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19-04-2014 12:40 pm

Hi caiest,

2day I got time. Teach you how to fish abit for yrself, bro.

Regarding your number ..." 261x - 7,9,5,0 ".

We all know that before u even wanna buy that 4d number, we must be sure that its 3d comp MUST be able to appear in the next draw, right ?

Ok, so u pick 3d 261 and then coupled it with some 1Ds to get the 4d numbers.

Can u tell me based on what did you select the 3d 126 as a good candidate for the next coming draw ? How were its past couple of months performances ? Did u study that ?

Only if you had studied their past performances, would you then be able to 'guesstimate', whether it stands a good chance to appear again in the next draw. Only from their past performances would you be able to determine what type of cycle they are in for the month - whether this month is going to be a Low or High month.

Below are samples of their performances up till Jan this year. Take a look see, bro, then you would be able to make a better decision for yourself. Only show you the last 3 months. Advanced players look all the way back to the last decade (year 2000). The further back, the clearer the picture will be.

So, let see the last 3 mths performances for 3D 126 for a very quick and brief analysis, shall we ?

Jan - 4 times appearances
Feb - 10 times appearances
March - 6 times appearances
April (as of 16/4) - 8 appearances

See how even in the short 4 mths of data that The Law of Averages is influencing it nicely ? Jan to current April : Low-High-Low-High cycle. The appearances for these 4 mths are being averaged out pretty neatly huh ? Easy to spot, right ? So, what we can spot, we will be able to make use of.

Therefore, going by the Low/High trend, we know that in all likelihood the month of April will be a High Cycle month. And going by the last High month in Feb, 3d 126 can hit 10 times appearances in that mth. So current 8 times of appearances, means that this 3D has not run out of juice yet. It can still go on for another 1 - 2 time at the very least.

But there are still 6 more draws to go for the month of April. So if we take the conservative number of 2 more times for 3d 126 to appear in April, then we will have to spread these 2 times of appearances out amongst the 6 draws left.

So next question is : Does it stands a good chance to come out in the next draw of 19/4 ?

For that, we will have to see all the previous appearances that it had in this month, and also month to month.

It has all 8 appearances clustered tightly in the 1st half of the mth, with the last few consecutive hits on 8/4, 13/4 (twice) and 16/4.

Perhaps it may need a breather soon and take a few draws' breaks before appearing again somewhere in the 3rd quarter ? Remember, we still got 6 more draws to go before mth end.

This is just my 2 cents, bro. Of course, I could be wrong as nothing is 100% guaranteed in a game involving Luck, right ? Maybe Luck will help it makes a 4th consecutive hits in a row. Who knows eh ? But generally I wouldnt like to push Luck too far, you know. Better go with the Law of Probability in this case, if you know what mean.

Anyway, this is one of the ways how one should go about checking the validity of a 3D in determining whether it is good to appear in the next draw or not.

Take a looksee, bro.....this 3d 126 has quite an "interesting" trend even for its monthly date of appearances......pretty neat.

1 16-Apr-2014 Wed 9261 60 ABCD 18
2 13-Apr-2014 Sun 6121 1000 AABC 10
3 13-Apr-2014 Sun 2316 200 ABCD 12
4 08-Apr-2014 Tue 7621 60 ABCD 16
5 05-Apr-2014 Sat 6421 60 ABCD 13
6 05-Apr-2014 Sat 2169 2500 ABCD 18
7 05-Apr-2014 Sat 2196 200 ABCD 18
8 02-Apr-2014 Wed 6128 200 ABCD 17
9 12-Mar-2014 Wed 0261 60 ABCD 09
10 12-Mar-2014 Wed 2164 200 ABCD 13
11 09-Mar-2014 Sun 4621 500 ABCD 13
12 09-Mar-2014 Sun 6721 200 ABCD 16
13 04-Mar-2014 Tue 2681 200 ABCD 17
14 02-Mar-2014 Sun 8126 200 ABCD 17
15 26-Feb-2014 Wed 0261 60 ABCD 09
16 26-Feb-2014 Wed 8621 60 ABCD 17
17 16-Feb-2014 Sun 6217 1000 ABCD 16
18 11-Feb-2014 Tue 6125 60 ABCD 14
19 11-Feb-2014 Tue 6621 2500 AABC 15
20 09-Feb-2014 Sun 6128 500 ABCD 17
21 05-Feb-2014 Wed 1562 200 ABCD 14
22 04-Feb-2014 Tue 1628 60 ABCD 17
23 02-Feb-2014 Sun 2061 200 ABCD 09
24 02-Feb-2014 Sun 2016 60 ABCD 09
25 26-Jan-2014 Sun 1261 200 AABC 10
26 22-Jan-2014 Wed 2168 60 ABCD 17
27 15-Jan-2014 Wed 4126 60 ABCD 13
28 01-Jan-2014 Wed 6124 500 ABCD 13
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19-04-2014 12:48 pm

Hi bro luc,

Thanks a lot for sharing. Your explanations are very detail and helpful for beginners like me.Really appreciated it.
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19-04-2014 12:48 pm

Hey congratz Best4 in finding the coin !! $1 coin somemore.....power sia ! :D

Remember bro, keep it in your LEFT pocket when you are buying your nos. And when you reach home, keep it in your lucky spot at home. Try not to spend it k. I myself have a container almost full of coins that I had found over the years. Didnt spend one cent of it at all. (Dunno what I am going to do with them though when they over spill from the container....haha).

Hey forget to add this point last time......each time when U pick up a coin, say a silent word of "Thanks" to show appreciation to whichever guardian angel that leads you to that coin. ')

Also, at times the rewards may came abit late. Usually within the next 3 draws. Whats more impt.is to hang on to that "Happy Feeling", man !

G'luck and HUAT AHHH !!!~~~~
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19-04-2014 12:52 pm

Btw Best4, I also have one of your numbers in my list (the 3rd one). It is one of the 3DTPs number. Finger-crossed for podium prize, my friend !!
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19-04-2014 12:53 pm

Hi shimis27,

U are welcome. I like to talk shop abt 4D whenever I have the time to. It is a hobby of mine. :)
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19-04-2014 01:36 pm

Hi guys/newcomers/sifu guigno 128

I'm quite busy for a while..last draw almost hit 3rd prize. I want to share my hot and cold number in my opinion.

Hot number: 2,3,4

Complimentary : 1,5,7,9,0

Cold number : 6,8

My 3d prediction : 257, 277, 099, 782

Good luck guys..
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19-04-2014 01:49 pm

Hi sifus and all members,

Thank you sifu giugno128 for the excel file.

This is my predicted numbers for today:

3D = 054, 254, 420
4D = 2054, 4323, 9898

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19-04-2014 05:12 pm

Hi all. i ve been busy. If anyone is interested the number on my fishing rod is 266 and bar code last 4 nos. 0466 .
266 is a 3d so add any of your personal lucky no.

i bought the 7266, 9266, 0266 and 0466(barcode) all ibox only for Sg pools, toto and cashsweep.

Other nos for sg - 9213, 4051,1037,8898 ,8686,1159 and 7716
Damacai kakis look out for 9491.

Play in moderation! Good luck everyone!

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19-04-2014 06:00 pm

@ sifu best i like your superstitions. i practice most of it too. no. 7,8,9 is important. Hope all members will benefit from this too!

There is this step i practice to improve my luck that is to allocate some of the winning money for charity and to buy something to eat / hobby stuff or else very hard to strike. Last time i never bothered so i use back the winning $ to bet didn't spend on myself or charity .i kept thinking if i strike big then i donate despite deep inside i knew i have to do it then and by not spending a bit on myself i made myself unhappy. I ended up like farmer facing drought. No strike at all i cant even hit a small prize. This happens to me i think because my behaviour towards 4d is not balanced and i was greedy. Charity is subjective issue but the most important is must be sincere about it.
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19-04-2014 07:20 pm

@ Luc

Our country used only first prize as reference so the pass result only record first prize number. They also combine it with SGP toto. So the predictor use monday wednesday thursday saturday and sunday draw to analyze. About what I mentioned "direct play" may be I used a wrong word. What I mean is same like system entry bet.
Msg #411
19-04-2014 09:05 pm

My luckiest day ever i guess! 1st time ever.
I strike top 3 magnum today 1st-mbox 2nd and 3rd -direct! Even with rm1 bet i m sooo happy!!
I will give the,money to the temple and also to the poor kids i bump into anytime!
Phone num,. birth cert num and my mom's car num!
Congrats to all who won
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19-04-2014 09:35 pm

Hi Sifu Giugno128, Best4 (MasterSifu) Bro Luc and all members..

just want to share something that make me so upset today.. after been following a number 9557(sys) from 12/04 for magnum and sg pool it came out today at magnum counter 9557(direct), but unfortunately i just bought for sg pool. and once again 2557 came out for sg pool. repeat from 13/04 direct!! i cant believe it.

Sifu Giugno128 and Bro Luc, is there any posibility that 9557(sys) will come out for sg pools counter for next draw? as 3ds - 955-957-557 from 9557(sys) was came out for today draw. i mean 3d-557. thanks!!
Msg #413
19-04-2014 11:47 pm

Haiiii... Anyone laughing tonight? Seems like everyone enjoy their weekend this night.
Msg #414
19-04-2014 11:58 pm

I win small in magnum starter 2407. Today catch small fish n will soon catch bigger fish (thinking positive)
Msg #415
20-04-2014 12:23 am

Congrats to u shimis27...

Based on sifu giugno128 msg#46 at Febuary prediction I felt down and lose my spirit to aiming 3 Top Prize escpecially for the first prize. But I know is true like sifu said " A professional is aiming on number of hits, not hitting a 1st prize" Even a professional like sifu still aiming hits at consolation and startes. I think a beginner like me will through very very very long way and time to get there. Hahaha...

Don't a know its a stupid question or not, will try to asked sifu giugno128 and Luc. What do you think about analyze last 2 digit on first prize. Example:
Date. First Prize. last 2 digit
19/04/2014. 1298. 98
16/04/2014. 4121. 21
13/04/2014. 4199. 99
12/04/2014. 0485. 85

2 digit only have 99 numbers start from 01 until 99. I thinks its easy to analyze and predict. Do sifu and Luc think it got a method to predict it?
Msg #416
20-04-2014 05:23 am

Hi Luc,
thanks for the explaination. very details.
it well help me when deciding which 3d to choose for next draw.
Msg #417
20-04-2014 06:26 am

hi members..

my 3d for magnum : 996-992
4d : 9962(sys)-9960(sys),

will follow 5597(sys) for sarawak and sg pools..
Msg #418
20-04-2014 10:03 am


Your country only has records for 1st prizes ?? Then I am sorry to say that, IMO, the data would not be sufficient enough to compute or to analyze. As there is only ONE 1st prize per draw, even if you have a 10 years record in your database, there wouldnt even be enough info to draw a proper chart on them to identify patterns and trends. I definitely cant do any analysis or trend-spotting based on so little data. We want to have as many occurrences in events as possible, in order to have a better picture of how and why these events are happening, before we can attempt to 'predict' what the possible future events would be like.
Msg #419
20-04-2014 10:08 am

@ polo88

Way to go, bro !!!

Congratz on your hatrick winnings on all podium prizes, man ! Lucky you !

Thats my goal too and am working towards that. So far, best personal record only managed to get 2 Top3 prizes in a single draw - 1st and 2nd prize and 1st and 3rd prize. The 3rd one always escaped from me. Hopefully can also post in this forum one day to announce hitting all 3 Top prizes. :)
Msg #420
20-04-2014 11:27 am

Hi kiolip,

Ok lets look at sys 9557 for SGPool.

1. The number looks good for the month of April, even though this year may be its Low year. Medium range outlook is positive for the next 6-8 draws.

2. Now, we look at nearer term outlook, i.e. is it good for this coming draw ?

As it is an AABC number, 1st u must determine whether which AAs will be most likely to come out today, and whether 55xx has a chance or not.

Offhand, I can tell you that AAs good for today draw will be 22xx, 33xx, 88xx and 99xx. 22xx will be the strongest, while 88xx and 99xx are 2nd best. So, as far as AABC nos. go, 55xx is considered WEAK in this coming draw. Probably will be a no-show for "55" later. Therefore that doesnt seem to be too good for 9557 in this evening draw.

3. Analyzing its 3d components of 557, 559 and 579.

3d 559 and 579 are not the problem here. Their chances of coming out in today draw is good. But 557 may skip one or two draws before it shows again. 3d analysis for AABC and ABCD is not the same. There is a slight variation in it. The same principle of 3d prediction we use for ABCD may not work all the times for AABC numbers. Theres why when it comes to AABC I adopt a slightly different view to it than to ABCD numbers.

The frequency of occurrences for 3ds of AAB per draw and per mth are much lesser than 3ds of ABC nos. Thats why it is more difficult to predict AABC numbers than ABCD nos.

For 3d 557 it has an average appearances of 3 times per mth for the last 1 year. So far this mth it has already hit 3 times - its mthly average. BUT, becoz in the mth of March it had underperformed with only 1 hit, this mth it may possibly hit again one more time to average out the last low hit it had last mth (Law of Average). But the question is - will it appear again in today draw ? My take is that it is unlikely to do so. The multiple 2 hits it had in yesterday draw actually works against its favor. Anything more than 1 hit in a single draw for AAB numbers is already straining its limit, it that AAB is not a hot-running one for the season. Going by its last few mths trend, 557 does not look like a hot-running AAB and also the fact that for the last year or so, after having 2 hits in a single draw, there had never been a consecutive hit again in the following draw. It will takes a breather for a few draws before its next appearance.

So the summary is - out of 3 points mentioned, 2 bad vs 1 good. Winning odds does not look good for the coming draw.

When conditions arrive when theres more good points than bad ones, then perhaps it will be a better wager to bet on it again. Conditions such as : when 55xx are in favor for the next draw and all its 3d components have no great obstacle in appearing for that draw.

Thats my 2 cents, bro.

As always, I may be wrong. Nothing is guaranteed, k. U make the call, mate.

G'luck !~
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