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02-01-2014 12:43 pm

To all members
The Pandora 4D was designed for Magnum/SGPools counters. But after checking with other counters draw results, it appears to be universal for all counters.

Pandora 4D Top 3 results are:
Magnum 4D hits ------ 1st - 0429 ; 2nd - 8633 ; 3rd - 6124
Damacai 4D hits ----- 1st - 1034 ; 2nd - 0643 ;
ToTo 4D hits---------- 2nd - 9021 ;
Sarawak 1+3D hits--- 3rd 8658 ;
Sandakan 4D hits ---- 2nd - 1646 ;
SGPools 4D hits ------ 3rd - 7931

Therefore, it's a very powerful tool. Hope members used it wisely and plays within your limits.
Good Luck all !!!

Msg #22
02-01-2014 12:44 pm

Hello bro angxiyuan

As mentioned by bro giugno128, select a digit from each column. I've selected 4 in column A, 0 in column B, 9 in column C and 2 in column D. 4029 is one of the magnum favorite nos. Try to form a 4d that has the similar 3d or 4d with the previous 1st prize. 0429 has similar 3d with the previous 1st prize 2190. Instead of 0429, I bought 0921 as well coz magnum like to repeat the previous 1st prize but in different position. Unfortunately it came out as 2nd prize at Toto as 9021.
Msg #23
02-01-2014 01:28 pm

hi brogiugno128.. happy 2014 to u n to al e members here too.. bro wanna ask u something.. u onli play sgpools 4d rite but wat bout sgpools toto? e 6 digits plus 1 additional number? tat one u nvr play eh? if u play rite cn share ur tips n wits on hw to select possible 6 numbers in tomrw 5 million draws.. tanxs bro 4 ur time
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02-01-2014 01:57 pm

Hello poorgirl
For TOTO, even I have 28 to 32 numbers but when wheeled, only hits 3 or 3+1. Did try for few months but does not work well. Not good with TOTO prediction at all.

Msg #25
02-01-2014 02:28 pm

tanxs brogiugno128 4 replying to ma questions.. ani advise, tips or wits which u cn share wif me? wat was ur methods wen u hit 3 n 3+1? can share wif me bro? it okay if it doesnt work i juz wanna try onli to up ma luck.. tanxs bro 4 ur time
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02-01-2014 04:42 pm

Hi members,
For those who r aiming for SGPools TOTO,
here is some rules for u.

01 do not match with 04, 16
02 do not match with 06
03 do not match with 14, 40
04 do not match with 01, 07
06 do not match with 02, 34
07 do not match with 04, 26
10 do not match with 26
12 do not match with 21, 30
14 do not match with 03
16 do not match with 01, 40
21 do not match with 12, 42
26 do not match with 07, 10
30 do not match with 12, 37
34 do not match with 06, 42
37 do not match with 30
40 do not match with 03, 16
42 do not match with 21, 34

Hope it's help..
Good luck.
(Master Sifu)
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02-01-2014 07:06 pm

Hello guigno128,
Due to a 4 hours flight delay, managed to reach Singapore at 3am this morning......
As promised, I have looked into your lucky readings...well apart from your lucky periods, everymonth these dates are also lucky for you, 4th,7th,13th,16th,22nd,25th and 31st if they fall on Wednesdays,Saturdays and Sundays..(mark them down in your table calendar to remind yourself)
Accordding to the Chinese zodiac...you are a "rabbit"...the Snake year was not very good for you,however, this Horse year will be extremely lucky for you.Abundant fortune and money making opportunities will come knocking on your door the whole year, but you must remain humble to mantain your good fortune..
Hope these good news will inspire you and give you more confidence to predict numbers for our members..
Msg #28
02-01-2014 07:30 pm

Hi all...
First of all, wish best4 master sifu welcome back to home town.
For best4 master sifu, moosang, giugno128, and all fellow friends, im so so so sorry because start this new year 2014, maybe I will not come here everyday.. It because start this year 2014, I and my wife will start a new project that need more attention from me. So, maybe to calculate and running my system, it so hard due to the free time I had. I will try to come here as much as I can but it all depend on time. Feel very sad...
Moosang, thanks so much for everythings. Where are you now. Like to see when you on dicussion with giugno128. Sometimes on your discussion, it give me some idea and hint. Now I did not see you come here a few day. Please come and help our friends in here.
Best4 master sifu. Thanks also for all... Your prediction is the best that I can use to running my system. So from that it will come the new prediction.
And all my friends. Please take note what giugno128 had discuss with moosang. Its show many way and skill to predict 4d. Use it and learn it.
Sorry for all my mistake and if time had come, I will come back in here... Yeah... I will come but dont know when. It all depend on my free time. Also pray for me to my new project. Thanks all...

Msg #29
02-01-2014 07:33 pm

tanxs brogiugno128 4 e toto tips.. reali appreciate it alot.. gd evening n welcum bck bro Best4(mastersifu).. sori to disturb u.. bro cn do a reading on my d.o.b 28.02.1984.. tanxs bro
Msg #30
02-01-2014 07:52 pm

Hi Best4 Sifu
Very much appreciated for your kind reply on my lucky cycle.
Kindly have more rest...
For me, I will do what I can, as things sometimes are predicted.
Just hope things can be better very soon.
Msg #31
02-01-2014 08:43 pm

Hi Best4master (sifu),

Can you help me see my luck on? I'm born in " Snake " year..
So any luck for me in year of " horse " ?
Msg #32
02-01-2014 08:54 pm

Hi master sifu
What's my lucky dates this year?
Dob.. 5.12.1990
Msg #33
03-01-2014 07:05 am

Good morning Master Sifu,
understand the digit dates added up to hv 4 & 7. Thx
Msg #34
03-01-2014 10:57 am

Giugno128 any pendora 4d tips for this sat n sun
Msg #35
03-01-2014 11:13 am

bro achai
Sorry, Pandora 4D itself is the tips for all counters....
I do not study individual counters, too much time involved.
Only concentrates on SGPools & Magnum.
Good Luck..
Msg #36
03-01-2014 01:50 pm

Good day bro giugno128.

I would like to ask, the Powerful Pandora 4D that bro posted previously can be apply for the coming draws on Saturday & Sunday? Thanks in advance for your feed back.
Msg #37
03-01-2014 02:02 pm

Hi angxiyuan
The Pandora 4D posted in msg# 2 can be used for This Sat until Next Sunday. But pls prepare that this Sat, may be only one top 3 because last draw it hit all top 3.

Currently I am using reduction methods on the Pandora, short listed 102 system numbers....for this Sat & Sun.... Still try to narrow further..
But so far, pls prepare lots of twin digits such as xx may appear frequently in the month of Jan.
Also, those numbers appeared in Consolation or Special in other counters may appeared in top 3 in different counters. (Normally not more than 10 gaps)
Good Luck
(Master Sifu)
Msg #38
03-01-2014 02:14 pm

Hello yenzare,
The overall wealth luck for the Snake is average in the year of the Horse....However, your career luck is good.
Go slow on your 4D and do not let frustration get the better of you.Your auspicious numbers in the year of the Horse are 2,7 and 10...
(Master Sifu)
Msg #39
03-01-2014 02:21 pm

Hello SIM,
Your lucky days and lucky periods remain the same every year,unlike the Chinese zodiac which changes yearly.....
Being born in the year of the Horse, you can look forward to a year of bountiful riches....the auspicious number for the Horse is "8"
Msg #40
03-01-2014 02:28 pm

hi fella... happy new year..
i just found out that magnum 4d 2nd prize has the potential to open in sgpools 1-3 prize when u addup +1111-9999
3D will definitely strike in random position.
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