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Msg #21
02-02-2014 05:11 pm

Hi members
For SGPools 2-Feb-2014
SGPools 2Ds: 83-33-45-87
SGPools 3Ds: 487-345-467

Good Luck
Msg #22
02-02-2014 05:15 pm

Thank you Master Sifu
Msg #23
02-02-2014 06:50 pm

Hello everybody.... Today "The Spirit of CNY 2014"

Try4luck M-3d
589x -x(2,3,4,7 n 9)

@-Dn't 4get 2ibet
Msg #24
02-02-2014 07:06 pm

From previous post Msg #21 02-02-2014 17:11:11

For SGPools 2-Feb-2014
SGPools 2Ds: 83-33-45-87
SGPools 3Ds: 487-345-467

SGPools Sun 2-Feb-2014 Results
2Ds 83: Starter - 6831 Consolation - 3801
2Ds 87: 2nd - 7828 Starter - 0874 Consolation - 0847 - 5870

3Ds 487 - Starter - 0874 Consolation - 0847
3Ds 345 - Starter - 4053
3Ds 467 - 1st 2674 Consolation - 6724

Congrats to members who are laughing tonite

Msg #25
02-02-2014 07:37 pm

Hi Members

SGPOOLS : ~~~~~~~~~~~~ 2ND - 7828 1ST - 2674 (MSG #24)
SANDAKAN STC 4D: ~~~~~~ 1ST - 3481 2ND - 8017
TOTO 4D: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 1ST - 7380 2ND - 1957
DAMACAI 1+3D : ~~~~~~~~~ 1ST - 7035 3RD - 3018
MAGNUM : ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 1ST - 8538 2ND - 8417 3RD - 8708
SABAH 4D: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 2ND - 7951 3RD - 1524

Congrats to members who are laughing for this CNY seasons
Msg #26
02-02-2014 07:57 pm

Hi members

Updating the Magnum's Seasonal System Numbers for the WHOLE month of February 2014

00XX: 0058-0078-0039-0012
01XX: 0126(Special 2-Feb)- 0129-0134(Spec 1-Feb & Cons. 2-Feb) -0159-0144-0169-0128-0147
02XX: 0238-0268-0228-0229( Consol. 1-Feb)-0246-0256-0277-0288-0233
03XX: 0357
04XX: 0499-0469-0457-0449
05XX: 0588-0559
07XX: 0789
11XX: 1145-1148-1149-1157-1123
12XX: 1234-1249-1267-1223-1237-1269
13XX: 1356-1378-1347(Consol. 1-Feb)-1379-1346-1345-1369
14XX: 1469-1489-1466
15XX: 1577
16XX: 1688
17XX: 1788-1778
22XX: 2247-2289
23XX: 2348-2368
24XX: 2478-2468-2488-2466-2457 (Spec 1-Feb)
25XX: 2568-2577
26XX: 2667-2688
33XX: 3347-3389-3368-3345
34XX: 3479
35XX: 3577-3588 (1st - 2-Feb)
44XX: 4469 (Consol. 2-Feb)
45XX: 4578-4566
46XX: 4667
47XX: 4779-4789
57XX: 5799
66XX: 6678

So, there are still many seasonal numbers (some may repeats) available for the Month of Feb. I will not updating this section for the rest of the month. Members are advised to do some home work on this section. Good Luck
Msg #27
02-02-2014 08:54 pm

Sifu giugno 128, is the pandora still good for next draw?
Msg #28
02-02-2014 10:30 pm

Hi BullsEye & all members,

Pls refer to MSG#2, Pandora 4D for the month of February 2014.
Same Pandora for the month, unless there is a sudden change in results trend, there is not need to change because the Pandora's results are considered very stable... happy with all counters having top 3 hits so far..

So, as members has used to the Pandora, I will not further explain the usage and just post the Pandora as and when it is necessary.

Members also aware that in the past I am very active here, therefore, I require some times to go through my actual works and may be will spend lesser time in this forum. I will have to restrict myself of answering too many questions requesting numbers. I had posted the seasonal numbers for Magnum, it may also applied to other counters because of the LINKs. I believe it can serve well to other members buying other counters.

As for current Pandora, is quite stable and a good one...
Therefore, members pls play wisely and safely....

For those members who had learned some methods in this forum, pls try to put it down in here, your way of getting the 1Ds, 2Ds. 3Ds or 4Ds, so that new comers can learn also. Pls just give me a helping hands... To be honest, I also learned to fine tune my methods while trying to teach..... so far, I understood at what stage most members are in, some of you guys catching up quite well. May be after I had a break thru, I may post another method that will help members getting 3Ds.... or even 6D or 7Ds.

So, good luck in the coming draws..... I am watching!!!

Msg #29
03-02-2014 12:37 pm

congratulations to all who strike.
went out early, so missed out sifu giugno128's 2D & 3D for SG Pools else strike ibet 2674 for SG Pools
cos i bought 4267 and 6742 direct only, own numbers.
Msg #30
03-02-2014 03:47 pm

Hi Bro gugino128,

Regarding I done my work to find a 3Ds here. I found out that I get directly 4 digit which is 8,5,9,0.

I need your opinion and advise in here.

Thanks and I appreciate it.
Msg #31
03-02-2014 05:42 pm

Hye Sifu Giogno128 .... what's ur prediction for magnum,damacai n toto tuesday draw ...?
Msg #32
03-02-2014 06:25 pm

Hi Yenzare,

May I ask if the 3d/4d u posted above was for coming tue draw?
Ive also listed 05/08 as 2d so just wanted to confirm

Msg #33
03-02-2014 06:27 pm

Sorry.. forgot to mention mine was for magnum
Msg #34
03-02-2014 06:36 pm

Hi Sifu,

i'm new here.. great loses i have made but i could not figure how to use your pandora for Malaysia magnum/toto/da ma cai.. from msg#3
i still can figure out how to pick & choose.. can u give me a guide..

and do you provide predictions daily
Msg #35
03-02-2014 10:31 pm

0122,9964,5358,4511 TOMORROW LUCKY DRAW.......
Msg #36
04-02-2014 07:08 am

Good morning,

Bro yenzare,
If your computation archived 3D, is good enough because 4D or 4th digit normally can be found thru past result's trend, analysis, but only few can archive by calculation.

Pls check with your counters on the web for the links also.

Bro mysat,
Unless your have your way of findings 1D, 2D or 3D, just pick & choose from Pandora is good enough. Or you can check the previous msg#2 & 3 for your numbers.

I do not do daily predictions, too many counters &time involved in which I do not have. U can learn a few methods from Dec & Jan posts.

Good luck
Msg #37
04-02-2014 04:41 pm

i try to analysis and what i got this:

4586 - 5781 - 4896 - 7963 - 6482 - 6785 - 7831

magnum only..just try my luck..hope will help others forumer.. :)
Msg #38
04-02-2014 08:04 pm

well done ryniaryan!

one of the 4d you posted hit 1st prize and one more missed a digit for 2nd place (thats 1 digit away from Jackpot if pow, LOL)

due to work commitments i rarely go out to buy 4D on weekdays but nevertheless happy that some other members here striked!! :)

keep up the good work!
Msg #39
04-02-2014 08:07 pm

It sound good when hitting 1st 6587 magnum... thanks to sifu... thanks to pandora
Msg #40
04-02-2014 08:37 pm


It's my day 2 onsite... I tried understanding the pandora..
And I took 6845 on magnum ibox for $1.. at least a good start by winning consolation prize.

Need to do homework on pandora..
To all experts there for pandora... Please provide the prediction rfid tomorrow if any...

Thanks again
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