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(Master Sifu)
Msg #61
04-05-2014 12:35 pm

Hello Members,
Will be going for these numbers at Singapore Pools today (Sunday)
Must cover IBet
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04-05-2014 12:54 pm

Hi buantuai,
First u must learn how to walk, then learn how to run before you learn how to fly.
You need to learn 1D, 2Dand 3D first. All thesealready posted in Feb, Mar & Apr posts. Go back there and read. Once you know the basic, then you will have better chance.

Good luck
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04-05-2014 01:06 pm

Hi lucky6719

I used to predict Toto, getting 4 to 6 digits in 20 to 26 numbers is not difficult. But the tricky parts is getting that 5,6 numbers in one ticket is the problem. Wheeling, is the key part that kills the fun. I created a wheeled system, but always hit 4 or 4+1....

Shadowhunter is a knowledgeable in lotteries, he can predicts not only Toto, 4D as well. He is my first teacher telling methat predictions are possible. The Toto is his recent new methods.

Well, stick to the area we are good at and improve...that is a simple aim to follows.

Today's have no time to predict becos my.printer refuses to work and snapped. Now going out to look for one....hopefully can find Epson printer that has a re-set software to reset the counters...

For SG's expect top3 a mixture of ABCD & AABC. Still lots of 3DTp not yet hitting the top 3 board.

Good luck
Msg #64
04-05-2014 01:18 pm

Hi best4 master sifu,
Hope to huat with your numbers on today draw.
Msg #65
04-05-2014 01:39 pm

Hi all members,
This is my predicted numbers for MAGNUM 4/5 today:
* x = 5, 7, 9, 0
(Master Sifu)
Msg #66
04-05-2014 01:49 pm

Hello cwho...Mandarin for Sifu, I suppose......
May 1st is the beginning of my lucky period....yesterday tested water and played 1602 and 3389....
Missed a starter and 1st Prize.... 0602.......starter and 3349 1stPrize..
Let's hope today will "catch" something good...
Msg #67
04-05-2014 03:02 pm

Thank best4 master Sifu.
Hope to catch big fishes with u tonight.
Huat ah
Msg #68
04-05-2014 04:18 pm

@ bro giugno glad to have many teachers here. ForLotto i just mix high frequency + low frequency. yesterdays no. and and middle no. Your printer riot is it? Labour day never give holiday? :P If you can see this maybe u can bet 2630(buying new printer) for todays draw.
Msg #69
04-05-2014 04:42 pm

Today i still stick to mostly to what i bought yesterday .
9231,6669,for SG pools
4051, 7673,3691, 9053( Mag,Kuda, toto n SG. pools)
5626 Sg pools only.
1987 and 4569 for Cashsweep and SG.

Wishing everyone good luck and have a good catch to night.
Msg #70
04-05-2014 05:48 pm

The magic hour is fast approaching now.....

Who will go home as the one that caught the biggest whooper of a fish ?...and who will live to tell of that big one that had gotten away ? Whatever it is, hope that there will be some big smiling faces in this forum today.....its all in the hand of Lady Luck now....we have done all that we could.....time will tell....tick tock tick tock......let the show begins ! ;)
Msg #71
04-05-2014 06:20 pm

hi members, sharing my 3Ds tonight for Magnum

980 and 640 !! good luck!
Msg #72
04-05-2014 06:40 pm

Hi bro giugno128

Reference to your MSG#60

"...OMG, a total different NEW machine or NEW ballsets been put to the draw...."

Actually SGPool nowadays ALWAYS change their machine and ball sets in EVERY single draw already. They had been doing this for quite a while now....probably been 2 years or so, thats why SG draw is so difficult to predict now, unlike last time when they change only abt 2 - 3 times a year. If you had a reasonably good method then, winning big sum of 5-figures were pretty easy. All my big winnings were during those periods up to 2011, when betting a few hundred dollars on a single number was nothing. Striking an AABC number in 1st prize would already netted close to 25 K.

But since they started to change their machines and balls every draw, betting such huge amt is of course foolhardy these days as prediction gets tougher.

Nevertheless, not to worry so much bro......certain principles or 'prediction assumptions' are still holding steady and a certain degree of prediction is still very much possible.

Assumptions like for example : " 70% or more of the 3Ds in a given draw can be found in the previous draw." This is one of the 3d prediction/analysis methods that are still holding true to form, regardless of how often they change their machines. This is good news to us predictionists as we all depend alot on 3Ds analysis in whatever methods we have. Go see for yourself all the previous draws, bro...and check out whether result numbers are still appearing according to this pattern or not. From what I see, they still are. If even this basic assumption or 'principle' that the numbers are following is broken.....then I will stop playing 4D altogether, as there will NOT be anything for us to based our analysis on.

Below are the steps that detailed what goes on in a draw result process (if you are unaware of it, that is) :

Step: 1
Prior to the start of a Draw, a specially designed computer software programme randomly selects the Draw Machine and Ball set to be used for the Draw.

Step: 2
The authorised draw personnel proceeds to unlock and unseal the Draw Equipment Room, in the presence of an independent public accounting firm representative.

Step: 3
The selected Draw Machine is transferred by authorised personnel to the Draw Hall.

Step: 4
The selected set of Draw Balls are weighed and checked that their individual weight are within an accepted variance margin. This is to ensure that every ball has an equal chance of being drawn.

Step: 5
10 minutes before the start of the Draw, the Draw Controller loads the selected Draw Balls into the selected Draw Machine in sequence. A Draw Announcer reads the number as each Ball is loaded into the Draw Machine. This is conducted in the presence of the independent public accounting firm representative and audience.

Step: 6
At the appointed time, the Draw starts. Trained and authorised Draw personnel from Singapore Pools conduct the draw in front of a live audience,
witnessed by an independent public accounting firm.

Step: 7
In the presence of the independent public accounting firm, the Draw Announcer invites a member of the public to volunteer to assist with the Draw. Upon checking that he/she did not participate in the last 10 Draws, he/she proceeds to press the “START” switch on the control panel.........

There are still several steps but I will skip those. What concerns us predictionists are Step 1 and Step 4.

Step 1 already stated clearly that a new machine and balls set will be randomly selected to be used in every draw.

Step 4 is the "killer" for us - "The selected set of Draw Balls are weighed and checked that their individual weight are within an accepted variance margin. This is to ensure that every ball has an equal chance of being drawn."

The individual ball's weight are checked to make sure that they are within "an accepted variance margin" ??? What the hell is that supposed to mean eh ? What is the "accepted variance margin" for them ? Why is there such a variance in each ball's weight in the 1st place ? With today's precision technology, they cant make all the balls have exactly the same weight meh ? This slight variance in each ball of each balls-set (which they have many sets) is whats tripping us up, bro. Even if the difference in weight between the balls is only 0.001 grams, it already shattered the principle that "every ball has an equal chance of being drawn", as they put it. As a matter of fact, it is exactly because of this, thats why not all the balls will have an equal chance to be picked.

Have you ever wonder why SGPool stops their sales at 6pm but why is it that the actual draw is only abt half an hour later ?
Msg #73
04-05-2014 07:02 pm


There u are.....1DTPs for SG 0, 2 and 5 are all there, rite ? haha. Lets see hows 2 and 4 for Magnum eh ? ;)
Msg #74
04-05-2014 07:24 pm

Giugno128 sifu...

Msg #75
04-05-2014 07:44 pm

hahahahahah.... as i read this comment, it just make me laugh "...with today's precision technology, they cant make all the balls have exactly the same weight meh ?..."

anyway, now that point is interesting to know..
Msg #76
04-05-2014 08:38 pm

Yea sifu luc, ur 1DTP hits the top prize again. For magnum digit 2 hits the board but digit 4 skips tis draw. So nw i knw wat to expect on next draw ;D
Msg #77
04-05-2014 08:42 pm

Yea sifu, i ever tot y thy need to stop their sales earlier thn the actual draw? N why thr r certain numbers is 'sold out'?
Msg #78
05-05-2014 05:18 am


Yes, sis....now U know how to get 1DTPs within minutes. Go do your own "confirmation" of this theory on as many previous Magnum's and SGPool's draw as you can. U will find that its success rate is a good 90%, as I had said.

Another tip for you :- fyi, this same principle can be applied to determine the paired-digits of AABCs for the next draw in the general board, not only just T3 group. Similarly too, it takes only a few minutes of glancing at the previous draw results, thats all.

These principles or "assumptions" of how 4d numbers past relationship is link to its present appearances, is still holding up, even though SGPool is trying its darnest to disrupt as much as possible any predictable pattern for the punters to spot on, by changing their machine ball all the time. If even these basic patterns, eg.the 1DTP's that I had shown you, can be disrupted by their changing of machines, then it will be time for us all to pack up and close shop.

I do not know what other possible tricks that SGPool may have up their sleeves in the future, but I always use all these simple "theories" as a gauge to see whether 4d prediction is still viable or not. So long as these basic theories are still holding up and the pattern is still there, this means that SGPool has not yet been able to make results as random and as unpredictable as they would like it to be. This means that even though the going is abit tougher, we are still in business. No need to close shop yet.

By the way, I have an ALERT message for all members here regarding a certain scam which is going on in the internet, pertaining to 4d prediction. In your search for online website (when you google "4D prediction" or similar topics like that), do be very wary when you come across someone by the name of 'Xebastian Ouyang'. Guy is a smooth operator and self-proclaimed to be the first mutli-millionaire to have break the code of SGPool. I had read his strategies and methods in playing 4D. They are not too bad in itself but problem is that it is too "conservative" for anyone to be made a millionaire out of SGPool by playing like that. LOL. Unless he can show evidences of his big winning tickets (like I can), and put his money where his mouth is, then it is nothing but a sham feeding on beginners who do not know anything abt 4d prediction but are hoping to strike it rich.

So, be wary out there, people. Nothing is for free (except here, that is)....and when something looks too good to be true, then it probably is.
Msg #79
05-05-2014 05:54 am

@bro giugno128

Reference again to your MSG#60....

The Law of Averages or Probability can even influenced the way result numbers are being derived from - ie. from which 4d methods. We know that there are many 4d methods out there for prediction of 4D numbers, right ? Over time, during a certain period in the cycle of the 4D game itself, certain methods will produce more results numbers than other. After a while, when the cycle moves on to the next stage, another type of method may be the dominant one to produce hits on a consistent basis. Those that were very effective initially, may start to lose its effectiveness in coming out with striking numbers. This does not necessarily means that the particular method is of no use anymore. It is more like that the method is of less relevance in the current period of time. It may still come back to be in play again after a while....bit I suspect that cycle of this sort is going to be a VERY large one. Meaning to say, that it will be quite a while before you see its old effectiveness again.

What this means is that it is time to move on to another method - a method which is more consistent with the current behavioral pattern of numbers. I, myself, had gone through several methods in my time. Those that had lost its effectiveness (for whatever reasons), either I tweaked it a bit here or there, or I discard them totally or just use them as a 'checking method' thats all.

These things are good to know and be aware of, if we wanna stay in this 4D prediction biz long. For those who are not aware of this 'phenomenon' in 4D, you will see them blazing hot during the period when their methods are the prevalent one in deriving hit numbers.....but when that cycle passes, they dim and fade away (without knowing why). Whoever can stay in the game the longer, will be the one who is more agile in keeping up with all the various changes that a game like 4D can throw at us, mate.
Msg #80
05-05-2014 08:50 am

@bro luc

Thanks for the advise, whichever methods I am using, always on going and as you had said, certain period is hot and certain period is cold.... like the 2D FD & LD. Why I said SGPools chances the machine or ballsets becos my blackhole shows multiple () blanks. Normally when during my computations, a few () BLANKS already given me a for sure 3D, 90%+ accuracy like 687, 374. Also as you said, is a cycle, for begining of the year, the same () blank was 27+double digits, and the few draw later the same () bank will have 2x7y. Few months later, the due to ballset change, the same blank () give 471 etc. The Blackhole system is soft of monitoring the changes, forecasting the possible digit and some methods, even giving me the possible direct sequences (this part is very new, just developed for 3 draws ago).

Bro, very much appreciated for your good advise and teaching...

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