Btw, i did tried my own method for sat and sun draw but the result was nt as good as last month. I did a mistake by holding on to 1 method to predict the entire draw. nw m doing my homework to catch another method as a backup and ur tips here come right in handy :)

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05-05-2014 10:45 am

@bro giugno128

No prob, bro. Just sharing.


For AABC, the success rate will be slight lower, around 70%-80% is my guesstimate. But still a good guide though. The lesser number of AAs sets of paired-digits that had appeared in that draw, the higher the chance it will be for them to appear in the next draw. For example, if in one draw 00 - 77 had appeared, then 88 and 99 will stand a good chance to come out in the next draw. But sometimes u have lesser AABCs appearing in a draw, like from 00 -55,then that will leave u with too many sets (from 66 - 99) to chose from for the next draw. In cases like this, then this method will not be so useful. ( Have to be careful for "00", coz it is an 'oddball'. Meaning to say that 00 does not always follows the rule like the rest. They either will come out in a cluster or absent for a stretch at a time.)

Also, it is good to know as many methods as possible. All the methods that we know, can be made use of for checking purpose once we had identify a certain 3d or 4d. The more methods that the number had checked out and matches with, the better it is an indication of the possibility of it appearing.
(Master Sifu)
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05-05-2014 11:20 am

Hello Bro luc,
At the beginning of May, I mentioned that '9' will be the "ruling number'...you will notice that the first two draws of Singapore Pools consist a lot of 9's...Sat 1st prize 3349, Sun 1st prize 9790 and not mentioning the starter and consolation prizes for both days.
With your wealth of experience over the years, my question is, what are the chances of double 9 appearing during this period based on your datas....
By the way, have beeen trying to get through your email,but with no luck...
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05-05-2014 01:07 pm

Hi bro best4,

Yes, in every mth there will be certain 1ds, 2ds, 3ds, and even AAs (eg. 00 or 11 etc) that will be what we call, the hot-running/hitting ones. This means that for that particular mth , while they are in favor, u will see them coming out almost in every consecutive draws. So too will it be for 1Ds. Perhaps in the area of numerology (where you specialize in), 1d 9 may indeed be the ruling digit for the mth of May, ie. it is the hot-running 1D for this mth.

Going by the 4d predictionists' ways of looking at numbers though, there is a reason why some numbers become the "hot" ones in a certain mth. This reason is again due to the forces of The Law of Averages.

If one had kept a record of certain numbers (eg. 1ds or 2ds) for a few mths, it can be seen quite clearly that those numbers which had seriously under-performed in the last mth or last few mths, will go into a high frequency mode in the next mth - thereby making it the hot-hitting number or the "ruling" number for that mth. Thats The Law of Averages working its hand - making sure that over a certain period of timeframe, all type of numbers and digits will have a more or less equal number of showings in total.

Having said that, if we identify the hot-hitting 1D for this mth as, say, 1D 9, is there a better chance for this 1d to match up with another of its own to form the AA of "99" ? The short answer is YES.

That, coincidentally, is also one of the uses of doing 1d analysis - to be able to derive a 2D (even if it is a paired-digits) from it.

It stands to reason and logic that if there are going to be lots of 9s around in this mth in every draws, then the chances of having more 99s will be higher too, is it not ?

Now, as to when is the best draw to buy double-digits 99, we use the simple method that I had taught shimis27 about identifying AAs for the next draw. That is, if in the last draw or the previous 2 draws, 99 is one of the very few AAs that had not appear yet, then the next draw will be a good one to go for it. Simple as that, bro. No great mystery here. Just making use of The Law of Averages, is all.

Fyi, the next draw for SGP will NOT be a good draw to try and predict which AAs will most likely to be coming out, as yest draw had very few AABCs. Meaning to say that there are just too many sets of AAs which had not appeared yet and therefore picking which of these AAs to appear for next draw is not going to be an easy task. Like I had said in my above post to shimis27, " ...The lesser number of AAs sets of paired-digits that had NOT appeared in that draw, the higher the chance it will be for them to appear in the next draw...".

In yest draw there were 6 pairs of double digits (22, 33, 44, 55, 66 and 77) that did not appear. Thats 6 out of 10 sets of AAs numbers. No good to use for determining which AAs out of these 6 will appear in the next draw.
Usually in any given draw, there will be AT LEAST 5 sets of AAs showing up. Quite often we will see 6-8 sets in one draw. In this case it will be easier to determine which are the AAs good for next draw as we are only left with 2 or 3 sets. Thats why I said the more AABCs we have in the last draw, the easier it is to predict which sets are good for the next one.

Offhand though, I would say "22" stands a high chance for the next draw, but the problem is that next draw is the Big Sweep Draw, so maybe there will be some distortions in the results.

U cant access my mail, bro?...hmmm...quite a few people here had already contacted me thru it. Anyway try again.....it is....williamteo1(at)yahoo(dot)com(dot)sg.
(Master Sifu)
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05-05-2014 01:38 pm

Hi Bro luc,
Thanks for the quick response and the very detailed explanation..
Will arrange to buy you and Sifu giugno128 lunch one day...and talk about our common interest...
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06-05-2014 07:34 am

Hello giugno128

Any pandora 2D & 3D for special draw today?

May all members in good health.

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06-05-2014 08:55 am

Good morning

Pandora 2D & 3D for Special Draw 6 Mayh 2014
Magnum 2D: 16 - 57 - 23 - 26 - 15 - 69
Magnum 3D: 168 - 479 - 024 - 457 - 157

SportsTOTO 2D: 39 - 69 - 02 - 18 - 01 - 29
SportsTOTO 3D: 159 - 045 - 068 - 259 - 167

Sabah 2D: 06 - 69 - 49 - 38 - 68 - 57
Sabah 3D: 049 - 459 - 059 - 478 - 134

Good Luck All
Msg #88
06-05-2014 09:52 am

It is rare to be so peaceful, guess is about time having a long break cos TOTO's prizes is too huge for the punters here...
Good Luck everyone..
Msg #89
06-05-2014 04:47 pm

Wah.... So quiet.... Today play a little cause my mind is on tomorrow sgpools 4d 9231.

today straight bet
Magnum toto and damacai 9491
ibox Magnum toto and damacai 9628,9491 7673
ibox east counters
9231 n 4569

6d 930170, 946614

good luck everyone!
Msg #90
06-05-2014 07:35 pm

hi all and the sifus, it's quiet all right, maybe we shud seat tight and have our thorough meditation for tomorrow war with the respective counter hoping to grab all types of T3 especially my own favourite counter spotTT.

well,... good luck all

(ps: giugno128(Sifu), I'm following your great Pandora 2D & 3D)
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06-05-2014 08:14 pm

Hello giugno128

I bought 6045 for Toto counter, but i forgot to i-perm. Oh myyyyyyyy.

With your pandora and do some past result check, i bet rm2 for it. Too bad again, i didnt i-perm it. Goshh! haha.

Hope sifu could give pandora 2D & 3D for tomorrow's lucky draw.

Thanks and good luck.
Msg #92
06-05-2014 09:31 pm

Pandora 2D & 3D for Wed Draw 7 Mayh 2014
Magnum 2D: 23 - 26 - 14 - 11 - 07 - 12
Magnum 3D: 168 - 347 - 024 - 046 - 348

SportsTOTO 2D: 69 - 20 - 71 - 37 - 51 - 72
SportsTOTO 3D: 159 - 067 - 259 - 679 - 169

Sabah 2D: 24 - 48 - 90 - 46 - 79 - 67
Sabah 3D: 049 - 126 - 134 - 378 - 125

SGPools 2D: 08 - 12 - 24 - 15 - 67 - 27
SGPools 3D: 169 - 024 - 457 - 389 - 027

Good Luck All
Msg #93
07-05-2014 02:05 pm

Thanks sifu giugno 128.

347 & 024 looks promising.

Good luck
Msg #94
07-05-2014 04:33 pm

Hi everyone, it is exceptionally quiet in this forum this week.
Just sharing my humble opinion at my numbers tonight for magnum. Hope people can benefit from it anyhow.

8427 and 9478

Good luck
Msg #95
07-05-2014 08:32 pm

Hello giugno128

Thanks to your pandora 2D & 3D

Bought 1067 & 4067 at TOTO and this time, i i-perm it.

To the other members that caught fish, big or small, congrats.

Thanks and may all in good health.
Msg #96
07-05-2014 08:53 pm

@ shimis27, best4 and giugno128

3DTPs 049 for SG hit 1st prize today. Hope 1 of you got it.

@best4 - bro, like I said, the chance of ruling 1d 9 for the mth to couple with another 9 is good....9409 1st prize.

@shimis27 - u got sys 4556 ? I did. Too bad just a conso. Gap36 now. Give it max. another 4 more 3DTP Gaps before calling it quits. If by then still not hitting T3, then this one considered fails. 3 other 3DTPs had already over overtaken it. Watch for the rest in May.
Msg #97
07-05-2014 09:54 pm

Hi sifu,

I really missed the top prize cos i match it with the other 1D. Since double 9 already hit the top prize on sun i skip it for tis draw. My biggest mistake!!! But i strike 4556 cons and 1 starter 2996!!!

Hope others got it rite!!!
Msg #98
07-05-2014 10:00 pm

Hi sifu giugno128,

Ur 3D for spore pools hit top prize too...congrats to both sifu luc and sifu giugno128 for catching the 'big' fish tday. Hope Best4 Master sifu also hit top prize since he hv mentioned abt the ruling number 9 in his previous post ;p
Msg #99
07-05-2014 10:11 pm


Hey congratz sis...not bad oredi la. Kena 2 hits.

Yea...I also wasnt expecting another 99 to come out top prize today, after it had already came out 1st prize on Sun. Gave sys 0499 the lowest priority and only covered a few dollars on it. If it was 0149 (my top priority no.), then would be a big fish instead of just ikan selar....oh well....

Btw 259 should be good for this weekend draw (10/5 and 11/5)....can merged that with 269 to form a 4d number, k. Both are 3DTPs and also 1d 2 (besides 1 and 7) are the 1DTPs for the next draw.
Msg #100
07-05-2014 10:23 pm

Also, for AABCs for the next draw on Sat, good ones will be 33, 44, 66 and 77.

Watch out for 44 and 66 to match with 3DTP. (esp. 66)
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