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16-01-2014 01:45 pm

Anyway i will be doing the same thing for toto next and hope to get better result.
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16-01-2014 02:28 pm

Hi stainl3ss
How nice of you to put your way in here. quite right way especially u notice the trend of numbers hopping from top to consol./starter. Applause for the efforts n which u can catch the big fish. to help u in deciding direct numbers, remember I posted about direct number positionibg, ABCD, do study them. hope u can spot the direct numbers for coming draws.

Good luck
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16-01-2014 02:33 pm

Sorry for typo errors, using handphone...
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16-01-2014 02:46 pm

Thanks :) yes will study more on how to get direct number
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16-01-2014 03:30 pm

Hi. moosang,

I hope you are still with this forum as you are very much needed, by the way, where else your contribution can be seen? I went to the site given by you, fodi dot com is listed as putting up for sale. Is that the correct address? Else you can contact me bitumini at yahoo dot com. There is much to learn from you. As I find the you are not selfish and willing to teach. Maybe the other guy is an undercover agent from big brother to shake up this harmonous forum from knowing how to make them poorer. Thank you very much for your unselfish contribution without holding back any ' trade secret '.
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16-01-2014 04:03 pm

Hi bitumini
the fodi site still activate, try with dot my, is the malaysia reg. site.
Good luck
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16-01-2014 04:30 pm

Hi Bro stainl3ss,

I posted my question when got in to office today morning and just reading the forum when abt to leave.. just a ratrace at work!

It takes few unselfish ppl like those i came across in this forum such as yourself / Sifu Giugno128 / Moosang who shares their method with other.

Your methods may work for short while and may not work later on etc as what SifuG says but it means a lot to others especially to ppl like me because what you are sharing are your "METHOD" and findings thats also means your hardwork. So i really appreciate that thoughts and sharing & give you guys a big salute

May your kindness are repayed by lady-luck :)

Arrows (towards the BULLSEYE)
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16-01-2014 04:44 pm

You're most welcome :) i'll continue to post my findings when i have the time
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16-01-2014 05:16 pm

Hi stainl3ss. I am alut from PG h/p 0164733401 ,i had read your simple method n i found it about same as i had done last 3 year, i trace all draws n i found 69 patterns n the location of the missing nos,. Till today i still keeping doing this.with this method i able to find MkTS 1,2,3rd in it. I always play box only. Cos i don't know how to arrange the digit. If there are some 1 able to predict 2D, i can easily found 4D. I would like to share the method to all in this forum.but it ìs not to present it with the forum.
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16-01-2014 06:55 pm

Hi alut
Bro stainl3ss using the base data from Pandora to reach his 256 numbers and also using the past results to get the number's pattern. I believe you used the past results to do the pattern without the Pandora. The differences is that Pandora are 4 digits system, that the reasons bro stainl3ss can get his 4Ds numbers without cracking his head on the 4th digit.
As for your case, beside the trend pattern u have reached, u need to narrow down and look for that 1D. Actually, is not too difficult to look for 1D. Before I continue, am I right that u uses all 23 numbers x Y past draws to do your pattern?
Hope I can help u in the area u want.
Good Luck
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16-01-2014 07:19 pm

Helo Sifu. I dont understand the the way to obtain the 1D.would show me? In my method ,the missing nos,. Is the guide for 4d.and i had the location.
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16-01-2014 08:48 pm

Dear Sifu. Yes ,u r right. I am usìng the passed result to create the chat. There are 69 patterns n the posìtion of the missìng nos,.the missing nos, is the no, that does'nt appear in the last result.it important ,it will shown in the next drawn result.with this chat i able to trace mkts result. but when come to the new drawn .i always get panic,don't know which pattern to take. Cos i don't know how to obtain 1D,n 2D. Would u teach me pls ,Sifu.
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16-01-2014 10:04 pm

Hi alut
One step at a time.
First lets look at what you have.
U have (one draw), listed 92 digits - 1st (4 digits), 2nd (4 digits), 3rd (4 digits), Starter/Special (10 nos. x 4 digits) + Consolation (10 nos x 4 digits). I believe this part is no problem.... right?
Then u used the same method throughout all the draws to get a 69 patterns. I believe is the pattern of 4 digits number, not the individual digit.... am I right?
If I am right, in fact, the 1D is there, u just did not notice it. My concept is to fine tune your method, help u to find that 1D.
Before I go further, just answer the above questions so that I know your standard of understanding which type of trend you know. So far, I could sense that your method is group/monthly trend of 4D numbers, not 1D trend.
Awaiting your answer.
Good luck

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16-01-2014 10:24 pm

Dear Sifu. I understand the 1st 2nd. But there are a little bit difference. I don't take all sets to build the chat. I use the top 3 sets and replace the missing nos.only.
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16-01-2014 10:58 pm

Ok.. So u r using the top 3 podium numbers to do the chart.
Take an example, you have all top 3 chart.... what does this chart shows or tell u?
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16-01-2014 11:48 pm

Hi alut
Does the chart shows in 4 individual digits or lump 4 digits number as a whole in pattern?
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17-01-2014 08:17 am

Sifu giugno128,

Thanks very much.
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17-01-2014 05:04 pm

Good afternoon members,

Let look at Pandora last results...

Pandora 4D for Wed 15-Jan-2014
Magnum - 2nd 9764 & 3rd 8962
Damacai - 2nd 1469 & 3rd 3760
Toto 4D - 2nd 7713
Saba STC - 3rd 1859
Cashweep - 1st 7560 & 3rd 8250
SGPools - No Top 3 hit

This Sat., what's to look for from Pandora?
a) May be Magnum, Damacai & Cashweep will have 1 top 3 or 1st prize, not direct numbers from Pandora.
b) For Magnum & Damacai, one of the top may have double digits.
c) May be Toto 4D & Saba STC will have 2 top 3 hits.
d) May be SGPools will have 1 to all top 3 hits this Sat.
e) May be only two numbers in the Pandora are direct numbers... all system numbers... so members, pls play small for directs and must ipem or box.

May be later tonite or tomorrow will post some numbers...
Good Luck...
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17-01-2014 05:49 pm

Dear Sifu giugno128, good afternoon! What do you think of these numbers for SGpool? 1967 , 1964 & 6347 Thanks in advance for your advise. Highly appreciated.
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17-01-2014 06:18 pm

Hi Sparkling

Well, this is what I have
1679 - did not do well in 2013, only 4 hits, Feb, Apr, Aug & Dec. No hit in 2013. If taking the Jan 13 as one Jan rest, this month could be a chance...But look at this number at all the counters.... is very interesting.... there is a similar link between cashsweep and SG. so not harm trying if budget allows.

1964 - just hit consol in 8 Jan. But in Jan, this number has a behavior of repeating in the same month for top.. Can try

6347 - this number is the weakest of the above. Jan is not one of the best month. If want to play, ibet and small.

Good Luck
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