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March 2014 4D Predictions

Reminder: Please settle and pay your debt first before playing lottery. Pay early to prevent loan interest. Save as much money into your private retirement scheme, because 75% people is not ready for their retirement nowdays and the kwsp, epf and cpf money will finish in just 5 years. Credit cards like visa and mastercard are easy to get, think carefully before you spend money and buy something with it. Do not play any online gambling or going to casino, because it is very addictive and hard to manage budget. Clairvoyant and tarot psychic reading can help to increase chances of winning the lottery sometimes, but please be careful.


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27-03-2014 10:39 pm

refering to Msg #704

thanks for the explanation. Just now, i'm totally blur.


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27-03-2014 10:47 pm

Hi luffy
goto msg#3 & msg#80


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28-03-2014 12:13 am

o..thats a trick to tackle 2D...now the image is clearer...thanks for the guide sifu...in process of studying the pattern for 2D...


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28-03-2014 10:30 am

Hi members
Sorry, been very busy & lots of cases to handle at work ...

I have been teaching free on 1D, 2D and sometimes 3D. You guys need to master all these basic skills first.....

Pandora 4D system is different, and most of you know that it follows certain rules but it has it's own limitations, sadly speaking. Like I always say, Pandora is not 100% perfect and all numbers are 90% system numbers and may be only a few numbers are direct numbers...

So far, I had read, used many methods to derive direct numbers for top 3 or podium numbers, it takes time to develop one and I am in a process of it.

My aim of putting my teaching methods in forum is giving you guys the basic tools to fish and to eat, rather giving you guys fishes to eat. By giving the basic tools, it is easy for you to fish BIGGER FISH than putting HOT numbers in the pond. Too many fishermen can only fish ikan small fishes or none. Simple rule, if too many ppl goto one pond to fish, what will you get? small ikan or nothing....Once you learn how to use basic tools, normally, you will upgrade to better tools for BIGGER Fish... Who knows, you may catch a Mermaid later. No matter what tools you are using, the fishes is what we want, and how to locate the Big Fish is to study records, to find traces of where they often been seen....

Make used of all the 1D (can be found on some website), 2D (workout your own or get from forum) & 3D (some can workout or get from this site) and 4D (can get from Pandora 4D or do a trend study to get the number yourself). This way, you can get let Bigger Fishes bites your lines.

I received many e mail, asking about Pandora 4D system. All I have to say, Pandora 4D system is just 4x4 Matrix, nothing special about it and it just 4 x 4 boxes with some digits in it. The true magic is the selected digits put in the box. Those digits are carefully selected according to the trends (numbers, weekly, monthly, yearly trends) and I can tell you, slightly more than 441 numbers, you can have a about 18 to 22 hits in a single draw (for SGPools that I have only). Now, i am narrowing and looking at the podiums hits...(for SG first), looking at where to fish them.

Whether people are happy or not happy with Pandora 4D because each of them have their own reasons....all $$$. Happy because Pandora 4D can help them to gain $, not happy because Pandora 4D make them loose $ (not just betting reasons). All these is beyond my control and is all up to individual on how they see the matter. Play smart and safe is all I have to say and always repeating myself.

For members who are learning, learn as much as you can at your own timing.... once you reach a at certain skill, you have to discover new ways because 4D games is never been a fix or straight forwards games after all. It is changes, our aim is to win with limited input of betting to get the maximum gain from winning.

Good Luck in coming draws...


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28-03-2014 10:39 am

Thanks kiolip for the explanation.


Msg #686

28-03-2014 11:37 am

giugno128 (Sifu),

I yet to receive the 3d excel file...jaganath dot rudramuni at gmail dot com.....


Msg #687

28-03-2014 11:51 am

Previous 2D
I only play magnum counter:-

Sat 29.3.2014 - 2D-82...if got excel can learn 3D.....


Msg #688

28-03-2014 11:56 am

My prediction for 29.3.2014:-


Sifu any idea on this number??


Msg #689

28-03-2014 12:19 pm

Hi members

PANDORA 4D SYSTEM for Sat 29 Mar 2014
Pandora 4D (Every draws there always some hits....)
Forming your System 4D numbers as follows:
a) Choose only ONE digit in EACH Column to form 4Ds.
b) 4Ds formed are system numbers.
Choose Column W: 4 Column X: 4 Column Y: 5 Column Z: 0 to form 4450
Choose Column W: 1 Column X: 7 Column Y:5 Column Z: 7 to form 1757


SportsToto 2D: 47 - 46 - 76 - 17 - 14
SportsToto 3D: 443 - 440 - 250 - 350 - 840

Magnum 2D: 00 - 62 - 27 - 49 - 04 - 38
Magnum 3D: 452 - 125 - 566 - 746 - 940

Sabah 2D: 67 - 17 - 44 - 47 - 12
Sabah 3D: 100 - 123 - 478 - 128 - 039

SGPools 2D: 09 - 34 - 49 - 25 - 58 - 17
SGPools 3D: 220 - 223 - 135 - 054 - 662

Good Luck


Msg #690

28-03-2014 01:13 pm

In addition to what Sifu had said in msg #709, I would like to add my own input on the psychology of 4d prediction too.

Though I had just joined this site recently, I had been around to various 4d sites before and had been doing 4d predictions for quite a numbers of years already.

Many people had asked me to teach them too without knowing the intricacy that 4d predictions has. Had taken on some online students before (not anymore though coz its really very tedious and time consuming), and some had done ok , while others are not able to grasp whats been taught at all.

But here my general advice or heads up to those that are really keen to know.

1. Remember 4d prediction is more of an Art, rather than a precise Science. There's no magic formula or equation (I have many people emailing me asking me for my 'formula') that can give a straight forward answer like A+B = Winning Number ! If there is , we would all be Bill Gates already eh ?

Having said that, as 4d is a game that involves numbers and are played again and again over a long period now, trends and patterns will inevitably emerged as dictated by The Law of Probability and The Law of Averages. It is because of this emerging patterns/cycles that we can have some means of predicting the outcome of the near future by looking at the past. Without the above 2 Laws, esp. The Law of Averages, then things would really be happening in a haphazardous random manner where no prediction of what is to come next is possible. But because of them, the majority of events or occurrences tend to be even out over a certain period of time. This period of time is what I call as "cycles". There will be many cycles in the game of 4d. Big ones or small ones. Therefore because of this averaging factor thats influencing most things (and numbers too, of course), we are able to predict that following a period of low frequency occurrence for a specific number, a period of high frequency will come next. The high and low frequency can fluctuate between years, mths or weeks (i.e. big or small cycles), depending on the type of numbers that you are analyzing on, such as 3d, 4d, ABCD nos., AABC nos., AAAB nos etc etc.

2. There are many methods of prediction out there. Some are relatively simple , while others may need a rocket scientist just to understand them. Whatever it may be, one thing is constant and that is the data that we have to work with - the historical records of past results. We are all using the same data, regardless of the method used. So, if you can use and manipulate those data to get what u want, that is all that matters. Bear in mind at all times though that whichever method u used, a certain flexibility should be employed. Do not be too overly rigid and tied down to any one specific method as this is an Art we are performing, not a Science, remember ? Generally a combination of analysis (the more the better) to reconfirm and reinforce the result derived would be better.

3. Prediction is all about looking back at past data/record. Therefore access to a good 4d analyzing search tool is something that every serious predictionist must have. The more angles that the tool can look at the data, the better - such as the numbers of hits appearances (thats the barest basic of all), the dates of hits, the prize groups when hit, direct numbers searches, permutational searches in both 4ds and 3ds (this one is priceless if you are dealing with 3ds, which rightfully is how a 4d prediction should begins with), hits gap (both average and maximum gaps - this one is optional and is meant for those in the more advanced stage) etc etc. So, get hold of an analyzing tool first before even asking to learn the game.

4. Be patient. Take small steps first before you start to attempt to run. Learn the simple stuffs abt 4d predictions first before plunging into the more advanced ones. Get the 'feel' of how and what to monitor for before evolving into more complicated stuffs.

5. As you get more experienced in predicting, never stay permanently fixed on any one single method or system. Most (if not all) methods lose its effectiveness after a while and need to be improved on. What used to work wonders previously could cease to deliver over a period of time and another method need to be found. There is a reason why this happens but it would takes too long to explain here. Briefly though, it has got something to do with "cycles" - the cycle of prediction methods used to derive winning numbers, that is. Out of the 23 winning numbers in a single draws, NOT all numbers are derived from any ONE single method. There will be a mixture of all the various method that contribute to the winning numbers - eg. some are derived fm short-gap hit methods, some are from long-gap, others maybe from sum of digits methods, yet others could be seasonal play, just to name a few. The various methods out there are definitely more than the 23 winning numbers in a single draw. After a period of time, The Law of Average (even in this case) would kicks in and those methods which were pretty hot and consistent would be gradually edged out by those that havent been played yet. So if yours are those being "averaged out", you will start to find that your method is starting to lose its effectiveness. Stubborness in this case by continually throwing $$$ into a method like that would burn a big hole in the pocket. Wisest thing to do is to start again and decipher how results are derived most by which method and then adopt the new one. Sometimes all it takes is just to tweak the old one a little bit, change the criteria slightly, and then its back to business again. Happened to me too a couple of times over the years. Thats why I had been through a few methods already or had changed some of the old ones a little to suit the current situation.

There is a very simple and straightforward 4d prediction method that is very useful for new beginners in the game. No fanciful 4d skill nor knowledge needed at that stage. Just a good 4d search tool and a little bit of hard work at the onset is all. I call it the "Due and Elimination Method". It was how I got started years back.......but thats for another day, maybe. This post is getting too long as it is. Dun wanna bored people to death with it.


Msg #691

28-03-2014 01:55 pm

Hi bro,

Tks for the Pandora for 29/3.

SportsToto 2D: 47 - 46 - 76 - 17 - 14
SportsToto 3D: 443 - 440 - 250 - 350 - 840

Magnum 2D: 00 - 62 - 27 - 49 - 04 - 38
Magnum 3D: 452 - 125 - 566 - 746 - 940

Sabah 2D: 67 - 17 - 44 - 47 - 12
Sabah 3D: 100 - 123 - 478 - 128 - 039

SGPools 2D: 09 - 34 - 49 - 25 - 58 - 17
SGPools 3D: 220 - 223 - 135 - 054 - 662 "

Good to see that out of those 5 sets of 3D for SGPools, 4 of them (except 220) are in my numbers for Sat draw. :)

Also, almost all my 4d numbers bought for Sat can be found in the Pandora matrix too. Great !


Msg #692

28-03-2014 07:54 pm

Give a LIKE to Sifu giugno =)
Wish everyone here get a bigger fishes bites on coming draws. =)


Msg #693

28-03-2014 08:30 pm

Hi Sifu & Luc,

Thanks for the brief advice. Pushing extra effort here..

Good luck everyone for coming draw.


Msg #694

28-03-2014 09:59 pm

Hi all,

Can anyone show me where is the thread for 1D learning. Search around the category, yet cannot find any. As for 2D, already understood by going through this thread. Thanks upfront.


Msg #695

28-03-2014 10:10 pm

Hi luffy

In page 1 Msg#5


Msg #696

29-03-2014 12:27 pm

giugno128 (Sifu),

thanks for msg #714.
i will continue to buy my regular numbers, direct only - 4949, 1628, 8215, 5803
from msg #714,
i am buying 0549, direct and ibet.

huat huat huat....good luck to all


Msg #697

29-03-2014 12:33 pm

Best of Luck to BlueCat and all members...


Msg #698

29-03-2014 02:52 pm

today isee 9349 is good for Mag. also ibox as insurance


Msg #699

29-03-2014 05:26 pm

Hi glla4d,

Coincidentally sys 3499 is also good for SGPool draw today.


Msg #700

29-03-2014 07:36 pm

Buy ibet/box $5 0579 & ibet/box $10 4569 both hit SGPools 1st and Consolation.... Direct numbers all missed.

Hmmm. should look into the north corridoor rather than south corridoor....

Good Luck all

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