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02-05-2014 11:54 am

Hi All, Sifu giugno128,
any 3d for tommorrow? self will play 369, magnum.
any comment on this 3d?

since its first draw in May, not quite sure this 3d will hit tommorow. but if look on past trend, trust it will make strong hits in May.
however, need your comment as well as i also need more things to learn

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02-05-2014 12:02 pm

i know 2d 36,33 will hits tommorow, thats im certain if we study the trend for magnum. for 3d, i take 9 to complete my 3d, as this number missing tp since 4 draws. maybe will not missing in TP tommorow, not sure. maybe it will not pair with 33,36, not sure as well. Not to say, i target 3dtp, because at my level still hard to guess, just from above 2d facts, and cold/hot number, i will try 369.

sifu luc, any comment or suggestion to look on other what factor?

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02-05-2014 12:14 pm

Hi caieast

The pandora 2D & 3D will be out later...
First of all, when you looked into the normal 3D data, you studied it and understand the trend of the normal 3D... you also know or guess whether that particular 3D will be out on the next draw... Then you look into podium or 3DTP to determine whether the selected 3D will hit podium or not.... using this way will shorten the search of the 3DTp...

Let me have a look at the Magnum 369 and be back soon.

Good Luck
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02-05-2014 12:15 pm

Thanks bro giugno128 and bro luc!

will be learning and absorbing as much as i can.. thank you again for being so helpful and kind to help everyone here..

If ever i can get a breakthrough, i will also do my part in helping..

thanks again!
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02-05-2014 12:21 pm

Hi Sifu giugno128,

"First of all, when you looked into the normal 3D data, you studied it and understand the trend of the normal 3D... you also know or guess whether that particular 3D will be out on the next draw... Then you look into podium or 3DTP to determine whether the selected 3D will hit podium or not.... using this way will shorten the search of the 3DTp..."

Yes, that i doing, only that now i focus on what 3d may hits on board, for the 3DTP, will go to that when i have master the basic level of 3d. hihihi
3d data help a lots, thanks for that.

do you know where i can download previous result for magnum back from 1985?
for toto, yes, we can download it from their official website.

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02-05-2014 12:35 pm

Hi caieast
For Malaysia's counters, you can try myfreepost...
All data are there...
Msg #27
02-05-2014 12:46 pm

Hi caieast
For Magnum, recently post about 3D

Msg #693
30-04-2014 13:14:02


3D for 948 - Feb 13 (7 hits), Mar 13 (6 hits), Apr 13 (7 hits), May 13 (10 hits), Feb 14 (6 hits), Mar 14 (5 hits), Apr 14 (5 hits). Seems that quite constant in trend.... 948 is good for Apr 14 and May 14. For top 3, the last 3rd prize hit was 15 Feb 2012, it may goes into medium gap for Top 3 hits... and expect it will happen in May 14, if 948 follows last May 13 of having around 10 hits>

3D for 257 - Feb 13 (3 hits), Mar 13 (8 hits), Apr 13 (6 hits), May 13 (4 hits), Feb 14 (14 hits), Mar 14 (11 hits), Apr 14 (7 hits). Hmmm, very good hits in 2014... Let looks into years 2011 & 2012.

3D for 257 - Feb 11 (8 hits), Mar 11 (5 hits), Apr 11 (4 hits), May 11 (8 hits). Feb 12 (10 hits), Mar 12 (3 hits), Apr 12 (8 hits), May 12 (5 hits). Still not good.. Look into 2010 trends

3D for 257 - Feb 09(7 hits), Mar 09 (6 hits), Apr 09 (9 hits), May 09(5 hits), Feb 10 (9 hits), Mar 10 (10 hits), Apr 10 (8 hits), May 10 (5 hits). Looks like a better trend selection.


Well, just checked that 3Ds
257 still no hit on 30 April 2014, non podium will see about 3 to 5 hits in the month of May 2014.
948 has 3 hits on 30 April 2014, non podium and record in May, it will have good hits of about 8 to 10 this month.

Very obvious, you know what to look for for coming draw.

Good Luck
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02-05-2014 12:58 pm

Hi sifu giugno128,
thanks, that because we have good sifu sifu in this forum and because of that i now a bit confident to play magnum based on the techniques we learn here. some hits, some not, at least now we know, why no hits, and what to focus on before go to 3DTP.

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02-05-2014 01:05 pm


3D Pattern ...Mar 13 ...Apr 13 ...May 13 ...Jun 13...Feb 14...Mar 14...Apr 14
963......6......6......9...... 9......6......14......6

Will for 3D 963, still look good for May unless the high hits in March 14 will affect the results in May 14.

Good luck
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02-05-2014 05:13 pm

Hi giugno128(Sifu) , luc(Sifu) & Best4(Master Sifu) ,

Any comment on this 3D (147) - Magnum. Please advise. Thanks all Sifus.
(Master Sifu)
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02-05-2014 05:26 pm

Hello frantjr,
Tomorrow is Saturday, your favorite and lucky day.....
Any nice numbers to share with members?
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02-05-2014 08:51 pm

Hi caieast,

Generally in the beginning 1 or 2 draw from the month it is quite difficult to tell which 3ds would possibly come out first, as everyone of the 3ds will be trying to meet their quotas for the month.

It is something like in a horse-race. When the gate just swung open, all the horses stand an equal chance to win. Hard to tell which will be the winner. But midway thru, then it will become clearer to the spectators who will most probably be the winner.

But having said that, there are still ways and means to roughly hazard a guess as to whether a particular 3d will make its appearance in the early days of the month.

For that, we will have to look at its past behavioral patterns.....again. (Everything in 4D is abt looking at past records, is it not ?)

In this case, we do not really need to look that far back into the past, if you dont have all the data for it. Looking back into the last couple of months will be fine too. For simplicity sake, I will just look from the beginning of this year to see the pattern of 3d 369.

This 3d 369 since Jan this year, is on an alternate high-low-high-low monthly pattern. It has rather a clear pattern actually.

Jan (High - 8 hits)
Feb (Low - 6 hits)
March ( High - 14 hits)
April (Low - 6 hits)
May ? (Very likely will be High hits too)

Not all 3d patterns can be so nicely and clearly laid out. Those who are not, will make prediction that much more difficult. Therefore, in this sense, 3d 369 already has an advantage of having such a neat pattern.

Now, the only problem lies in the fact that in March, it may had over-extend itself and had exceeded its mthly quota by too much. That sometimes can force a "reversal" in its pattern, where from high-low-high-low it can reverse into low-high-low-high. If thats the case, then we may have 2 low mths pattern (April and May) before it goes into the high one again.

Assuming that it does not reverse its high-low alternate mth pattern and that May is still good for a high frequency mth, then the next thing to look for is the probability for this 3d series to come out in the 1st few draw of a new month.

Take a look at the data again.....

Jan (High - 8 hits) - 1st mthly hit on 4/1 Sat.
Feb (Low - 6 hits) - 1st mthly hit on 8/2 Sat.
March ( High - 14 hits) - 1st mthly hit on 1/3 Sat.
April (Low - 6 hits) - 1st mthly hit on 6/4 Sun.

Above data on past few mths appearances pattern looks GOOD.

Note that on its high frequency mths (which May will most probably be too) of Jan and Mar, 3d 369 usually came out in the 1st or 2nd draw of the mth (4/1 and 1/2 respectively). And the draw DAY that it usually happened was on a Sat. This is a good indication for the appearance of this 3d series on the 3/5 Sat draw, bro. If just based on this fact alone, I will give a high 80% chance for the number to come out in tmr draw.

But taking into consideration its March's appearances of 14 hits, which it had over-performed its usual high-mth quota by quite abit, I would reduce that 80% chance to maybe around 60-70% chance. It would still be a good winning odd number to follow though. If it doesnt appear on Sat, most likely it will be on Sun.

The 1ds good to match with 369 for tmr draw will be 1, 2, 4, and 6.

I havent check the 4d numbers that match with those 1Ds yet. U will have to go check for yrself and see their past performances to see which are the better ones.

Msg #33
02-05-2014 08:57 pm

typo error.....

"...3d 369 usually came out in the 1st or 2nd draw of the mth (4/1 and *1/2* respectively)....."

should be *1/3*.....
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02-05-2014 09:17 pm

@caieast -

TP for 3D 369 :

From a very quick and brief glance of its 3DTP cycle, 3d 369 is now on its medium-3DTP gap cycle. It is at 3DTP Gap 15 now from its last T3 hit on 8/3/14.

For medium-gap cycle, T3 usually occurs between Gap15 - Gap20. This means that anywhere within its next 5 APPEARANCES (NOT draws) it would hit Top 3 again.

However, if it goes into a long-gap 3DTP cycle (anything beyond 20 Gaps), then it can goes up to Gap27 (max) before it hit T3 again.

Dun worry if you do not understand the actual meaning of 3DTP gaps here, bro......just keep on counting its NON-T3 hits as they appear. The 1st possible chance for T3, like I said, will be anywhere within the next 5 appearances.

So, keep this 3d series under monitor for at least its next 5 appearances, as it is good for medium-gap T3 hits. The 4th digit for it changes after every draw. Look back at the very last previous draw to get a clue of which 1d that will be good to match for it.
Msg #35
02-05-2014 10:40 pm

Hi members

Pandora 2D & 3D for Sat 03 May 2014
Magnum 2D: 16 - 38 - 79 - 47 - 37 - 35
Magnum 3D: 357 - 257 - 479 - 467 - 457

SportsToto 2D: 69 - 07 - 45 - 57 - 89 - 01
SportsToto 3D: 045 - 147 - 024 - 267 - 113

Sabah 2D: 48 - 16 - 49 - 12 - 37 - 99
Sabah 3D: 458 - 039 - 046 - 147 - 248

Good Luck

Msg #36
02-05-2014 11:26 pm

Hi bro giugno128,
Any 3d gor spore pool counter?
Many thank
Msg #37
03-05-2014 08:53 am

Hi members

SGPools 2D & 3D (All prizes) for Sat 3 May 2014

SGPools 2D: 18 - 46 - 37 - 48 - 79 - 99
SGPools 3D: 189 - 024 - 367 - 257 - 369

Good Luck
Msg #38
03-05-2014 08:58 am

Good morning members

A prediction friend has set up a post in cupin's other section, for those interested in

Mega Toto - Sabah Lotto - Singapore Toto numbers May

can visit that area.

For Toto, he is very good, recently his numbers can reach 5 hits

Good Luck
Msg #39
03-05-2014 09:35 am

previous username seems to have problem,so create a new username.
kumsia kumsia to all sifus for sharing.
let all huat huat huat !!!

from 3D shared by giugno128(Sifu) for SG Pools
i am buying 9042, 3649 and 7963 plus my regular numbers - 1628, 5050, 5151, 5803
Msg #40
03-05-2014 09:55 am

Hi, sifu giugno...good day to you. Can i know which pandora 4d i should refer? Thanks a lot
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