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26-04-2014 12:58 pm

Hi guys & lady
I am outside, not at home.
Will send u the 3D excel file when back. Lots of work you need to do before u can actually use the file. There is no instant solution to your 4D numbers that could hit top 3.

Good luck
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26-04-2014 01:05 pm


Sorry for the mix up in the gender, sis. :)


Hey bro, been wanting to ask you abt my lucky periods for the year 2014. I am a Metal Rat. DOB 27.04.60. Time of birth - 0900 am. Tks.
(Master Sifu)
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26-04-2014 01:53 pm

Hello Boy 1987,
According to your birthdate, Magnum is your lucky counter.
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26-04-2014 01:58 pm

Hi Luc, will play on your core numbers today for SG pools 1239,1236 & 1235. Thanks
(Master Sifu)
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26-04-2014 02:42 pm

Hello Sifu luc,
Know something? I am also a rat (Earth rat...1948) According to the Chinese Zodiac, this year is not that good for rats with the exception of Earth and Metal rats (So we are okay)
Your lucky days are Tuesday,Thursday and Friday
Lucky periods:
February 20th to March 1st
March 21st to April 27th
June 22nd to July 3rd
August 24th to September 4th
October 21st to November 27th
December 23rd to January 3rd
Your first lucky number is 9 and second lucky number is also 9
Lucky 4D numbers 9906,9921 and 9914
Lucky financial numbers for 2014...1,3,6,8,9
Apart from the lucky periods, every month on the 9th,18th and 27th are also your lucky days if they fall on lottery/Toto days.
Buy your Wednesday lottery on Tuesday (your lucky day) and Satuday/Sunday lottery on Thursday or Friday (your lucky days)
Recently I noticed that your predictions are very "cun" know why?You were in your lucky period March 21st to April 27th...and 2 weeks ago you predicted 99 and said that 1and 4 should be a good combination...the same night Sunday 13/4 First prize was 4199 (one of your personal lucky numbers 9914...terbalek)
If you would have asked earlier, you would have made a "big pile"
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26-04-2014 03:08 pm

Hi members

Having a break becos is raining...
Using pen & paper, this is what I have for SGPools.

1st digit - 2, 5, 7
If you like digit 0, it may be 3rd digit.
Pandora 4D for SG looks good.
Take notes on ABCD series..

Good luck
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26-04-2014 03:10 pm

Also, could be one AABC series

Good luck
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26-04-2014 04:08 pm

Hi Aeon56,

This may come a bit late.....but if u can, also buy abit on sys 1234 as safety net, k. Gdluck, bro !


Hey tks a lot for the reply on my lucky periods. Appreciate it, bro.

Yea, I read the chinese horoscope and it said that The Year of The Horse is not so good for Rats in general. Hopefully we , the Earth Rat and Metal Rat, can be the exception eh. Also hoping to use my 4d skill to overcome the factor of Luck (or rather the lack of it) as much as possible.

Oh yea...that sys number 1499.

Someone was asking whether the number was good for that coming draw. So I went to run it thru my checking system/method and found that all its 3Ds and even the actual 4D itself was good to go for that day. Didnt know that it was my own personal lucky number. Haha.

Good luck to all today !~
(Master Sifu)
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26-04-2014 08:33 pm

Hello alycd,
Congrats!!!! One of your lucky numbers 3517 was drawn 1st Prize tonight at Singapore Pools....number drawn was 5137...
Would be happy for you,if you bought it...
So far you and your husband's lucky numbers have netted you a consolation,a starter and now a Top Podium prize...
You owe me a lunch...hahaha
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26-04-2014 09:04 pm

I have no idea why I can't open this site for the whole day.
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26-04-2014 09:41 pm

Me too, trying to access this forum since 4pm....
Guess Sifu Luc's contributions must have over load this site....

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26-04-2014 09:55 pm


Sys 1235 missed by a whisker in 1st prize today....sh*t!....it went over instead to Msia 1+ 3D as 3rd prize.


I am having problem in opening the page too. Think this site is getting too popular lah and its taxing too much on the bandwidth. Saw " 1250 visitor online" this afternoon....hmmm....
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26-04-2014 10:11 pm

Hi members,

RESULTS: Pandora 4D for Sat & Sun 27 & 28 Apr 2014
CashSweep 4D: 2nd- 6304 3rd - 6034
SportsToto 4D: 1st – 7041 2nd – 7189
Da Ma Cai 4D: No Hit
STC 4D: No Hit
Sabah 88 4D: No Hit
SGpools 4D: 2nd – 8112 3rd - 4017

Magnum 2D:
69 – Special 9856 Consolation 0964
03 – Special 5930 7903
34 – 1st 8342 Special 3345 Consolation 3345 8343
36 – 3rd 6831 Special 3636
98 – Special 9856 7789 Consolation 8989 7879

Magnum 3D:
024 – Consolation 0248
479 – Special 7094
137 – Special 8731
689 – Special 9856

SportsTOTO 2D:
37 – Special 4377 3772 Consolation 4387
19 – 2nd 7189
47 – 1st 7041 Special 6467 4377 Consolation 4387
27 – Special 3772 Consolation 5772 8275
14 – 1st 7041

SportsTOTO 3D:
018 – Consolation 1083
147 – 1st 7041

Sabah 2D:
18 – 1st 9818 Lucky 4841 8619
96 – 2nd 9062 Lucky 8619 Consolation 4069 7963
41 – Lucky 4841 1914 3411
53 – Lucky 1536 6358 Consolation 5383
66 – Consolation 6062

Sabah 3D:
045 – Consolation 5440
314 – Lucky 3411
048 – Lucky 8407

Congrat to members who are laughing tonite !!!
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26-04-2014 10:12 pm

Yap......1235 jumped into the wrong wagon... x_x
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26-04-2014 10:13 pm

@ Sifu giugno128
yes Sifu, the site can't handle Sifu Luc's contributions, which is too many haha

@ Sifu luc
ah 1235, so close Sifu, if only the 2 was 7.
didn't win the 1st prize either, but I got the 3rd price iBet for playing 0147 and won a little. better luck next time Sifu :)
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26-04-2014 10:14 pm

Well, my Msg#573 & Msg #574 hit top 3 board...just try the method for fun...
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26-04-2014 11:58 pm

Sifu giugno128 can sent me singapore pool 3D excel to [email protected] dot com. Thanks ..
(Master Sifu)
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27-04-2014 12:02 am

Hello bro luc,
On this special day (27/4),here's wishing you good health,continuous good luck and prosperity...Happy Birthday!!!!!
My birthday gift to you.....5460....1254....1912. Huat ahh
Have a great day
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27-04-2014 12:16 am

Hi kokmeng38
Can you give me the 1D & 2D for SGPools tomorow?
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27-04-2014 12:21 am

@sifu Best4 @sifu Luc
Wahhh. Got so many rat here... I'm 84 rat. Hello Big Brother and 2nd Brother :D Nice combination "48 60 84".
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