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03-01-2014 02:53 pm

bro giugno128, is your pandora box that you just created valid in the next few draws?

In the december post Msg #763 you mention that the old man is using 1ds to predict the numbers, i not quite understand, how many draws do i need to get the hot numbers, is this method that you mention same as the cupin method? got read some old post on cupin counting the cold and hot numbers.

in Msg #776 of december post, about the hit pattern, not quite get it, lets say hot number is 5,6,7,8 so u assign it to A=5,B=6,C=7,D=8 ?
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03-01-2014 03:02 pm

oops did not see stricker was asking same question....

bytez, how do u mean by +1111-9999?

lets say 1st is 5423and +1111+6534, 6534+2222=8756, 8756+3333=xxxx,+4444=xxxx,+5555=xxxx......until +9999?
does it apply to magnum also?
sorry ask a lot here to get some short cut answers, but will go back to read old post also when free.
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03-01-2014 03:36 pm

Hi latindancer,

The ABCD column digits in Pandora nothing to do with whatsoever methods being discussed. It created based on other methods and an isolated issue. Methods discussed here so far, are to trained keen members to look at trend, pattern of certain prize...e.g. 1st prize, whole draw... next gap (interval), average gap etc.

Cupin method is one method, apply to all counters...

a) As for the old man, as mentioned, he trained to analysis trend of certain prize... may be 1st, 2nd or 3rd he is aiming. But remember, top 3 prizes mostly came from Specials or Consolations. If you select the wrong numbers (.e. 1st prize) and put into cupin calculations, more like you will have a special or consolation.

b) Selecting a number to calculate is very important, also, by trained eyes to spot the potential one. That is why, past posts telling members to plot the trend, compared between counters (should not more than 10 past draws) and go to web, look at the draws results between counters. Once you know the linked between counters, then you can decide which number to look for. Example, certain consolation/special number will hit Magnum first and within 6 draws or within 2 weeks, SGPools may hit top 3. Same, apply for all counters.

c) Pandora 4D is a guide for number selection. If you play Magnum, after selecting the number from Pandora, go and fine out that particular number in other counters, when was the last hits, which prize, the intervals etc. From there, you may see whether your number will hit in your counter. This is the most simplest way to work out.

d) Not necessary to use 1st prize number for cupin.

e) Most members wish to know when using cupin +1111, +2222, +3333 and so on... but when to stop. There is no answer. Me too, still looking at trend to predict.

Hope the above clear some of the questions.
Good luck
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03-01-2014 03:43 pm

Pandora 4D is good and so far tested can last for 2 weeks.
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03-01-2014 04:10 pm

From Msg #776
30-12-2013 21:26:08

To learning members,
Just finished the positions, it is difficult to put it here because cannot perform cut & paste here.

Prize -- Date ---- Hit Pattern
1st --- 29/12 ---- CADB
1st --- 28/12 ---- ACAB
1st --- 25/12 ---- ADBC
2nd -- 29/12 ---- ABAC
2nd -- 28/12 ---- AACB
2nd -- 25/12 ---- CADB
3rd -- 29/12 ---- ACBA
3rd -- 28/12 ---- BDCA
3rd -- 25/12 ---- BCDA .... so on

Can keen members managed to get the above and also for specials/consolations prizes ?
If so, you did it correctly.... then look at the trend... try to figure out the next possible positions for 1st 2nd and 3rd prizes.

The above ACBD or ABCD is the position of a numbers.... nothing to do with Pandora, cupin. If you have a system number eg. 3145

A is the smallest to D is the biggest.
3145 will be BACD. If some one predict a direct number to be ABCD, then this number will be 1345.

Hope you understand..
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03-01-2014 04:19 pm

wow, thanks a alot bro giugno128, your explanation was great, i'll go try try first, will post again if got any more question.
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03-01-2014 04:47 pm

wat about 4 those who are born in e year of rat n ox? tanxs master
Msg #48
03-01-2014 06:26 pm

Hye guy

Sorry for not updating any news + hint.. I'm quite busy now because new season school already open.. Happy New Year!

By the way, i have something to says + asking some opinion here.. Its about wednesday draw (1.1.2014).. I bought 5240 + 8683.. Only won at starter 5240.. Miss jackpot 2 because 8683 turn as 8633 second prize.. Nevermind, its not what i want to says..

On wednesday, around 8:00pm, i open 4d prediction website to look the result + checking my bet number.. I figured out something weird about it after i compare the result at that website with magnum website.. I only remember all podium number + one starter number.. Didnt have enough time to copy/remember all number because in the short time, the result turn out to became original (same with magnum website)..

In the other forum, the says it was "nombor bocor" for saturday draw because some people in that forum says, the draw number was 217 + 04.04.14 its date for that result.. I did not remember about the date + the draw number.. But for wednesday draw, it was 216 code number for wednesday draw..

I dont expected it was "nombor bocor".. Perhaps it was some mistake made by that website.. I tried to check that number in their history and figured out it was podium number from the past result.. Some people knows the repeating number has chance to appears again but dont know when.. But who knows perhaps it was the real "nombor bocor".. That why i want to ask some opinion here, do you think it was nombor bocor or mistake made by that website?

The number i really remember is :

1st prize : 8184
2nd prize : 6217
3rd prize : 6175

Starter : 0008

Like i says, i didnt have enough time to remember/copy all number because in the short time, the result turn same as result in magnum website.. So what do you think? Nombor bocor or mistake made by that website?
Msg #49
03-01-2014 06:35 pm

Hi Giugno128/Master Sifu, can you please test the following numbers 1208, 1239,1237,1238 for Singapore 4D. Many thanks
Msg #50
03-01-2014 07:57 pm

Master Sifu,
I need to communicate with you personally.
Things goes very very bad and I do not know where to get help.
(Master Sifu)
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03-01-2014 09:33 pm

Hello giugno128,
Give me a number which I can call you.....to confirm I am Best4,I will tell you your wife's lucky numbers,birthdate....
Reply me now...
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03-01-2014 09:49 pm

bro moosang, go 4d88 dot com, the result u mention still there.
Msg #53
03-01-2014 09:58 pm

Best4 Sifu
e mail me first, same nick g m a i l without dot SG
Msg #54
03-01-2014 10:09 pm

Best sifu
I will revert back with mine number.
(Master Sifu)
Msg #55
03-01-2014 10:35 pm

Hello guigno128,
Call me at 62848649,will be here for awhile
Msg #56
04-01-2014 12:10 am

guys n gals i guess its not really bocor, this r the copy past from the A(supposed bocor) B (similar result past result)

A(supposed bocor)
Thu 02-01-2014 170/13

1st 6217
1330 9113
5096 8110
6130 6765
0500 6422
4062 0985

5986 3287
0508 8344
8441 2598
9282 8987
4000 9510

B (similar result past result from magnum site)
Winning Results

Draw No: 170/13 | 29/09/2013 (SUN)
1st prize é¦.å¥.6217
2nd prize äº.å¥.6175
3rd prize ä¸.å¥.8184
Special Prize ç.¹å.«å¥. 1330 9113
5096 8110
6130 6765
0500 6422
4062 0985
Consolation Prize å®.æ.°å¥. 5986 3287
0508 8344
8441 2598
9282 8987
4000 9510
Full Payment Guaranteed.

The results are 100% same moreover theres no draw on thursday 2nd January 2014. saturday draw is already 217. anyhow this mistake really spins the head.
Msg #57
04-01-2014 08:30 am

Good morning members,
All system numbers

2Ds for Magnum - 10, 16, 88; 4Ds: 8891, 4672
2Ds for SGPools - 46, 69, 23; 4Ds : 2346, 2469

Good Luck all
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04-01-2014 09:30 am

Good Morning members

Bro Giugno, i feel sorry for you because of your problem.. Hopefully this year was your year to get some good things + solve your problem like Best4 Master Sifu says, the horse year was your good year.. I will pray for you.. Right now i'm quite busy because new season for school already open here, so as my job, i need to concentrate more bout my student + planning carefully how to teach them in their studies.. A lot of work to do at school + tuition centre.. So cannot discuss some prediction regularly like we did in the past month..

Dear Latindancer & Lucky6719

Thanks because you also saw something weird from the result i mention.. From those result, i found some interesting part to says.. Firstly, how can that website do a mistake like that? ( 4d88 website and 4d prediction website).. Its make me think, that both website managed by the same person/company? Because that website make mistake.. Then if that website really managed by the same person/company, why only 4d prediction website already repair and make correction about the result but 4d88 website still didnt do anything to fixed, the result still there.. Secondly, if that website really managed by difference person/company, how can they both make the same mistake? It make me confusing..

Msg #59
04-01-2014 10:09 am

Hi latindancer

Magnum4d - 1st prize will reflect next magnum4d draw top3
Sg pools - 2nd prize of magnum4d will reflect next draw of sg pools top3

The method of calculation is right.
Msg #60
04-01-2014 11:20 am

bros, if i were to choose a podium number, i choose a number that open many times in podium or choose the one that never come out in podium?
(example)1234, all of the permutation come out podium before, only 2413, 2431 never go up 1st 2nd 3rd, do i have any chance to win if i choose this 2 numbers?
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