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02-02-2014 10:30 am

Sifu...where i can get that system? teach me please..i'm new here...thanks in advance...
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02-02-2014 11:37 am

Hi kumang
Lots of members asking.... I only have one answer.
Pls goto other thread/posting on How To Make Pandora 4D.
If you understand most methods discussed in Dec & Jan threads, then you are ready to make your own Pandora.
Good Luck
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03-02-2014 12:23 am

Hi guigno128 is this you're new site? remember me? i seldom interact on the other forum too many dependent on you and to all Sifu's. Good decision you rest from that forum. Gong Xi Fa Cai!
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04-02-2014 09:01 am

Hi 4DSing4D
How are you? Have not heard from you for some times....
Ya... too many asking the same old questions.... only a few are keen to learn...
Any thing you want to discuss?
This Wed in SGPools is BigSweep, any normal predictions may be distorted. Same for mine also.... do take notes.
Normal prediction for coming draw in SGPools will see double digits.... if you look at the top 3 digits trend, there were 4 digits did not came out in last draw... Pls take note.

Good Luck in your coming draw.
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28-04-2014 04:26 pm

dear friends..
yes i want to learn about this sing 4d,from what i see that we need old data result for comparison.my problem right now that i dont have that data result.is there anyone here who can help me to get singapore 4d data result? In singapore pools web it is only provide the last 3 years 4d result,what i want to collect is from year 2000,and for sifu's in here please give advice good way to predict sing 4d

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02-05-2014 04:38 am

Dear friend,

Can i know if ur ideas can apply to sg pool too?? Thks
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06-07-2014 08:21 am

Dear friends, i just joint this grup forum....i think so usefull n interesting....any tips for today?
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10-08-2014 08:14 am

I am log in using smart phone..trying to learn about pandora but can find dec n jan thread..help me,i'm new here
Msg #9
27-11-2014 04:13 am

Hai Admin,

Thanks for your site.

I am really happy about this site.

How to predict exact number for next draw.


Msg #10
17-12-2014 08:03 am

Hai Admin,

I love this website

can u teach how to manipulate our lucky number for next draw
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22-09-2015 05:09 pm

Hi my name is Nov

Please help me. I need money to pay for medical treatment my parents.

therefore, I need the help and get a lot of money

Thank you
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10-03-2016 11:54 am

Please contact me for more info. I'll give you the best prediction service. For those who subscribed to me since 2014 until now will know who i am, and my prediction accuracy.

My prediction for Magnum 4D only is 90% accurate, only you have to buy Mbox for safety. I will only give 1 number to buy on each draw.

* NO 10-20 sets of numbers

* ONLY Predict Magnum 4D

* ONLY 1 prediction per draw, will provide you a set of number until you striked. (Minimum Special prize)

   **Example: If you paid for my prediction and you didnt strike on 1st draw, i will provide you a different number on next draw. Until you strike at least Special Prize.

      You will strike within 7th draw (include special draws)

* NO im not your GOD

* YES, i striked every week

* No im not scam, if you buy lottery blindly, might as well let me guide you the right way to play

* Dont tell me to give you free number, then pay me when you striked. I've seen more people like these than you see cars on the road.

* Its all about timing and some maths.

* I will guide you until you strike my number.

Do message me at for more info.

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