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Msg #481
27-02-2014 11:45 am

No problems. Thanks for your Pandora. I won a few podium I bets. 9febuary 7893 (1st Sgpools) n 9837 (2nd Damacai).
Msg #482
27-02-2014 11:59 am

oh GOD!!!! please help me, for so long i study, with the help of sifu guigno's pandora,season no, moosang's hex, but my eyes still cannot find the right number to strike.... T.T
Msg #483
27-02-2014 12:15 pm

HEllo anakmiri are you will to share your six D
or mail me gimran007atgmaildotcom
Msg #484
27-02-2014 02:17 pm

Hi latindancer
Sugguest you drop every calculation and predicting....
Take a break for this week.... stress just make things worse.
If you want to buy, look at last draws consolation or special. Pick the 2D from there and match with Pandora....
Chances still good using this method rather flipping all the methods if too much for you.

Good Luck
Msg #485
27-02-2014 02:25 pm

Hi Luckyno1238, I only compliment Giugno128 Sifu. Hahaha. Don't so mean ya bro. Cheers.
Msg #486
27-02-2014 02:35 pm

Yea. Looking forward for new March 2014, hopefully it will be a good start for everyone. I encounter hard time to hit any numbers in SGPools as well, so far I only bet Magnum Toto DMC. I don't know how Blackhole works but I think Pandora 4D from Giugno128 Sifu still the best so far for me. Stay tune and play safe. Peace
Msg #487
27-02-2014 02:45 pm

Hi welliamz,

cheers , happy and peace. shake hands

happy friendship!

luckyno 1 2 3 8.
Msg #488
27-02-2014 03:06 pm

Hello, can anyone guide me, on how to analyse on trends of 4D?
Msg #489
27-02-2014 05:03 pm

hi members
perlis pays much more higher from the the other

all malaysian counters

1st prize - B $ 4000, S $ 5000
2nd prize - B$ 2000, S $ 2500
3rd prize- B$ 1000, S$ 1500
starter/special B only -$270
consolation B only- $80

sa/sb/sc = 8000
ea/eb/ec = 90
en = 30
st/con = 800

ibox = bet prize/permutation x hit prize
Msg #490
27-02-2014 05:06 pm

Thank you kiolip
Msg #491
27-02-2014 05:10 pm

Hi members
What I intend to do is find a way to come up a plan for members to buy their numbers using Pandora 4D system...

Require some feedback...
1) How much did you spend on each draw date on 4D? direct or box?
2) Type of counters?
3) Did you gain or loss within 1 month?

The feedback may help me to plan or maybe improved Pandora 4D system so that members could gain more than lossing .... (I still believe there are some)...

Can promise anything at the moment, just ideas that might work..
Msg #492
27-02-2014 05:11 pm

Sorry should be Cannot promise anything at the moment, just ideas that might work..
Msg #493
27-02-2014 06:07 pm

Hi Giugno 128 (sifu)

Feedback from me,

1. I spend rm120 per each draw, and mostly i will buy direct.

2. I bought at three counter magnum, damacai and toto.

3. Mostly i will loss each month.
Msg #494
27-02-2014 06:48 pm

I spend approximately $70.00 all I box unless I feel a little daring (once or twice) then I extra bet $5-7 on some straight obviously that one never came to fruition.

since my place allows 50 sen bets n can bet at all east west n sg (7 counters ) I put some in all 7 like 10 nos. the rest even though I follow Pandora I will still analyze the individual counter if the analysis show too recent hit podium like 3 weeks ago then I will not bet in that counter. How ever this not fool proof. I have missed some podium when I was wrong.

I made maybe 150.00 at most this month. didn't count properly. Usually I only win back what i bet n extra $20.00 . Tuesday I lost rm 10. Wednesday I made $20. Not very good cause if make a mistake straight lose all.
Msg #495
27-02-2014 07:04 pm

Thank you Aquarius & lucky6719 for the feedback...
(Master Sifu)
Msg #496
27-02-2014 08:46 pm

Hello Members,
Have been very inactive lately as health does not permit me to do so....having bout of Vertigo (giddy spells)...hopefully will recover soon...in the meantime all of you are in safe hands as Sifu giugno128 is still very active...
This is for Aquarius....just a reminder...always cover a bit on Box...playing direct is "suicidal" unless you are very lucky.Try to limit yourself to only 1 counter, in this way you save a lot of bullets...Spending $120 per draw is a lot of money..$120 X 13 draws = $1560 a month....Sifu giugno128 Pandora box is very compatible to Magnum counter....should concentrate on this counter for the time being (Forget about Damacai/Toto...tell yourself they do not exist)
You will see the result after a couple of months...
Msg #497
27-02-2014 09:02 pm

Dear sifu giugno.....
for 1.3.14 pandora is the the same yet?? Because wanna start my calculations. And
the date 1.3 means yi sen yi shi. Together forever. Nice date right
Msg #498
27-02-2014 09:13 pm

All members
Wish members spend abit of time everyday pray for Best 4 Master Sifu's speedy recovery from Vertigo.

I am current working out and will discuss with all members how to maximize Pandora 4D system and minimize unnecessary loss in playing 4d...
Stay tune..
Msg #499
27-02-2014 09:33 pm

Hi best master sifu
How are you.? Wish u r well n get well soon.
Im takashialex ..do u still remember me?...
Wish everyone well n happy
Msg #500
27-02-2014 10:14 pm

Hi Best4 ,Master sifu sorry to hear that you are not in the best of health , wishing you a speedy recovery .
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