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08-01-2014 10:23 am

Bro moosang,

Sadly to hear that you will leaving in this forum. Because there such of people here need your help you and bro guigno128.

Keep staying bro Moosang and share the method/hint that you have. I hope I can hear your sharing again in here.

Meanwhile, I'm still learning all the method that both of you been posted in here. I mean (Bro moosang & Bro guigno128).
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08-01-2014 10:36 am

Do you know who is the owner of illegal place at my place? One place, the owner was billionaire, have 3 paddy factory.. At another one place anymore, the owner was a Big Boss at company doing a business selling the fish for the whole Malaysia.. The another one was a Big Boss for doing a kelapa sawit business, have 2 kelapa sawit farm.. Enough, i dont want to put more example here about the remaining owner.. They are trustrated.. I already says in my previous comment, beware because some illegal place cannot be trustrated.. So to find the trustrated one, play with high amount at one place for one set of 4D and play at another illegal place for low amount for the same 4D.. When that number hit, look which illegal place are trustrated or not.. Be smart lah bro.. You also have your brain to think how to get a clue for trustrated + not trustared illegal place.. Do not be stupid buta2..
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08-01-2014 10:37 am

Bro moosang,

I hv been following this forum for a year nw. But aft u n bro guigno128 join here i have learnt so much n have stop buying 4d blindly instead use ur method n bro guigno128 method to predict the next draw number. Last week i missed jackpot 2 in magnum for the 1st time in my life!!! Im still improving n stil learning. Trying to figure out whr's my mistake.

I have printed out all the advises given by u n bro guigno 128. Both of u hv been very helpful n i dnt think any1 wld share their tips for free. Instead thy already ask people to pay for it. I SALUTE both of for the great job.

It is very common to c sum annoying people in our everyday life. Sum people only good in giving empty advises which is nt useful to any1. Pls ignore those people.
Msg #244
08-01-2014 11:03 am

I'm still mad with him (sampan).. Do you know how i win big at illegal place? You says like you know me well but you a clueless without didnt have a backup plan how to play at illegal place.. You always think like this "i want to play at illegal place for this number without having any strategy as a backup plan".. That why i says, if you dont know a things, dont talk much..

I will reveal to you my srategy how to play at illegal place.. And how to make them pays although won big amount.. At my place, more than 10 trustrated place to play.. How i won big and they paid me?

I play one magnum number at 10 difference place, also with one number for toto.. I bet $1 for that number.. Toto and magnum =$2 for that 10 difference place.. The price was same, $7k for first prize.. So i won toto and magnum first prize.. If you count properly, 10 place for $1 magnum number =$70k.. Same with toto.. So total amount was $140k from 10 place.. Means each illegal place pays me $14k for toto and magnum first prize.. Same goes with yesterday draw, second prize was $5k for $1 total bet for one set of 4D number.. I bought at 5 illegal place for $1.. Total was $50k... So who is the stupid one here?
Msg #245
08-01-2014 11:15 am

Typing errors.. $2 for one number at difference 5 illegal place.. The second prize money was $5k for $1 bet.. Means $10k prize money for $2 bet.. Already took my money a moment ago after come back from clinic.. So if anybody here wanna play at illegal place, plan your strategy as a backup to avoid unexpected things happen..
Msg #246
08-01-2014 11:16 am

Hi shimis27,
Methods put here have basically have few aims
a) Hope some can learn, if understand, we are happy. If do not understand, apply the hexchart or pandora will be fine.
b) Hope members not to waste $ unnecessary. As proved by some members, methods are not perfect, and we have one common area to tackle. That is the BIG BRO
c) BIG BRO is doing their job to keep alive, nor we want them to go bankrupt. Bro moosang and most sifu here wish to have a win-win situations for everyone.
d) So far, there is no ONE method win all, whatever methods used need to further combine with others...
e) Example Sequential Method is an enhanced of cupin + others methods (incl. bro moosang's methods) all down to earth very basic one. Need to get the correct/accurate 2D or 3D before having higher chance to strike. Same Pandora needs 2D or 3D in order to get the 4th digit. But Pandora is helping members not to anyhow buy numbers. Proven

Is not easy trying to create new methods, but we all must learn old methods just like kids learning 1+1=2.
Would like to ask simple question, in the market, there are many 4D softwares, yes, some shows videos of their software predicts good results but when u sit and think

a) 1st, 2nd, 3rd is 3 numbers, whole draws are 23 numbers. The software generates from 10000 numbers, does the software gives you the one 1st strikes number for everydraw? Everyone knows the answer. If the software can give 3 numbers for the draw that can strike, then the creator will not sell the software in the market. He will be the richest person on earth, earning billion every draw.

b) In fact, I tried some on my friends computers, they are all database software with the name 4D or lotteries as front page, nothing more.

c) Pandora, an example, created based on concept of group linking for SGPools counter... it happend that can be used for others. All these because of the "link" between counters. Discussed before.

d) Sequential Method, re-do after discovered I am going round the bushes, will never reach the finishing line. Still new...

Only one aim that everyone is here, to win and to win HEALTLHY and also, hope that this forum remains a healthy one, a place to win and learn. No personal attack or whatsoever. Even the most respectful Best4Sifu, Sifu4D and others, wishes this forum can help people not only in 4D, it also educates members to play smart, cultivate ourselves, prays for others of their well being...etc.

I pray for bro moosang speedy recovery, be a happy person and only keep the good memories in his heart that was given to him from his ex.

Members, it's fate that we can meet in this forum. Fate that I can discussed not like other forum. Therefore, urged members be kind to each other and hope this forum will be the happy one to look into.

Good luck
Msg #247
08-01-2014 11:31 am

Bro moosang, felling very sad for your leave, really hope u would stay,i found hope here, some people are brainless, talk and ask unreasonable and irresponsibly, very unfair to us that really wants to learn, got many questions to ask but i just keep quiet and look for older post, because i know you guys might discuss it b4. Seen a lot of people like this, really frustrated.
Hope you will figure out the remaining hints/methods and hope to see you and learn from you some day, thanks a lot.
Msg #248
08-01-2014 11:44 am

Bro Guigno128,

I just finished my counting. I have here is (642).

So it's total 6429-6424-6421-6425. What do you think?
Msg #249
08-01-2014 11:50 am

Hi bro giugno128,

Thanks for the advise.appreciate it. i dnt spend more thn $15 per draw. Cos its my lucky number. So refrain myself frm spending more. Normally, i refer to previous draw sumtimes upto 6draw to pick 2d and 3d. Thn wil check the hot n cold number which i have noted on a piece of paper. Thn only i will refer to ur pandora n bro moosang chart to match it with correct number to form a 4d. This is hw i hv been doin my prediction for the next draw.

Im still learning. Sumtimes i have more number to buy but i only buy a few n the rest i will jz write down n check if the number out or nt.

Last time i jz buy all the number posted by bestmaster sifu and sifu4d. Have strike small prizes frm ibet.should thank thm for their time n effort in helping others to win 4d.

I learnt so much n really thankful to best master sifu, sifu 4d, bro moosang and giugno128 for all their guidance n advise. We r all blessed n fortunate to hv a wonderful people like u all for helping us.
Msg #250
08-01-2014 11:51 am

Dear Bro moosang

I have seen your great effort of trying to help many people .You are really a kind and good person. Please dont leave this forum. Why?

I remember you write this sentence below :
I called this method as "Cincai method/No idea method".. So if you like this method, can try .. If you dont like, please ignore.

So what i m trying to say is that if you dont like what people say , just ignore it and if you like then reply . Same principle. Then why leave the forum because of one person . You dont burn whole forest because of one tree. We all need you. Please consider.

All people have different attitude and character. Just take it easy . no one is perfect and you should know.

Again pls continue to help us
Msg #251
08-01-2014 11:59 am

Bro guigno128,

Can you give an example of "Additional counting" ?

Msg #252
08-01-2014 12:10 pm

Dear bro Yenzare

i have also count but why i am getting the nos is 43? and you have 642

below is the counting i have base on 5 draw

0 - 2 ,2 , 0
1 = 0 ,3, 2
2 = 2 ,1 , 2
3 = 2 , 3 , 3
4 = 4 , 2 , 3
5 = 0 , 2 , 1
6 = 1 , 4 , 1
7 = 1 , 1 , 3
8 = 2 , 2 , 3
9 = 6 , 0 , 2

is my breakdown as like you?

Msg #253
08-01-2014 12:14 pm

bro yenzare

you look for first row highest hit no or you total up 1st row , 2nd row and 3rd row and get the highest no?

sorry i am very slow learner

Thanks bro
Msg #254
08-01-2014 12:21 pm

Dear Bro Giugno

i have count the past 5 draws and below is the result . So which nos should i take up? do i see the 1st row highest hit or i need sum up 1st and 2nd and 3rd to get highest hit?

Pls show me which nos base on below counting

0 - 2 ,2 , 0
1 = 0 ,3, 2
2 = 2 ,1 , 2
3 = 2 , 3 , 3
4 = 4 , 2 , 3
5 = 0 , 2 , 1
6 = 1 , 4 , 1
7 = 1 , 1 , 3
8 = 2 , 2 , 3
9 = 6 , 0 , 2

thanks bro
Msg #255
08-01-2014 12:24 pm

Hi Moto12345
First pls elaborate your results
0=2,2,0 what is 2,2,0? I know 0= means digit 0.
Msg #256
08-01-2014 12:29 pm

Bro guigno128,

Previously, you said that add some additional counting right?
Do you mean by how many hits from 0-9?

I have do just but only for tuesday draw. After I do it, is it need to compare again to the pass result as I do yesterday?
Msg #257
08-01-2014 12:35 pm

bro giugno

sorry .

nos 1st 2nd 3rd
0 - 2 , 2, 0

the first 2 is the total no hit that i count from all the 1st price no from the 5 draws. It means 0 no only 2 times hit total

the 2nd 2 is the total no hit that i count from all the 2nd price no from the 5 draw. it means 0 no only 2 times hit total

hope u understand now. if not i try explain again


Msg #258
08-01-2014 12:37 pm

i was wondering, was sampan magnum or toto big bro's pet? by hurting the sifu's here, he can prevent more people from winning thier money. well guest what, he got his job well done and gonna finally get his meat tonight instead of bones .
Msg #259
08-01-2014 12:44 pm

bro giugno

let me write down better

31/12 first price 9498
1/1 first price 0429
4/1 first price 6398
5/1 first price 4972
7/1 first price 9340

so 0 digit total hit is 2 hit

31/1 2nd price 6180
1/1 2nd price 8633
4/1 2nd price 4566
5/1 2nd price 2154
7/1 2nd price 1730

so 0 digit total hit is 2 hit also

same goes to 3rd price pattern

thats why i get 0 - 2 , 2 , ,,,,
Msg #260
08-01-2014 01:00 pm

I says last night, i'm not good on wednesday draw.. I dont know why because on wednesday draw, my number miss 1D nos only or have the right 4D but wrong positioning..

So i dont expect people to buy my number today with high amount due to to this problem + could be Big Bro was there too.. What i'm trying to says is, lets look together today result if my wednesday draw improving or not..

My number for today was 9072 quite similiar to bro giugno number.. That number i already plot to be a straight bet.. I bet this number a moment ago at another illegal place for $1 and also bet $1 for 3Dnos as a backup if this number become distort (Wrong 1D nos)..

I have another hint today.. I saw one of the three podium today, digit 5 will be there.. I'm not too sure about this because i lose on wednesday draw.. So do not use my hint if you dont like.. If you want to try, play within your limit.. The reason i'm sharing this hint because i wanna see how my wednesday turn out, a winner or a loser same as i mentioned, always lose on wednesday..
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