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January 2014 4D Prediction

Reminder: Please settle and pay your debt first before playing and buying your lottery ticket. Pay early to prevent loan interest. Save as much money into your private retirement scheme, because 75% people is not ready for their retirement nowdays and the kwsp, epf and cpf money will finish in just 5 years. Credit cards like visa and mastercard are easy to get, think carefully before you spend money and buy something with it. Do not play any online gambling or going to casino, because it is very addictive and hard to manage your budget. Clairvoyant and tarot psychic reading can help to increase chances of winning the lottery sometimes, but please be careful with scammer.


Msg #341

09-01-2014 10:32 am

Hi latindancer
That is one reason I created the Pandora. Because more predictors give 4 digits numbers, BIG Bro do not like it for punters just concentrate only 4 numbers. When the distortion applied, it not up to me, only advise study the numbers from respective counters and you will understand (I just started Magnum in this forum). As I had said, if the numbers are hot in public or you foresee too many people are buying the same number, then beside that particular you are buying, also buying the Sampan's method applied to that numbers.


Msg #342

09-01-2014 02:10 pm

giugno 128, moonsang, sifu4d,

can you guy help me on saturday draw please.


Msg #343

09-01-2014 02:23 pm

Bro guigno128,

How to see the word of "SXXXPXXX" in the sequential method?

Can you give some examples.



Msg #344

09-01-2014 03:13 pm

Hi yenzare
Sequential method not ready yet.
Is the hint if i put up in near future.
Also prefer to msg#348
Sampan Method


Msg #345

09-01-2014 03:32 pm

hi giugno....I took the number 2318 from your pandora box but didn't place It at toto counter...well not my luck...a lil disappointed and heart achin...but well there's always next time...just wanted to noe if it will hit podium again soon? and the number given the other day 9423 9823 9023 still apply for sat and sun?


Msg #346

09-01-2014 04:26 pm

Hi grim
As long as the numbers not used by any counters and are still in the Pandora, it does apply for any coming draws.
Good Luck


Msg #347

09-01-2014 05:47 pm

Bro guigno,

I nearly fell off my chair when i read your Sampan Method today #348. too funny. I could't stop laughing



Msg #348

09-01-2014 05:53 pm

Hi middleclass
At least someone is laughing..... :):)


Msg #349

09-01-2014 06:02 pm

Luckily I'm not doing anything dangerous. Else sampan really overturn. LOL


Msg #350

09-01-2014 06:06 pm

You being very quiet recently... bro


Msg #351

09-01-2014 06:11 pm


I'm usually quiet. both you and bro moosang gave us like >20 pages of material to study... @[email protected] and they say school terrible. School kids should be glad with the simple things they have to study.

Just curious, are you using any matrix/matrice methods in your excel? Excel ppl will refer to this as array.


Msg #352

09-01-2014 06:18 pm

Using Excel... but lots of data especial podium numbers


Msg #353

10-01-2014 01:48 am

Hi members

Beside the Pandora 4D, the following info for the coming Sat
Best 1D:6-9-3-8-0-4-1-7-5-2
Best 2D:43-36-68
Best 3D:456-246
Recommend 4D: 5436-6312-4576-3226

Just hopping Big Bro not using Sampan...
Good Luck :)


Msg #354

10-01-2014 01:58 am

Msg #369
Previous Post for Magnum


Msg #355

10-01-2014 12:00 pm

@giugne 128,

Hey man, may i know how you find that number? I am thinking to learn some tricks that you got


Msg #356

10-01-2014 12:53 pm

Bro guigno128,

As I see the numbers that you recommended above , one of them is my lucky number :)


Msg #357

10-01-2014 01:18 pm

Bro yenare
U hv learned some skill.
Pls made used of the info I posted Msg#369, used the 1D or 2D, & Pandora. Can you managed to get at least one number I posted ?
If so, u are on your own... graduated !!

Bro Weliyu
Pls read thru all posts in Dec until now. I am not repeating here, too much time involved.

If you do not understand, ask bro yenzare or bro moto12345, they had learn how to get numbers....


Msg #358

10-01-2014 01:27 pm

@guigno 128, 10-4 man. Thanks, will check all your post. Then, i will ask you if i got some question.


Msg #359

10-01-2014 02:36 pm

Hi members,
Some infor for SGPools for this coming Sat

Best 1D:7-9-5-9-4-0-2-8-1-3

TOP 3 2D (NG:Next Gap)
Overdue : 08(NG:5)-03(NG:7)-14(NG:6)-01(NG:6)-16(NG:6)
Overdue : 12(NG:6)-23(NG:6)-15(NG:9)-35(NG:11)-13(NG:4)-18(NG:3)

Hope above helps u to decide which 4D to buy in SGPools.
Good Luck


Msg #360

10-01-2014 02:37 pm

Sorry Typo error

Best 1D-7-6-5-9-4-0-2-8-1-3

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