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Msg #461
26-02-2014 10:07 pm

Hi ahkimz
The reasons are
(1) My aim to help members to learn, not to gamble.
(2) There are hundred ways to play especially with Pandora.
(3) I must understand which way did you used so that I could fine tune your playing methods, so that I would not see you loose at the end of the days....
(4) Pandora 4D has it limitation too.
(5) If things getting out of hand, means instead of helping members, I created more gamblers, then Pandora will not be appear in forum again.

Out of good intention, I want to help you in your ways of playing.....

For those who contact me asking ways to reduce one or two numbers to hit top 3, my answer for Pandora 4D system is not possible. Other such as Blackhole methods may be, still on drawing board......

This post is that I do not want bro ankimz to become full time playing 4D, the current short term gains will loose lots more at the end of the day... Why? Because I knows how Pandora's works, and at certain capitals $, it is possible to hit most numbers....as I always ask members to aim more hits and aim tops hits....

Good Luck all
Msg #462
26-02-2014 11:11 pm

Hi members

SABAH 88: No Hit
STC 4D: 2nd - 6728
DAMACAI 1+3D: 2nd - 8559 3rd - 1743
TOTO 4D: No Hit
CASHSWEEP: 1st - 6755
SGPOOLS: 3rd - 0513

Congrats to members
Msg #463
26-02-2014 11:48 pm

I'm agree with Giugno128 Sifu, buy within your limit and do not over buy or spend or gamble your whole life or capital in 4D. Pandora 4D is a guide line for us to play 4d, it first work like magic when you match the right numbers. Thank you once again Sifu. Really appreciate your hard work for the Pandora. Really appreciate everything you did for this forum. Please check all the trend when you choose the numbers from pandora, I'm still in learning process. Looking forward for march pandora as well. Dear all members, happy for those who hit it, bet within your limit ya.
Msg #464
27-02-2014 12:36 am

Congrats Ahkimz for your hit tonight. Bear in mind, never let yourself become full time 4d gambler ya. Haha.

If got a job, you still need to work okay ? Good lucks for all the members for those who still in the learning process. Good night all and hail to Mr. Giugno128 for his hard work. Good job Sifu, after I join this forum, the thing Sifu Giugno128 said is very good advice for those who plays 4D. He has teach us well, many thanks. Good luck for your coming draws 4D-erians
Msg #465
27-02-2014 08:33 am

Yesterday bought the nos..2479 3679 1238 4789 ..hit the first...
I found the nos according the year of rat...the hot number is 4789..twice first prize in sports toto.
Msg #466
27-02-2014 09:18 am

some punters here bs a lot. Pls do not entice the new members with false hope, especially those who post winning 4Ds after results are known . after 8 pm , I also can post 23 x 7 winners.

Cut the bs.
Msg #467
27-02-2014 10:19 am

hi glla4d
r u talking abt me?? I tell the truth ..i dont even lie about winning numbers... just share the happiness with others.. NO BS ok..
if you got luck just Share with someone....dont talk like that
behaviour yourself,,!
Msg #468
27-02-2014 10:22 am

if i m lying to tell the truth,,i dont have the LUCk,,,but I have the luck,,,I can SAY MY HAPPINESS share here with others...!
Msg #469
27-02-2014 10:39 am

Cheers everyone.
Msg #470
27-02-2014 10:40 am

Hi members
I only play SGPools. Can members highlight me on the prizes winning $ for Magnum... example RM1 big /small for Direct or classic and what is the winning prize for box?. The reasons is want to work out what is the price to pay when buying so many numbers in Pandora, in ONE Counter first and the rewards.... is it gain or loose...
In SGPools, I have other plan, mostly pooling from close kaiki in order to win....

Hope can do the same for you guys...
Good luck
Msg #471
27-02-2014 10:42 am

Hi Luckyno1238
Calm down luckyno1238, I do not think bro Welliamz is talking about you.... he is helping me when I asking certain member to contact me when he posted many numbers and many counters he had won.... I think you know who I am talking about...
Msg #472
27-02-2014 10:44 am

Same for bro glla4d, do not think he is talking about you luckyno1238...
Msg #473
27-02-2014 10:53 am


No matter talking about me.. or others are Not good at all.
Talking about bad things are NOT GOOD at All
Here is share the happniess, to learn the numbers
to experience the 4d prediction Numbers.
No to talk about people... Please be understanding!
Msg #474
27-02-2014 11:04 am

hi sifu,

I realize that..it is very hard to predict the sg pool numbers.
i dont think i win any numbers from sg pool b4. I am working hard to learn the predict the numbers from sg pool. hehe
luckyno 1238
good luck for everyone!
Msg #475
27-02-2014 11:08 am

Hi bro giugno128, magnum n other Toto damacai pay out is like this.
($ symbolizes RM, B big, S small, ibox =ibet, n ibox where n = number of permutation eg 24,12,6,4.
1st prize - B $ 2500, S $ 3500
2nd prize - B$ 1000, S $ 2000
3rd prize- B$ 500, S$ 1000
starter/special B only -$180
consolation B only- $60
Msg #476
27-02-2014 11:18 am

Thanks lucky6719
Msg #477
27-02-2014 11:23 am

Hi luckyno1238
Well, SGPools Big Bro is in control yesterday. Hot 3D 168 did not came out as most of my kaiki aiming at it. So for this coming Sat, we will not put any 3D in forum to see whether our prediction ZHUN or NOT. I am going to try Blackhole method in SG this Sat and my friend is trying Qimen TJ and flying stars methods... A Big Test..
We shall see, if it work out well, will benefit bro in future... Shall not talk more about SG from now on... a real test
Good Luck
Msg #478
27-02-2014 11:24 am

continuation from Msg# 493 ($ symbolizes RM, B big, S small, ibox =ibet, n ibox where n = number of permutation eg 24,12,6,4 special n consolation applicable to big only)

ibox pay out .
i24( eg 1234)
1st prize B $105.00 S $146.00
2nd prize B $42.00 S $84.00
3rd prize B $ 21.00 S $ 42.00
special $8.00
consolation. $3.00

ibox pay out .
i12 ( eg 1123)
1st prize B $209.00 S $292.00
2nd prize B $84.00 S $167.00
3rd prize B $ 42.00 S $ 84.00
special $15.00
consolation. $5.00

ibox pay out .
i6 ( eg 1122)
1st prize B $417.00 S $584.00
2nd prize B $167.00 S $334.00
3rd prize B $ 84.00 S $ 167.00
special $30.00
consolation. $10.00

ibox pay out .
i4 ( eg 1112)
1st prize B $625.00 S $875.00
2nd prize B $250.00 S $500.00
3rd prize B $ 125.00 S $ 250.00
special $45.00
consolation. $15.00
Msg #479
27-02-2014 11:26 am

Thanks again lucy6719
Will discuss this with members soon...
Msg #480
27-02-2014 11:43 am

Hi everyone.
:) Smiley all day. Hehe. I'm targeting on 6D from now. Start to bet yesterday. Just miss count 2 number. Will try hard again to make sure i got the 6D all straight. Muahaha
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